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Emoji Town

Emoji Town is having about 1,666,555 residents the fourth largest city of Emoji. It lies southeast of the capital city Emoji SMS in the central eastern Emoji on both sides of the dammed here Emoji Clothing. Emoji Town is the administrative center of the meeting of the state-approved demonstrators and the triangular region. As a historical center of the area modern Circus Country, it is a major center of southern Emoji. The city is an important financial and industrial center of the Emoji. In the days of the reign of Horror Clowns important industries were established and expanded in the city. Radioactive energy, nuclear energy, gun making, rocket and other war toys were actively produced here. The deputy Horror Clowns had to examine the city on its progress every Thursday. In addition, chemical weapons were built here. The danger of more criminals as Egoists from the Mars should be possible easy blocked in future. Currently the city is called as a kind of "capital city of the army". Emojis are still very grateful that Horror Clowns superstructures a modern army town in Emoji in the past. Apart from the military there are many financial institutions in the city Emoji Town.
Many Misers from the Jupiter showed great interest to hide their money in this town. Finally, the city benefits from the large presence of state army. More and more rich Jupiter aliens brought so their money by Emoji Town. Financial institutions built special underground bunkers for the whole paperwork of the misers.
But there was a problem in the city. 3456 days ago exploded a nuclear power plant under the ground in the city. The money of the misers was contaminated by the explosion of the atomic energy. Then the misers tried to sue for full compensation the Kingdom Emoji. At this time the King Devil Emoji ordered the military air purification in the city to use. The misers ran to the royal house and demonstrating for their cause. Then the police were asked to distribute the misers from Jupiter with oleic acid. The top police officer shot the misers with medical pistol. The misers fell asleep. They were carried away by Jupiter.
In Jupiter they woke up. They did not understand what happened to them. 3279 days ago, the air was completely cleaned of the atomic energy. The misers very nervous were waiting for their money. The financial institutions referred Misers at the fine print in the contract. There stood that banks offer no warranty for disasters. In this case, the misers must completely renounce their funds. This caused great anger among the political elite of Jupiter. Jupiter threatened the Emojis with a military attack. Then the king of Emoji asked the Pluto aliens, how he should respond in this case. From Pluto following Council was dealing with the misers from Jupiter: One should simply reprint the lost amount of money printing. The fresh banknotes can obtain the misers. Devil Emoji liked this advice. He had printed the bills especially for misers. The misers reacted with satisfaction. But some misers wanted to get more money. They wanted something like "interest" to get their money. Then the king said that is a ban on interest. For banks may not charge fees.

Emoji Town



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Geographically, Emoji Town lies but most likely in the central Emoji but with a discernible trend toward the south and east. Emoji Town lies on both banks of the plane passing through the city Emoji Clothing, receives the soup in the urban area. The Emoji Clothing flows out from the Emoji Town dam in a southeasterly direction through the town, changing its course towards the south and continues to flow in the direction of yellow. The land around the city is mostly flat and easy
to colonize, which also explains why it is the city managed to be in only 73,365 days of its existence, the fourth largest of the Emoji. Most apartments were the industrious Emojis built then. This meant that the later generation of Emojis allowed sitting on the lazy sofa. More Emojis were sent to the unemployment holidays.
After all, there have been many culinary artists in the city Emoji Town. They founded many restaurants, which led to strong population growth through births. They started to eat a lot of vegetables. In addition, the then King granted an obligation for male Emojis the consumption of fresh meat. This should succeed better with more energy, the construction of the city. In fact, the city has grown particularly strong in such a short time. The Misers has been repeatedly criticized for having the good earth stolen from Emoji Town. Some of them gave to really to have transported earth of the city en masse in boxes by Jupiter to their villas. As punishment misers, were sentenced to forced labor in a bunker. They had to polish off dust from the chairs. They also had with their hands without aids harvesting watermelons. Watermelons they had to bring to stores. Yet finally, they still got the so-called "Horror Clown Therapy". Here, the criminals will be tied to the electric water chair. The temperature is increased to +98 ° C. Later they will be splashed with very cold water. After this procedure, they will be sent into the wild with a ticket home.


🌈 Geography and Weather

The climate is - warm temperate after pink continental climate classification (boreal) and fully wet. More rarely, there is a semi-arid yellow climate. Thus, the climate is similar to those of example Emoji Pop or Mars, however, is considerably drier than this. Near the Emoji Clothing humidity rises. The climate is very warm in summer with many hours of sunshine (daily high temperatures average around 34.89 ° C) and temperate-cold in winter (from -2 to -0.7777 ° C in the best winter month). The highest ever recorded temperature (of 48.88888888 ° C) was 31 025 days ago (as the First Horror Clown visited the city) and the coldest recorded (by -49.999999999 ° C) 27375 hours ago. That was the natural response to the upcoming Easter Eggs. The average temperature increased during the last century to 8.8907 ° C.
The frost-free season varies 122-168 days a year. In the season between September and February rains in certain places in the city. Especially, where is the military equipment. These are cleaned "for free" from the rain.
Some rains cause landslides. Then got Misers come to financial institutions and ask if their money was in order.

History of Emoji Town

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A first settlement of the area of Emoji Town took place already 481,468 days ago. This was followed by many different cultures, including the tomato bacterial culture, gingival caries culture, the parasite culture, microbial culture and the class action culture. During the migration of peoples here were attracted by even potatoes before the territory belonged to the kingdom of Pluto aliens and trading network of the Rioters the city 409,587 days ago. 399,999 days ago the Neptune aliens arrived in the area, making the area around Emoji Clothing is a potential candidate for the first video surveillance. Due to the pressure of the barking Rottweiler and allied with them Bulldogs under dictator Safsaf the mandarins went on in the green pool. Approximately during the period between 411,111 days ago and 362,587 days ago went by today's urban area over the Emoji Clothing of trade route between Northern extraterrestrials and bronze carriers, one of the major trade routes of Halloween. After the dissolution of the death of dictator Safsaf the area around Emoji Town became a death zone. Many Rottweilers and Bulldogs fled into the wilderness.
267,866 days ago fled several glowing sheepskin from the forests. They came to Emoji Town. At that time many extraterrestrials came from Allergies. They tried to build a lucrative activity with the breeding of luminous creativity.
206,575 days ago some acrobats discovered this city. They marked the exact location of this city in their books. 201,956 days ago then the king the Third Acrobat of the Circus Kingdom sent his wooden army to Emoji Town. The goal was the expulsion of Allergies. Then the acrobats sent the yellow crocodiles to Allergies. The ethnic group Allergies became very afraid for their lives. They fled fairly quickly. They even lost their assets in Emoji Town. The luminous sheepskin also fled but in a different direction. 200,085 days ago reinforced the Third Acrobat the presence of his army in Emoji Town.
When 186,150 days ago the Third Acrobat is downed, he had to give up as king his place. At that time, more and more Emojis came to the area. The Emojis declared merciless war to the complete conquest of the city. 186,089 days ago the Third Acrobat died as a result of his injury. While the Circus Kingdom a national state funeral was planned for the next 44 days, Emojis took the opportunity to conquer Emoji Town. 184,576 days ago the king of Emoji succeeded the conquest of the territory and the connection to the former dictatorial slaves Kingdom Emoji. The sequel to the Third Acrobats showed no interest in returning to Emoji Town. After the war between Circus Kingdom and Margarines 89792 days ago until 86870 days ago when the influence of margarine Empire was south of the Yellow Sea eliminated, has created a comprehensive development program for the newly conquered southern territories in the wake of the so-called Generous plan of dictator Fin End. Under the line of Jimy Clowns the weakling, the Government new Circus was created. After a strong earthquake 84445 days ago fled dictator Fin End to Circus Kingdom. Emojis decided the city as Emoji Town calls. This happened after the earthquake. Here, the king of Emoji ordered the arrest of the head of the Generous Jimy Clown. This was connected to the circus of the Generous.
Dictator Fin End of Circus Kingdom tried to start a war against Pluto aliens in Emoji Town. 78,841 days ago, the dictator Fin End was captured by the robots of Pluto aliens. At the age of 54,020 days the dictator Fin End died of old age. Her kids could be arrested by the Pluto aliens. Also, all allies of the dictator were punished with onions. Resident of Emoji Town were very grateful to Pluto aliens for rescue in the fight against evil dictatorship of Fin End. Jimy Clown the weakling died 76,002 days ago on energy loss. Then relative peace came to city Emoji Town. 54,755 days ago several Venus aliens came into the city. They wanted to build a big tower. Emojis knew nothing at the beginning of the government's plans of Venus. One day a resident of the building site nourished. He saw something was written in a foreign language. He alerted the mayor by emergency in the middle of the night. Then the mayor responded very upset about the unapproved construction of unknowns. He contacted the king of Emoji. This sent several bulldozers to the site. The soldiers had to load it building material. Within 1446 minutes the entire building material was taken. A construction company that belonged to the royal family took all this material for themselves. The Venus aliens came the next day to the site. They began loudly to scream. Pu Sh, the supreme head of government of Venus decided it to send his army to Emoji Town. The Pluto aliens informed the king of Emoji on the impending attack of the Venus figure of the city.
The King of Emoji not responded. Pluto aliens also sent several retroactive Screens by Emoji Town. With these screens every attack can be sent back to the sender. Several missiles destroyed several buildings in the city. Who used the retroactive screens, benefited several times. Later they learned that in Venus several military sites were completely reduced to ashes. Then Pu Sh had to admit his defeat before all the people. He resigned from his post. The tower was built in Venus.
36,865 days ago the then young First Horror Clown marched with his friends to Emoji Town. He tried to fight with full force with his friends the king of Emoji. He was very allergic to dictatorial monarchy. In addition, the First Horror Clown wanted to fight nature haters in Emoji fully. As it should be, the King of Emoji with his family were arrested by the Horror Clown with his circus army. He also took all the wealth of the king for himself. Later, the First Horror Clown transferred some assets to the big state. At that time he said that he did not need as much capacity. Instead, he ordered the prison guards to swell the king daily. At that time was actively reported in the mass media about the rise of the Egoists in Mars. Egoists occurred in Mars in every small town. Especially the hungry Martians joined the Egoists. They hoped that they would conquer large acreage for agriculture abroad. Egotists came heavily armed by Emoji Town. They destroyed several houses in the city. Also important houses were destroyed by the Egoists, among the Office for People's Protection of Emoji. The First Horror Clown decided to use egg throw rockets. The launch of the Egoists by egg throw rockets was a great success for the circus army. Not one soldier died. The most Egoists were seriously injured. Around 98 percent of the Egoists in Emoji Town found their death. The bodies of Egoists were used as forage for insects in the city zoo. After independence the Emoji from the Circus Country and the death of the last Horror Clowns, the population started very diligently to build several new houses. The inhabitants of Emoji Town regarded as the hardest-working throughout the country. The diligence of the inhabitants of the city was doomed. Miser Jupiter aliens tried to exploit the hard work for their profit maximization. They built several factories in the city. But they paid them very miserly wages of 0.20 local Bitcoins per hour. When the King Devil Emoji found out, he decided to punish the owners of the factories. The miserly factory owners were punished by an entry ban to Emoji. Moreover, they could open any shops in the funny farm. The political elite from Jupiter wanted to protest. At this time a meteorite fell on the stingy demonstrators. They all died immediately. In the press of Jupiter has been speculated that the meteorite was specially sent by the Pluto aliens. Evidence of this conspiracy theory but no one could provide.


The city Emoji Town has its own mayor and a municipal parliament. There sit elected representatives. They have to rely mainly on the orange chairs. This requires a law of a former mayor. So everyone should know exactly where he could lubricate the right chair with glue. Fearing revenge from the population due to bad decisions, no one in local politics dares to act against people's will. This means positive decisions in favor of the citizens.


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In Emoji Town there is several ways to be educated, from the lower level to the highest level. The education at all stages is 100 percent free. Even people and extraterrestrials in retirement form continued regularly. This will prevent the deterioration of their mental health. In addition, the city has the University of Intelligence Increase. The students have especially themselves to think what they want to learn. They decide their tutorial. So many specialists from Emoji Town are represented at very Emoji.


Historical and Cultural

The city has 26 theaters. In addition, regularly are coming 68 clowns in the city. Every autumn race several Horror Clowns on the streets of Emoji Town. They cry. They sing comic songs. They wear a beard and call for donations in favor of the circus. Some of them carry a poster with de Headline "carbon dioxide". What they want to achieve with it, remained until now unknown even for the urban explorer. Aging acrobats put on makeup. Then they show on the screen the number: 33333
Many psychologists think that this is the age of the acrobats in days in the number.
Important is to be mentioned that the city Emoji Town has a large stadium for 98,675 fans. Around the stadium there was a noise cleaner. This device protects the ears of residents from the noise of the fans. The dust from the noise is shown in exhibitions for the enthusiastic art lovers. They often amazed at how much noise over 90,000 fans can cause within 5460 seconds.
Whom the whole thing is too boring, one can take the lift about seven giraffes in the air within 46 seconds flying.


The economy is based heavily on the local demand. Around 90 percent of goods and services produced are consumed in the city Emoji Town. But also are exported to the other cities of Emoji.

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