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Extra Emoji

Basically this information agency tries to spread positive messages only. This was written by the founder in Emoji SMS 6089 days ago on his secret document. At that time the Kingdom of Emoji was on his way to the political progress. This station is also known for its very comprehensive reports. Who wants to have a particularly large backgrounds on different topics, can be found on this station many broadcasts. Advertising is only displayed when viewing the TV channels for free. Who ordered a one year subscription for 4 local Bitcoins, looks all ad-free broadcasts. 4987 days ago tried to bring the company under their control, the Salted Cucumbers. They wanted to promote their own film industry in Emoji. Films came partial from the Salted Cucumbers in the Kingdom on this channel. But this led to some mental illnesses Emojis who watched these films. 🧂🥒📐🐘🎞️🦣🧂🎞️🧬🎞️👑🧔🧂🥒⌚️1️⃣2️⃣4️⃣6️⃣ 🔍️📺️🚉.

Extra Emoji informs its spectators about the following subjects regularly:
Politics, culture, economy, sport, music, tourism, technology, foreign countries, Emoji
What tells Extra Emoji about the politics?
For example: The king Devil Emoji visited the capital city of the Tangerines 123 days ago. 🍿🅰️🌥🤚🍿🧬📽🤴🤚🚽🕌👆🅰️🚽📺🚉. Decisions of the parliament of Emoji belong to the political events of course. All talks of the parliamentarians are summarized into Extra Emoji daily. Besides, always sit at least three Emojis in the TV studio. Among them are: an unsuspecting presenter, a professional political scientist and the cameraman. 🤚🇺🇳🇮🇹👮‍♀️🅰️💊🧪🕌➕🤲🏅👥🎫.

Economic broadcastings are very popular above all in Emoji Meaning. The spy of Extra Emoji could estimate the number of visitors from this town always at the times of the economic broadcastings highest. As a reason it is called that in Emoji Meaning a lot of economic students study.
What does Extra Emoji report in its tourism broadcastings?
In Emoji exist a lot of places which should be absolutely visited. 🤚🍖🇺🇸🍷🗣🔗.

58 days ago the tourism minister Monkey Emoji wanted to appear in this broadcasting. The manager of Extra Emoji refused.
Thus the tourism minister had to prepare a complaint against Extra Emoji. After this event the transmitter was forced to show Monkey Emoji in the important broadcasting.
After this event the uppermost manager of Extra Emoji tore all his complaints and cross actions. Finally, then the tourism minister might speak about his favorite town of Emoji Meanings. At the end he owed his neighbor from Emoji Meaning that they allowed his appearance.
Moreover, the transmitter reports regularly especially with pleasure about different nature reserves and forests about Emoji. Among the rest, this is called as recreation areas by Emoji. Here Middle Finger Emoji is very often mentioned above all.
🇮🇹🕌🤚🗺🤚1️⃣ 🤚🕌🤚👟🇮🇹⏳🈶. Mostly journalists tell about the novelties from Emoji App. However, more and more little things also come from Pluto to Emoji.
Moreover, the village dictator did nothing at all. Instead, the village dictator went on his expensive horse in the village and shouted: Who can lend to me water?
Extra Emoji had to intervene here. The village dictator was visited by the team of the transmitter. He had to explain himself about his idleness. He had silly excuses. Extra Emoji brought the case up to the parliament of Emoji.
Then the king sent as quickly as possible several engineers to the small village. They had to repair the water pipes. In the interim inhabitants of the small village received asylum in Emoji Meanings.



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