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Emoji Worldwide

Emoji Worldwide is an airline based in the capital city Emoji SMS.

8760 days ago, the modern airline was established in its current form. Previously was controlled by the dictator Emoji and later the king. The aircraft were from the times before the reign of Horror Clowns. The Circus Country was not interested in that Emoji would receive new aircraft. The airline was in need of renovation. Many old aircraft had to be replaced as soon as possible. At the time, the miserly Jupiter aliens tried to completely take over the airline. 8744 days ago, the airline required a lot of money for investment. Then the misers were among the largest shareholders of the company. This later proved to be total failure. When the misers the airline completely took over 8722 days ago, they decided to repair the old aircraft with the utmost frugality. They saved at the expense of modernization and worse at the expense of air safety. After the completed repairs first flights were offered. The aircraft were never checked before departure. That cost the misers too much money. The first flights were booked 8666 days ago. During the flight of several aircraft it started to rain heavily. The raindrops penetrated into almost all aircraft of Emoji Worldwide. The passengers were wet. The planes were filled full with the amount of rain.  

Then several pilots had an emergency landing. This event was called the failure of the owner in the press. The demands for the withdrawal of the pilot's license for the misers grew louder. Nevertheless, misers insisted on the pilot's license. The politicians and the king were at this second in sleep mode. For this reason was the political screen that the program did not respond. With more flights nearly 8662 days ago passengers had to go hungry. This flight lasted even though about 720 minutes. Meanwhile misers counted their revenues from the activities of Emoji Worldwide. Then the passengers sued the airline. The misers justify the waiving of food on the plane with health reasons. Then the misers were acquitted to the Supreme Court in Emoji. The situation became worse later. 8562 days ago an airplane of the company crashed on a trampoline. Luckily there was not one dead. But almost all were medium seriously injured. The press tried to dramatize a maximum of this accident. The misers tried themselves to defend. Then they accused the pilots. As a result of the fall misers, the pilot in command announced quite publicly. The pilot wanted to show the misers for his dismissal. His argument was that the aircraft was so ancient that one does not is therefore likely to fly in this day and age. He said that such aircraft actually belong in a museum. The Government of Emoji decided to nationalize the airline after these events. Nobody wanted to take more risks.

Since the Government of Emoji had too little money for the purchase of new aircraft, the population was prompted to print the money themselves at home. And the King Devil Emoji signed such a document. This was considered as a contribution to modernization and the improvement of aviation safety. This civic duty was called as a tax liability. Every citizen of the kingdom received a certain number of printing banknotes to the contract. Citizens were given compensation for their work in the form of valuable coupons to various walks of life. 8044 days ago, there was enough money for the purchase of many new aircrafts. 8003 days ago, all aircraft were fully replaced. A dismissed pilot had to complete a multi-step re-test. This test he passed successfully. Later he flew smoothly under the new management with Emoji Worldwide. 5454 days ago, the Martians tried to take over the airline. The Kingdom Emoji did not leave responsibility to private extraterrestrials. The risk for the miserly approach was simply too high. In addition, they do not think most priority to aviation safety. That's why the company remained under state responsibility to this day. A sale of the airline would be regarded as a betrayal of the native security. 121 days ago, the company had around 1245 employees. The company's turnover is estimated by economics professors to several millions per year.
The company has 286 planes. The average age of aircraft is 2920 days. Each aircraft is pulled 4444 days from aviation. The old aircraft buy mostly misers from the Jupiter. Thus, they can offer cheaper flights within Jupiter.
Before a new aircraft is authorized by the aviation authority, it must be examined by aviation experts, pilots and other technical specialists. The approval process takes about 666 days under normal circumstances. Each specialist must write his findings independently of others. At the conclusion, all reports are thoroughly analyzed and studied. In addition, future pilots during their training familiar with the subject of the new aircraft.


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