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Emoji Green

Emoji Green was established by the Minister of Environmental Protection in Emoji 4554 days ago. In this exhibition the importance of nature conservation is emphasized. The protection of natural resources is also one of the themes of this exhibition.⛄🤚👩‍🏭🍖🌎🇮🇹🐃🛫😺🧬👆〽️🤚⏯🐶⛰👨🕌🤚🌉🚮🎚. Furthermore, it was called at the initiative of the participants of this fair a planet-wide "hunting ban because of boredom ". The initiative was a huge support planet far. Around 986,767,358 signatures could reach the demand for only 164 hours. This led to a collapse of the planet-wide Internet. Internet providers had then almost 8 days reanimate the Internet.



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