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Emoji SMS

Emoji SMS or Emoji Capital City is called the most important city in the country.
Depending on the mood of domestic citizens, the city Emoji SMS or Emoji Capital City is called in the talks. The city is the largest and most important on the yellow secret list of the country. The list will be kept at an undisclosed hiding from prying eyes. The site will be monitored by at least 777 members of the army during 86,400 seconds continuously.
The city has at least 6,687,908 inhabitants. But the number of inhabitants has already become significantly larger. (Newborns or deaths)
The agglomeration comprises further high number of residents. Emoji SMS is the most important educational center of the country. Most professors are trained in this city for the whole country. In addition, new technologies are realized by industrial enterprises from the Pluto here craftsmanship. Major product was, among other things automatic fork. This facilitates the food for lazy eaters. The fork pushes the plate equal to 22.22 grams in his mouth every 29 seconds. The city is considered the mother of all funny cities on the planet Halloween. The city had bought their pride one day in the Salted Cucumbers. The price increase by the Salted Cucumbers resulted in a high debt of the city. The Salted Cucumbers substitute the term "Proud Emoji SMS" to the "The biggest losers Emoji SMS". There was a psychological war between the two parties. So were the Salted Cucumbers trying to bring the city under their control. They also wanted to enslave the inhabitants of Emoji SMS. Here the strong Circus Country came to Emojis to help. The Salted Cucumbers fled like rabbits from wolves.

Emoji SMS



Population in Emoji SMS

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According to the official census in the Emoji lived 5555 days ago in the capital city, about 84.44% real Emojis and the rest of various ethnic groups from different places of the universe. Here extraterrestrials and humans have been identified as residents. There are also small minorities of other nationalities and ethnic groups. These minorities are enumerated on the list of Endangered ethnic groups in warning book. In the last 22,214 days a large increase in the population, researchers have been found. On one hand, many helpers came from the Pluto. On the other hand, the birth of domestic population also increased. In addition, many interplanetary spies came into the country. Emoji SMS is particularly interesting for spies. Many spies dig with the shovel deep into the earth and hide their recording equipment. (Video cameras)
Some locals have already reported that they wanted to plant a few apple seeds deep. They dug deep into the earth. Suddenly they found strange devices. Some of these devices came through the rain on their territory. An Emoji reported that he was even able to sell such a device for a lot of money. So some residents in the country are particularly rich. Some of the spies were found. They were sentenced by the authorities because of illegal enrichment of locals. Many of Finders these devices revolted violently. These stories led to many Emojis came from other country areas in the capital city and dug everywhere. The Emoji SMS looked for some time as a city under "archaeological control". The municipal police fired 89 gigabytes of chewing gum in the amount.

What languages are spoken in Emoji SMS?

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Emoji L is the most important language in the capital city. It is important to note that the language situation had repeatedly changed radically in the largest city of the Emoji over time. In ancient times an old funny original language was spoken. The population was but one day too tired and started a large demonstration against the old language. Then had to be urgently formed at least 12,246 linguists. They worked then very hard to modernize the language. Many important linguists of that time lived mainly in Emoji SMS. But there were also a number of demonstrators who were against the new language. They argued that the new language is too artificial. Some linguists fled the Circus Country and hid there in a forest. Today it is assumed that the local bears and wolves use the language that was a time when the linguists learned there in the woods quite loudly. 5568 days ago a poll in Emoji SMS was performed. The result was clear: A clear majority used the Emoji L. Other inhabitants use their own dialects of funny languages. How many percentages are, could calculate no mathematician. In the days of the reign of Horror Clowns many had to learn the language of the Circus Country by heart. The First Horror Clown commanded his time, all must study at least 26 words in the language of the Circus Country daily. A controlled the so-called speech army. The goal was a language for everyone. But even better language education. Moreover, the First Horror Clown wanted that he is exceptionally understood by all.
That was in his secret book. Language army controlled all other languages, especially in Emoji SMS. Memory researchers were able to demonstrate that the generation of language learners under the First Horror Clown has no problems with memory. The younger generation who had to learn any language at any cost, has been much more difficult to remember what it has done 111 hours ago.

Religion in the capital city Emoji SMS

Most of the inhabitants belong to the funny houses. Emoji Jeans House of believers is always visited by many after exactly 6666 minutes. EM Jim House is not recognized by many planets. But in Emoji SMS visit some residents also the EM Jim House at irregular intervals. Grey Religion also has many supporters in the capital city. There are also many religious inventors in the city. Try the bad situation of some residents exploit. So there are many companies that invent their own religion to be successful and promote it. In addition, there are many small religions in the capital city. In addition, counterfeiters are involved in matters of religion very actively involved in the development of new festivals in the city.

Geography of Emoji SMS

🌈 Geography and Weather

The city lies on both sides of the wide puddle of the Yellow Sea flows towards west. The right, west riverbank of the historic city center
is characterized by numerous, originally forested, small hills of pink highlands. A constant up and down, and pear trees are typical of the Emoji SMS downtown. The hills fall steeply from the river. Farther south - in the district in the green area- is but a flatter and wider, cultivated shoreline. The southern, western riverside was opened only 29,274 days ago. In contrast to the opposite side it is flat and dominated by forest-place. Find here also numerous lakes. Some small tributaries, such as the orange birds, open within the urban area in the puddle. This branch in the urban area in numerous watercourses. The pink island and other larger islands, which were hardly built, serve as recreational areas.

Climate in Emoji SMS

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Emoji SMS situated in the western part of the Emoji. Summers are warm with average temperatures from 22.44 to 28.98 ° C in the months of June, July and August. The coldest months are December, January and February, with average temperatures from -1.25 to 2.56 ° C. 28,777 days ago, the record maximum temperature of 46.46 ° C was measured. The lowest measured temperature was -9.56 ° C on the tenth day after the birth of the First Horror Clowns in Circus Country. Emoji SMS was covered with some green and yellow snow usually from early December to mid-February, although this has been declining in recent years. Climatologists speak of raging nature. The snow was much brighter in the last 2222 days and even very transparent.
This led to many accidents in the fun capital city. Many simply do not realize that before it real snow. That's why they break their winter glasses.


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According to a very secret document of the State Archives was Emoji SMS from the four SMS addicts Sm-s, founded SM-s, s-MS and its two-headed eagle crazy from the trunk of the great family that built villages on seven hills. They built another fort which they named after their forefather ("SMS" = ,City of Emoji SMS '). This is the latest after the big typhoon 555,768 days ago has happened, because the name of the forefather SMS was mentioned during this period in works of ancient spies. Some southern, but also some local historians (Bermuda Triangle, Oval Square) according Emoji SMS to have been founded instead 525,525 days ago by pirates from an unknown planet after the milk war, the town's name was
how these pirates secret origin. This theory also conquering the Emoji the great city of the other peoples. Some historians go from a very strong noise in the area of today's Emoji SMS. This noise drove then the resident peoples in this area. The modern Emojis came under this opinion only 499,876 days ago in the current capital city. The city had a strategic location on the trade route from the Shareware to Donors. 435,689 days ago reigned in Emoji SMS Shareware princes Dieold and Mymoney before the Clowns-Geologists commander from the old city killed them 429,786 days ago by overdose milk. This united the entire dominion of Shareware along the trade route, and made Emoji SMS to princely residence of the leading Circus. 409,765 days ago Jupiter aliens came for the first time to Emoji. They discovered the present territory of Emoji SMS. There they tried to look for the natural resources of the country. They were able to find. They found so many tiny pieces of gold. Some of the gold diggers stayed there and wanted the local people and aliens to sell gold at inflated prices. Some dealers managed this. Later, however, noted some Emojis that strangers exploit their natural resources. That was not bad. But one day Emojis realized in Emoji SMS that they are paying too much for their own natural resources to foreigners. This led to a bees war of Emojis against Jupiter aliens. In this war, bees have been specifically used to attack the Jupiter aliens. Many Jupiter aliens diseased thereafter. They paid the most money raised for their healing by the native inhabitants.
The former dictator of Emoji decided the expropriation of Jupiter aliens in Emoji SMS and sent them via emergency in the nearby circus on the border Circus Country.
There they remained under house arrest during 1414 days. They were then sent back to Jupiter with a wooden drone. 400,868 days ago, the first Neptune aliens in Emoji SMS arrived. They agreed to improve the city's infrastructure. There was a very strong earthquake 378,908 days ago, many Emojis fled to Neptune. The capital city Emoji SMS remained virtually uninhabited for 70 years. This situation used the Jupiter aliens in their favor. They captured many valuables at that time. As an example, toilet paper is called. A historian from the Jupiter calls this history as the birth of the misers in Jupiter. The misers were very wealthy through the theft of toilet paper. 219,000 days ago Pluto aliens came to the capital city Emoji SMS. They began to push forward technical progress. As the first device Emoji had to learn to build a radio. This took at least 82,222 days. 136,778 days ago Emojis were finally able to build their own radio device themselves in their factories. 125,125 days ago the radio was so popular in the capital city. This awareness led to the flag of the city showed an Emoji with the radio. The local radios were far planet then exported successfully. Here they could hear just any comic tones from the device. Pluto aliens realized then that they really should first teach the construction of the microphone. A miser of the Jupiter was 125,100 days ago in Emoji SMS during the holidays. He noted the great popularity of the radio device. He tried to smuggle out several radios to Jupiter. But he dug a tunnel under the earth. He wore some 99 radio equipment with him. After a heavy rain, the earth shook so strong that 51 radio sets were on the back side. The miser had to flee with the rest. After the second earthquake the miser lost 24 of his radio equipment under the earth. The other radio devices he could bring Jupiter. He tried to convince the Jupiter aliens of the new technology. A wealthy donor has invested in the construction of a radio equipment factory. At the same time a clever businessman from the Neptune in Emoji SMS began to sell more microphones.
44,444 days ago archaeologists found under the direction of the Little Clowns several radio sets under the ground. The former owner of the radio equipment factory in Jupiter remembered this story with the miser. These events of the past learned later than the First Horror Clown, he sent his army unexpectedly to Jupiter and let evacuate the entire radio equipment factory. He also decided the expropriation of the factory owner. On his orders, the factory was completely destroyed. Anything found in the factory was brought to Emoji SMS. On the orders of the First Horror Clowns Emoji SMS became the capital city of the Kingdom Emoji.
Although other cities wanted the title of the capital, they had to reckon with threats from the Horror Clown. In these resistance struggles more Emojis were sentenced to a prison from 2424 days through the regime of the First Horror Clown. They had to improve air quality. They had to plant trees up to 9 per day per person.
Currently the attempted conquest by the Egoists from Mars and the Easter Eggs the capital city Emoji SMS first Pluto aliens began several unannounced bombing of the Easter Eggs and Martians. Several Egoists were so badly injured from the Mars that the censors of the First Horror Clowns prohibition to show the images of the wounded. The Easter Eggs were determined to bring the capital city under their control. They dreamed of being labeled as conquering heroes in history. But experienced Clowns from the Circus Country could arrest all Eggs without exceptions as prisoners of war. The chief mayor of Emoji SMS contacted the deputy of the First Horror Clown. He ordered to save money. This means that for prisoners of war no funds from the state treasury must be wasted. All Eggs were detained. They were given no food. They were only allowed to drink rain droplets. The prison in Emoji SMS was considered one of the worst places that existed at that time. After the death of the last Horror Clowns and independence from the Circus Country Emoji SMS was a modern city with old wounds. There were above average trained many archaeologists. They had to look for everything and analyze what they found under the ground. Some buildings that were destroyed by the rage of the First Horror Clown had to be restored by using a program. In addition, the king wanted to lure tourists to the capital city Emoji SMS. But he began any new attractions to draw in his notebook. This had to be built as soon as possible. For this purpose he had new buildings built in the style of ancient times. Then he let it be known through his marketing experts several press releases planets far. He also had caught several wild animals. They were detained in one place. He justified his actions as animal welfare. Under the title "Emoji SMS Animals" the largest zoo in the country was built. He called the Alaskan Malamute Wolf. A black horse he had white stripes paint. He suddenly had a zebra.

Attractions in Emoji SMS

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A secret hideout of the greatest friend of the First Horror Clowns in Emoji SMS.
A museum with many old clothes, which were taken from the Egoists of Mars and other prisoners.
The old radio equipment factory that produced the popular radio sets in the country 125,125 days ago. These are also the things that have been brought up to the First Horror Clowns command from Jupiter to Emoji.
The oldest tree in the city. The tree is under measurement ban. For this reason, no one may measure the area and perimeter of the tree. Anyone who wants to measure the tree, must reckon with a penalty in the amount of 567 local Bitcoins.
There is also a stadium for a minimum of 69,875 sports fans. Thereon the king of Emoji is very proud.
Another museum of ancient history of Emoji SMS is located at the entrance of the surveillance cameras. There various levels are shown. Each mirror is from a different time. This means that one in different times and different can be seen in the mirror. Additional attractions of interest may not be published. They may be granted in the near future by the censors for publication.


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The Emoji SMS city council is the highest political body of the city and perceives in the "City with special status" local government tasks. The members of the City Council are elected in direct elections on period of 2199 days by the city's population. The also elected by direct suffrage Mayor of Emoji SMS is the chairman of the City Council. The City Council meets in the 24,444 days old style building
the former secret service of the former government in the center of Emoji SMS. The building is monitored on the order of the mayor of 12 soldiers during 1440 minutes. Who has not bought any ticket, must not be left purely. Verified politicians have also access to the building even on days off. Deselected politicians be sentenced automatically to a house arrest of 111 days. At 112 days, they are allowed to enjoy their freedom. On 149th day politicians voted out another job may not engage. It is important to mention that politicians still voted out twice the salary of the mayor during 21 weeks receive.

Mayor of Emoji SMS

Currently Affluent Society is the supreme city leader of Emoji SMS. He was 333 days ago chosen with a clear majority of 89.98 Percent. His opponents accuse him of having the name renamed specially so positive sounding. Here is a brief overview of the former mayor of the capital of Emoji: Inside Job was the first mayor after the death of the last Horror Clowns.
Mister Monetary was the successor of Job. He was very mysterious. Nobody knew his full name. His name he left open. He used to say: I'll leave to your imagination how you wanted to call me. No Nook replaced the Monetary. Aunt Aura was the first female mayor of Emoji SMS. Polish Off was the predecessor of today's mayor Society.
The capital city Emoji SMS is divided into several small districts. The areas of the districts are in each case determined by the incumbent mayor. That is the first task of the newly elected mayor.

Partner cities of Emoji SMS
The list of partner cities considered in the capital city as the biggest secret.
The censors monitor the list of 22 most modern video cameras.

Economy and Infrastructure

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In Emoji SMS are all ministries and the headquarters of most large companies in the metal industry, the mechanical and vehicle engineering, aircraft construction (Companies with more than 17777 employees), the chemical industry, the food and poison industry, the solar industry, the gas and oil companies, energy producers and of air transport and the financial sector settled. A manufacturer of optical and precision equipment, the Hi-work. Who wants to invest in Emoji SMS, he or she needs a valid medical certificate. An investor has to suffer in any case from any contagious disease. The following health problems are particularly recognized as a disability for the activity as an investor in Emoji SMS.
Tooth decay and other dental diseases. Who wants to be active as an investor in the capital city of Emoji, must have clean teeth. In addition, an investor must invest a minimum amount. This amount shall be to an economic growth of at least 1 percent per investor. Those who do not meet these prerequisites, is shot with a water pistol. Many tourists come to Emoji SMS, so they help restore the ancient ruins. For this they get a discount on other activities in the country. So Emojis save their strength for the improvement of their infrastructure in the capital city.
The new highway was produced in a factory of a super-rich. In addition, there are several bridges that lead to the near abroad. Remote roads lead to Circus Country and other neighboring towns of Emoji SMS.
Numerous international rail links lead to the main station (Emoji SMS Flyers) in Emoji SMS, among other things, Circus Country, Allergies, Hungry, Easter Bottles and Red Mountains. Emoji SMS also has access to the northern railway, here is probably the longest rail link begins on the planet Halloween.

Among the airfields in Emoji SMS

In the capital city of Emoji there are at least 11 airfields. Currently, investors and construction workers are sought who would be willing to work on the twelfth airfield and invest.
The most employees work in customs. One should take no pencils made from local wood abroad. Local raw materials may not be taken abroad. Or rather, who carries products from indigenous raw materials abroad, he or she must necessarily return to Emoji SMS. This law was passed to the days of the First Horror Clown. The airfields of Emoji SMS offer in addition to the regular aircraft also flying saucers and other flying objects to choose from.
Depending on the destination to another flying object is used. For example: If you fly to Earth, can only fly by aircraft.
In the capital city may be the red drone move. This is especially true for Emoji SMS. Other cities in Emoji still have a ban on red drone.
Anyone who wants is allowed to drive by train up to 290 minutes. There are also small buses and electric chairs. They usually go up to 24 roads.

Which personalities everyone must know from Emoji SMS?

The writer and painter Oil Painting. Besides the crazy historian Pau Se.
More interesting personalities: Re Frain, Ph Ase, Dog Ged and the famous mathematician Mi Nus. Of course there are still a number of important personalities from the capital city. But this may not be published due to their reputation.

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