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Devil Emoji

This is the story about the king of Emoji. For the Emoji see: 😈 Smiling Face with Horns. Devil Emoji was born 18998 days ago in the area of the port city Emoji Opinion. He is the great-grandchild of the overthrown haughty king by the First Horror Clown. Topically he is the king of Emoji. At the times of the rule from the Circus Country about Emoji (union) Devil Emoji with his family had to live so far away as possible from the capital city Emoji SMS. The Horror Clowns let special soldiers to supervise at that time of the former royal family. The family might never visit the capital city. Thus the seizure of power of the descendants was prevented. The royal family had to deal with its past. This was still written by the First Horror Clown at that time in the constitution. The attempt of the compulsive education of the royal family partially failed. The grandparents of Devil Emoji taught him that he came from the royal family. They wanted to motivate him, moreover to fight one day again for the claims to power of the family. But it was clear to the former royal family that their chances were with 0 against the Horror Clowns. In spite of the rule of the Horror Clowns, Devil Emoji could build a profitable company at the times of the last Horror Clowns. He became a mighty ketchup producer. His ketchup became a national moneyspinner. In this manner he earned several millions local Bitcoins. How many Bitcoins exactly he has, nobody may know. This is the biggest state secret of the kingdom Emoji.


Background and Education

Devil Emoji is the great-grandchild of the last king of Emoji. His father was a food engineer, his mother was a farmer. The family had a small piece of land near the yellow sea. The circus army visited the family regularly because of the Horror Clowns command.


 Young Devil Emoji

At the age of 6935 days Devil Emoji was invited to the circus army. There he might educate further himself from the easy soldier to the uppermost general of the area of Emoji Opinion. Because he behaved too haughtily towards other soldiers as a general, he was locked up as a punishment for 1008 hours in a dark space. At that time one understood by his arrogance that the general hit the soldiers with saucepans. In spite of this behaviour Devil Emoji might keep his title as a general in his trouser pocket. At the age of 6205 days he began an education as a tomato eater. This occupation was estimated especially for the protection of high-ranking politicians in the circus country very much. The job of these occupational people was to eat the tomatoes and to judge. Only according to good judgement the suitable tomatoes the politician might be dished up. The young Devil Emoji liked the tomatoes so much that he ate daily at least 12 tomatoes. He persuaded his parents only to plant tomatoes on their small land. This was worthwhile for him and his family so much that he became rich later with it. In spite of his love to the tomatoes his parents wanted that he also finishes a higher education. Thus Devil Emoji started to study at the age of 7112 days of jurisprudence. Later he still studied politics sciences. Before the last Horror Clown had to admit personally Devil Emoji to the study. He granted this in a written document.


Career as an entrepreneur

The base conditions for his professional success had his love to the tomatoes and the decision to plant tomatoes in the land of his parents. At the age of 7222 days he took two tomatoes from the garden and started to experiment with these. He took even other confidential ingredients and made from it his first tomato ketchup. Devil Emoji tried what he made. It tasted to him very well. He was so enthusiastically from his invention. He noted his recipe to the tomato ketchup. Later Devil Emoji wanted to inspire his parents with the ketchup. He made the same with the tomatoes again. The tomato ketchup of their son could persuade his father as a food engineer and his mother as a farmer. They believed that Devil should found from it an enterprise. Devil Emoji wanted to make still an other test. On one day he organised an eating party in a tent. He cooked. His friends from the university for opinion education came. The Horror Clowns were very much anxiously about that. They thought that Devil Emoji planned a fall of the last Horror Clowns in the tent. Thereon the circus army was sent to the tent. In this time all visitors sat down all around the table. The soldiers of the circus army stood behind the tent. At the same time Devil Emoji wanted to present his cookeries to his costudents. Everybody was so enthusiastically from this tomato ketchup. They asked whether he did not have even more of the ketchup. Devil Emoji knew by this second: Now I must make professional definitively. Hardly he thought his other steps in the end several soldiers of the circus army came to the tent. The students and Devil Emoji got great fear. The soldiers asked what had you eaten?

All present students had fear that they ate something forbidden. They showed everybody at Devil Emoji. Devil Emoji felt from one second on others of the hero to the biggest criminal of the country to have become. The soldiers of the circus army said that they wanted to try this with pleasure. Upwards from this second the pride of Devil Emoji grew up to the ceiling. He served the remains of the ketchup to the soldiers. However, the soldiers were so hungry that they reacted exceptionally positively. After these events the last Horror Clown found out from the cookeries of Devil Emoji. At his command Devil Emoji had to lose a whole study day at the university. He had to cook for the ruler. Devil Emoji tried to use this cleverly. He made the best from it. The last Horror Clown praised Devil Emoji so much that he made available several land surfaces to him. Thus Devil Emoji started to build up his enterprise with the help of the state. After the death of the last Horror Clown he had earned so much money with his tomato ketchup that he could buy other land surfaces. He let the other land surfaces which he received from the Horror Clown privatise on his name. Because he spent a lot of time with his business, he had increasingly no more time for his study at the university for opinion education. Thereon he decided to send his father at his place to the study. His father accepted this. He started to study the books on the subject Politics. Later he helped his son in the seizure of power and the political decisions. Devil Emoji was proud of the fact that he had successfully insisted, at least, on the end as a lawyer. At the beginning grew his arrogance so strongly that he planned to introduce the reintroduction of the hard labour to Emoji. He wanted to be like his great-grandfather and his forefathers. He thought that after the death of the last Horror Clowns nobody could detain him. But already at the times of the last Horror Clown, Devil Emoji started to introduce bad terms of employment for his employees. Thus he had fixed in the employment contract a very deep maximum wage.

He paid at most 0.60 Bitcoins per hour. With working hours of 10 hours an Emoji earned at best 6 Bitcoins per day. At that time though one could live with it. But holidays and trips were not payable with it. At the age of 9494 days Devil Emoji was seriously injured in a car accident. He remained several days in the artificial coma. There he experienced something exceptional. Suddenly strangers stood before him. A stranger said to Devil Emoji that his present behaviour stopped him from assuming the office of the king in close future. He should not so behave as his forefathers. He must think and act progressive. But leave the present old behaviour in the past. At the beginning Devil Emoji relatively often thought of these statements. Thereon he decided a pay raise for his employees of the tomato ketchup factory. From this second the employees earned about 30 percent more in his company. When Devil Emoji was 9888 days old, the last Horror Clown died. Because his employees were at this time already very contently with their boss, he could motivate them later to go forward against the elective dictator. He managed this, so that he came into power.


Career as a politician

Already at the age of 6666 days Devil Emoji was interested for the politics of the union at that time with the Circus Country. He visited political events for young Emojis. He might collect after his education as a tomato eater, also political experiences as an electoral slip of paper forger. This was necessary in some regions, so that Horror Clowns could win against their competitors in the local parliamentary elections.Later he also visited important politicians in the country. Moreover, Devil Emoji ran for election at the age of 8765 days as a parliamentarian for the local government in his hometown. He was defeated by the clearly older candidates. Then he remained less active politically. Only with the choice of the first dictator he organised a professional opposition against the dictatorship. After Devil Emoji became, finally, a king of the country, he wanted to put through first a tax rise for all citizens. He already worked on the conversion of the tax revision. At this time he dreamt in the sleep of his own kidnapping by strangers rulers of the Circus Country. He woke up. He became nervous. In this dream the loss of power kings was threatened. This in the case if he introduced unpopular laws against the people and puts through. At the beginning Devil Emoji remained very loose. He worked on unpopular laws against the people. Nevertheless, his employees were in the tomato ketchup factories still very contently with their boss and the king of the country. Only at the age of 13000 days the situation for Devil Emoji became very serious. At that time he saw suddenly like in the neighbouring country (Circus Country) the Horror Juggler came into power. He remembered his old dream that he already saw this ruler. By this second Devil Emoji got particularly great fear. He feared that the Circus Country would march in to Emoji. After the seizure of power of Horror Juggler in the neighbouring Circus Country Devil Emoji had nightmares again. This time he was warned about the fact that he should work, finally, on the political progress. In the dream it was threatened with him that progress hostility would nastily end for him. The Horror Juggler could take over the power in the kingdom Emoji. Thereon Devil Emoji asked what he could make exactly against it. He got a few headwords to hear: To levy taxes, parliament work and other duties. After this dream the king decided the abolition of the levy duty. Instead, he invented alternative duties for the people. The work in the parliament was completely modernised. Devil Emoji tries to maintain good relations with other rulers. However, this sometimes turns out especially difficult. Above all after the conquest of the city Emoji Pop by the Salted Cucumbers.



Devil Emoji is married with a psychologist since 8760 days. They have four common children. The oldest son leads the tomato ketchup factory since 444 days. The other children must be still prepared for the professional life.



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