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Parliament in Emoji

Parliament in Emoji (formerly "Emoji circus parliament" in the days of the union with the Circus Country) is according to the Constitution, the only legislative organization (Parliament) in the unicameral Emoji. Parliament President is Cashew Gourmet since 244 days. Meeting of the parliament of Emoji is the parliament building of the same name completed 27375 days ago built in Emoji SMS. The Parliament of Emoji was built on the First Horror Clowns command. The Parliament has 666 seats in Emoji. Here parliamentarians must be represented from all regions of the Kingdom.

What responsibilities does the parliament in Emoji?
The parliament of Emoji is the only legislative organization and as such is against the incarnated by the King and the Cabinet of Ministers executive. The tasks are geared primarily by the secret articles BP and XP the Constitution. 😅🎮🍖🧾🎮🚽😛🤚🍖📻🅰️🤚👆🇮🇹🤙👫😶🅰️💮🧔🕌🗣🆔🤯🍖🅰📻🤝🇮🇹➕🤚📻↗️🈶.
Contrary to what one would think, the parliament in Emoji may the king not dismissed from his post. This said the King Devil Emoji clearly and wrote so in the constitution. In addition, the King may compel every parliamentarian to go even after 444 days to the dentist. This applies in Emoji as very important. Beautiful teeth symbolize prosperity to the kingdom Emoji. Given in Emoji said the King in one of his speeches before Parliament: "Every citizen of the country will get a free voucher to the dentist I want to have the healthiest citizens in the universe."
He compared the situation with the Jupiter. In Jupiter, only the red, orange and pink are allowed (the Misers, political and economic elite of the planet) to the dentist. This financial reasons. The other Jupiter aliens that provide a bigger majority on the planet, they can barely afford the trip to the dentist. They must work for at least two weeks. After these statements, the king reaped great applause in parliament. For this reason, accepted parliament in Emoji that they will not relieve him of the king of his office.

How do politicians work in the parliament of Emoji?
The operation of the parliament in Emoji is governed by the constitution and based thereon Law on Rules of Procedure of the Emoji. Tasks and duties of Deputies are governed by the Constitution and local laws. The Members of Parliament in Emoji may voluntarily into political groups. The minimum size of a political group is 26 members of parliament. The formation of political groups is independent of the party affiliation of the elected representative.
In addition, the parliament may drink two to four bottles of mineral water during their meetings. They may also eat a sugar-free buns. This they are allowed but only if they have worked for at least 266 minutes. In addition, they have an obligation to advance in Emoji. They need to work on new ideas. Each parliamentarian writes at the beginning of the working day his ideas on the sheet. This will take approximately 119 minutes. Later, the suggestions and ideas of parliamentarians will be discussed anonymously in parliament. So it should be prevented that good ideas can not be prevented and combated because of the party affiliation of the opponent party. 👑😈🎬️🏤👤😋👨⬅️💬🎬️➕👤😁👨1️⃣2️⃣ ➕👉️👌😝👤⬅️👤🥰👨💬💡👥⚪️👤💬➕💬👤🤗👨⬅️🙇⤵️7️⃣0️⃣ 🔇❓️. The censorship signed an interim publication ban.

Election system
Parliamentarians are all newly elected after 1622 days. They may stand as candidates again. But they have to undergo health check successfully. Who is classified as too ill, can no longer stand. So absences should be reduced. In addition, the absence of a parliamentarian must not be more than 111 days of 1622 days. Who to long sessions missed without verified justification must reckon with a penalty. The penalty can fail hard. A parliament was dismissed by the parliament because of an absence of 124 days and still had to pay 4567 local Bitcoins. That's a lot of money. As justification for his absence he called headache. The judge did not believe him. He was examined by doctors. The diagnosis shocked the whole kingdom Emoji: Growth of a fungus which leads to an increasing laziness.
Thereafter, the payment of 4567 Bitcoins has been reimbursed to the patients. But his position in parliament by Emoji he could no longer compete.

The first session of parliament in Emoji took place 28105 days ago. After the death of the last Horror Clowns in Circus Country Emojis decided their independence from the Circus Country.
Many Emojis said in the surveys carried out that they are glad they got rid of the dictators. 👑😈🈶🍖📺🇮🇹➕🚧🤚➕🇺🇸🤣🪨🎬️👤🙇😀⚠️🏷️🛄🧬.
Before the seizure of power of the King Devil Emoji could, those who could afford it, hire a parliamentarian. This was officially banned in the king's entry into parliament building. In addition, all parliamentarians are monitored by the secret service of the Kingdom of Emoji. In violation of the rules, the lamp of intelligence shows red color. The military will be automatically alerted. So a parliamentarian was caught as he got building material of the stingy Jupiter aliens. Then the parliamentarian was exposed before the whole population as a traitor of the country. After this event, most parliamentarians are trying to provide mainly interests of Emojis to the fore.


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