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The TV channel was taken over by the limited capable of acting charlatans 346 days ago. Previously, the station belonged different shareholders partly in Emoji.
For a short time the media tycoon Big Face thought about a takeover of the television station. The station was established on the death of the last Horror Clowns. But the founders did not know exactly what they should show the viewers. For this reason they called their station also "Haphazard". There was a salad of broadcasts. Once you get to see a cooking show. Then they get hungry Emojis front of the entrance to a restaurant to see. Critics saw in this station a big mess in the planning. Those responsible were defending themselves publicly with the spoons. They said that they are planning anything. Nevertheless, this transmitter has great popularity in the Kingdom. Out of curiosity, it is worth this station eventually turning. One can be surprised as what one gets as fodder for his two eyes. The popular show was the last Horror Clown. Therein the spirit of the deceased was to be seen. This complained about the establishment of the station just at his death. The misers from the Jupiter tried to acquire the rights to this mission. But that forbade the parliament in Emoji. The rich oranges from the Jupiter decided to monitor the transmitter with a video camera. The charlatans wanted to complain to the Jupiter aliens. This remained so far unsuccessfully.



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