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Emoji Farmers

It is the largest fair in the agricultural sector by the Kingdom in the capital city. Emoji farmers is the leading trade show for agriculture, agricultural machinery, livestock farming and clean energy from the humidity of Emoji and was first on 10202 days ago the fairgrounds of a high tower held, at the time, a young clown from the Circus Country tried to present his bio clock. This failed because of the gigantic imagination of clowns. This largest and most important performance show takes place the Emoji annually on 168 day after the domestic New Year in capital city Emoji SMS instead. As part of the Emoji farmers also take place the trade fair for onion cultivation, hamsters and entertainment veterinary medicine 'Emoji Animals', the exhibition for donkey breeding and donkeys sport, the international trade fair for the mushroom industry, the trade fair for shrimp farming and shrimp industry and the trade fair for renewable and alternative energy through new measures. Many avid farmers from whole universe present their methods at this fair.

Who are the organizers of the trade fair?
Organizers of the domestic leading trade show Emoji farmers are the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Emoji. This also mixes the Farmers' Association. In addition, all farmers must carry a sign with the heading. Then the following sentence can be identified: "Farmers take care of the healthy nutrition of the population".
A Uranus alien could do anything with this set. He began loudly cursing. Then the disturbing was kidnapped by the police. Because of this insult the government in Uranus had to ship at least 72 apologies to the farmers in Emoji. The story was the Uranus so embarrassing that the planet did not participate for several years at the fair out of shame. Traditionally, the Minister of Agrarian Policy has to make a long speech. In addition also speaks of the Farmers' Association President at least as long as its predecessor. Meanwhile, some participants fall already asleep. After all these speeches all wake up again. At this time one must try some farm produce from different places of the universe. 

What else is there about Emoji farmers to know?
The leading trade fair for Emoji for agriculture, agricultural machinery, hamster breeding, renewable resources and energy from humidity Emoji farmers from about 899 days ago took place on the exhibition grounds of the tower of internationally approved measuring between 902 days and 896 days ago. The largest exhibition Emoji farmers was a great planet continued success in 2899 days ago. Even Misers from the Jupiter came to the fair, so that they could try for free farmer products from all the planets.
At that time, at least 1666 exhibitors from 70 countries were registered at the entry through customs. The exhibition space was so wide that one could easily occupy the area with 879,669 giraffes. This exhibition was opened jointly by the King Devil Emoji and the Minister of Agricultural Policy of the Kingdom 902 days ago. It applauded all visitors present at least 606 seconds continuously. There were around 164,444 verified visitors. Around 12,468 trade visitors could identify a device. From the Mercury, more than 44 companies and organizations are participating in the fair. At that time there was a glitch in the fair. It at least 9,999,999 gigabytes were stolen on cheese from the bunker of Jupiter alien farmers before the performance. This should solve police using a Labrador dog. The search did not take long. But the problem was that the cheese thieves were traveling for a long time into the unknown. Then the king of Emoji decided personally help in finding the cheese thieves. The king, the police and the army were all looking for the stolen cheese. The road led into the universe. At this time, approximately 276,354 flying saucers were traveling. This made it difficult to search for the thief enormously. The king decided to fly separately. The police and army flew in more flying saucers in the suspected direction.
At this time, flew a flying saucer from Venus by Mars. Therein were around 9,999,996 gigabytes of cheese. Then a soldier from Emoji was attentive with his device. He decided to ask the appropriate flying saucer to land by all means. He fired a warning shot in the direction. The pilot did not understand what should be. He thought that someone was playing with a gun. The Angry Soldier decided to shoot the flying saucer with the water pistol. The flying saucer was actually so wet that they had to make an emergency landing for safety reasons on Emoji. Hardly had landed the saucer, were waiting the policemen handcuffed. Inmates have understood nothing, what should be the whole theater. The police explained that the cheese was stolen in this saucer the fair some time ago. The cheese merchants from the Venus responded annoyed that they wanted to sell their cheese from the Venus by Mars. The Jupiter alien farmer was asked to examine the cheese. Then the farmer from Jupiter tried the cheese from Venus. He said that this cheese was not produced by him. He was very disappointed that the wrong people were trapped. Meanwhile, the king of Emoji was also looking for the cheese thief. The king suspected a Jupiter alien in this theft. He flew to Jupiter. There he went to the home address of the farmer. He asked the people and aliens in the area if they knew another farmer nearby. A white Jupiter alien said that he knew a wealthy farmer from the political elite of the planet. This farmhouse belonged to the miser, and was very rich. He lived around 3 giraffes from the cheese farmer. Then the king of Emoji everything was clear. He went to the address of the miserly peasants and just saw how a huge amount of cheese was brought to the farm. Now the worried King contacted his whole army and police. For this purpose the cheese farmer has been informed. The Miserly farmer was completely surprised by the presence of foreign police and army in his country. He threatened with a war. Then his approval of the king of Emoji declared equal. The police and army arrested the miserly peasant. At the same time the cheese farmer recognized the own cheese. He said the miserly peasant that this should be ashamed for his theft. The government in Jupiter learned from a military mission of a foreign state on its territory. Then misers from Jupiter decided to send their army into Emoji. The King of Emoji feared major damage. He then contacted his colleagues from Pluto.
It expressed Pluto aliens for war knob towards Jupiter. Within 689 seconds were bombed government buildings of all the misers and completely destroyed. Then the army was brought back very fast from their use of Emoji. The cheese farmer feared revenge by the influential miserly peasant. For this reason, he emigrated to Emoji. In other years, the Jupiter alien produced his cheese in Emoji and successfully export to Jupiter. In the future there were no further problems at the fair.


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