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Emoji Worldwide

Emoji Worldwide is an airline based in the capital city Emoji SMS.

8760 days ago, the modern airline was established in its current form. Previously was controlled by the dictator Emoji and later the king. The aircraft were from the times before the reign of Horror Clowns. The Circus Country was not interested in that Emoji would receive new aircraft. The airline was in need of renovation. Many old aircraft had to be replaced as soon as possible. At the time, the miserly Jupiter aliens tried to completely take over the airline. 🅰️🤚💸🤑.  👨‍✈️🦺🛬📞🚨🛫🎫🚽📉🤚🗞.
Before a new aircraft is authorized by the aviation authority, it must be examined by aviation experts, pilots and other technical specialists. The approval process takes about 666 days under normal circumstances. Each specialist must write his findings independently of others. At the conclusion, all reports are thoroughly analyzed and studied. In addition, future pilots during their training familiar with the subject of the new aircraft.


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