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Devil Emoji

This is the story about the king of Emoji. For the Emoji see: 😈 Smiling Face with Horns. Devil Emoji was born 18998 days ago in the area of the port city Emoji Opinion. He is the great-grandchild of the overthrown haughty king by the First Horror Clown. Topically he is the king of Emoji. At the times of the rule from the Circus Country about Emoji (union) Devil Emoji with his family had to live so far away as possible from the capital city Emoji SMS. The Horror Clowns let special soldiers to supervise at that time of the former royal family. The family might never visit the capital city. Thus the seizure of power of the descendants was prevented. The royal family had to deal with its past. This was still written by the First Horror Clown at that time in the constitution. 👤😈👩⬅️👤🍨👩🕷🗣️⬆️👤👽👩⬅️🧐. 😈❌️💜👶🙏. 👤🧒👩🔪🌓👤🥧👩⬅️⏱️, 😱❌👙. 😂🥫🖕💆‍♀️➕😃💆‍♀️. 👤🥅👩🏸🗣️⬆️😈. 👤🎿👩❌️🎃🤡.


Background and Education

Devil Emoji is the great-grandchild of the last king of Emoji. His father was a food engineer, his mother was a farmer. The family had a small piece of land near the yellow sea. The circus army visited the family regularly because of the Horror Clowns command.


 Young Devil Emoji

At the age of 6935 days Devil Emoji was invited to the circus army. There he might educate further himself from the easy soldier to the uppermost general of the area of Emoji Opinion. Because he behaved too haughtily towards other soldiers as a general, he was locked up as a punishment for 1008 hours in a dark space. 😈➡️💧👤🎆👤📖🙏➡️⛄👤💡🔮➕😂👶👯‍♀️🏫. 😈💦😮🗯️⚡🗞💬. 👽💡🥲😢⚙️🏡➕👤🎭️. Thus Devil Emoji started to study at the age of 7112 days of jurisprudence. Later he still studied politics sciences. Before the last Horror Clown had to admit personally Devil Emoji to the study. He granted this in a written document.


Career as an entrepreneur

The base conditions for his professional success had his love to the tomatoes and the decision to plant tomatoes in the land of his parents. At the age of 7222 days he took two tomatoes from the garden and started to experiment with these. He took even other confidential ingredients and made from it his first tomato ketchup. Devil Emoji tried what he made. It tasted to him very well. He was so enthusiastically from his invention. He noted his recipe to the tomato ketchup. Later Devil Emoji wanted to inspire his parents with the ketchup. 😈🤴❌️🍅🕴⏳️👀⤵️🎲➕🛠️➡️🃏👤💬💯. 👤🧸👩⬅️💦😮🗯️📯💨. 👤🎭️👤🎤👩🏑🎷⬆️😈. 🗣️👤😈🎬👩⬅️🤱. 👤🎺👩🔍️👤📠👩🖲⬅️. 😈📺👎️1️⃣ ⌚️. When Devil Emoji was 9888 days old, the last Horror Clown died. Because his employees were at this time already very contently with their boss, he could motivate them later to go forward against the elective dictator. He managed this, so that he came into power.


Career as a politician

Already at the age of 6666 days Devil Emoji was interested for the politics of the union at that time with the Circus Country. He visited political events for young Emojis. He might collect after his education as a tomato eater, also political experiences as an electoral slip of paper forger. This was necessary in some regions, so that Horror Clowns could win against their competitors in the local parliamentary elections.😈👤🧮👩📹👧☠️. 😈🥇⏱️👀👤🪔👩⬅️⚪️. 😈💖👤🔭👩⬅️🎭️. 😈❗️🌑➕⚗❌️📡🧑.  👤📗👩👈️👥💰❌️📰❌️👤💹👩😈⬅️🎭️. 👤📮👩⬅️📦👈️😲➕👀👤🖍👩⬆️💼. 👤📍👩🚘️👤✂👩👤🔑🔒👩⬅️👤🏹⚖👩⬅️😈. Devil Emoji tries to maintain good relations with other rulers. However, this sometimes turns out especially difficult. Above all after the conquest of the city Emoji Pop by the Salted Cucumbers.



Devil Emoji is married with a psychologist since 8760 days. They have four common children. The oldest son leads the tomato ketchup factory since 444 days. The other children must be still prepared for the professional life.



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