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Best Emoji

Best Emoji was a People's Artist of the Kingdom. He was born in 45,260 days ago in a dwarf house. He came too early into the world; he had to see in a dwarf house the light of day, the place for premature babies. 👨👀⬆️🔵📑👤⬅️🍽️🛒👨⏱️👤🙏👨⬅️👆️👤🔵📑⚠️❌️🎁➡️🧒. At the age of 990 days, the parents decided under their control the small Best Emoji to allow the drawing.
At the age of 999 days, he drew special pictures. The parents wanted to leave his images in an exhibition. For the authorization of the authorities was needed.

What did Best Emoji draw?
He drew mainly geometric figures. Some thought that he produced "intelligence tests". These figures had to find out the internal image. These geometric figures created different images. 🤡👈🔴🤚🚙🤚👨‍🎨🥘👚👂🅰️⌚🧑‍🎨😦📺👐🍖🉐🚙👪🚯🧒. After that, the Interplanetary Artists Association was forced to award of Best Emoji. Later, the artist lived approximately 4016 days in the Circus Country. He also fulfilled the desire of Horror Clowns. There he had to represent other government officials. 10,220 days ago he died at the age of 35,040 days. About his family was not disclosed. The artist hid his private life in his orange hat. Furthermore, the journalists were not so curious. Currently hang most pictures of Best Emoji in various galleries of Emoji.



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