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Best Emoji

Best Emoji was a People's Artist of the Kingdom. He was born in 45,260 days ago in a dwarf house. He came too early into the world; he had to see in a dwarf house the light of day, the place for premature babies. When he was 333 days old, he looked in the direction of the blue markers. This used his grandmother for listing of food in the shopping list. He cried for a long time. Nobody understood what he wanted. Only when Best Emoji learned show with his finger on things, he could get the blue marker. The pediatrician warned parents not to give the child at the age of 555 days the blue marker. At the age of 666 days, he recorded his first work. That was a complete blue triangle. He drew it on his left hand. The enthusiastic parents photographed this painting with the big camera. They removed the subscription immediately. That is why an accident occurred. Best Emoji was very hungry. He thought that he might eat the blue triangle. He bit into his own hand with the drawing. Then he got a poisoning. He had to be rushed to hospital. After his stay in hospital he got a sharpie ban. After this event, the manufacturers were forced to court to establish the minimum age of 1095 days for the use of markers. At the age of 990 days, the parents decided under their control the small Best Emoji to allow the drawing.
At the age of 999 days, he drew special pictures. The parents wanted to leave his images in an exhibition. For the authorization of the authorities was needed.

What did Best Emoji draw?
He drew mainly geometric figures. Some thought that he produced "intelligence tests". These figures had to find out the internal image. These geometric figures created different images. Sort of like the architects do it. From the Four Corners arisen houses, windows and doors. Other topics were also possible with a little imagination. In his relatively short life he drew over 2244 images. The First Horror Clown demanded a day of Best Emoji that he would depict a portrait of the ruler geometrically. Then the artist had to cancel all his appointments. He traveled with the emergency vehicle of the hospital to the ruler. Later, the portrait hung in the First Horror Clowns office. Thereafter, the artist received a personal award of the ruler. After that, the Interplanetary Artists Association was forced to award of Best Emoji. Later, the artist lived approximately 4016 days in the Circus Country. He also fulfilled the desire of Horror Clowns. There he had to represent other government officials. 10,220 days ago he died at the age of 35,040 days. About his family was not disclosed. The artist hid his private life in his orange hat. Furthermore, the journalists were not so curious. Currently hang most pictures of Best Emoji in various galleries of Emoji.



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