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Monkey Emoji

This is the story about Monkey Emoji. For Emojis see the following: 🐒 Monkey, 🙊 Iwazaru- Speak-No-Evil Monkey, 🙉 Kikazaru- Hear-No-Evil Monkey, 🙈 Mizaru- See-No-Evil Monkey and 🦍 Gorilla. Monkey Emoji was born 17155 days ago according to his birth certificate close to Emoji Meanings. Topically he serves in the royal government as a tourism minister. He belongs to the royal family. That's why he may advertise to Emoji nationally and planet-far very actively. At the command of the Third Horror Clown his family in his birth had to leave the capital city Emoji SMS.

The ruler of the Circus Union had very big panic when he got to know by the birth of Monkey Emoji by the Secret Service. Some doctors attested to the Third Horror Clown an allergy on descendants of the royal family. That's why the family of Monkey Emoji had to emigrate finally to Emoji Meanings. Later the parents of Monkey Emoji received a big praise from the Third Horror Clown. Finally, the family of the today's tourism minister lived in a settlement with a lot of Horror Clowns. So the Third Horror Clown granted with his signature that Monkey Emoji with his family could return in the capital. Some charlatans said that Monkey Emoji is the younger brother of the king Devil Emoji. The king of Emoji is quiet about his informal relations. What, however, every inhabitant of the kingdom knows about Monkey Emoji that Devil Emoji gave several handkerchiefs to his related.

Some spies from the Salted Cucumbers suppose that Monkey Emoji is a cousin of the topical king. There were even several phoney biographies about the tourism minister.

Origin and education

About his detailed origin there exists a special law about the data protection and censorship. Basically Monkey Emoji is a relative of the king.
When he was 777 days old, his father brought a small violin home. 🐵📛💡. 🐒💡⬅️👙. 🐵❌️💜🦧💡🎭️🦧, 🙊🛠️🐵➕🙌🍌🌴. 🐵🗻👨‍👩‍👦🆕🗺️🐵. 👨➕🧓🎻🗺️🐵🔂🦧. 🐵😭. 👴👵👀🏠🎻. 👴👵👈🐵🌲. 🐵🎼🧠🧓🗺️🎶🐵. 🎃🤡👀🐒👦🎤. Thus he had to bury the dream as a musician for the time being in the cemetery of the dreams.

Professional beginnings

At the age of 6209 days Monkey Emoji had to go work.
That's why he started to work as a shipwright. At that time musicians were not searched. Moreover, Monkey Emoji had received a working ban as a musician from the Circus Union. Besides, he got in the passport the stamp "🐒➕⚓🏗🚢" 2️⃣🎤📺. 🆕🗺️🐵➕🎻🐵. 🧓🗺️🐵➕🦧🐵🎃🤡. 🐵🤝🎃🤡🍌🌴. Monkey Emoji could already count a mountain in property to his jubilee. He owes his breakthrough to the Last Horror Clown and his colleague in the ship construction. His former colleagues of the ship construction also profited from the professional rise of Monkey Emoji. They had senior positions in his enterprise.

Political career

Monkey Emoji supported the party of the Last Horror Clowns. This time his parents had no problem with the political opinion of their son. 🙉➕🎻❌️🐵. 👑❌️🐵. 🦧🎩🐵🥾🐵🏝🏞. 🦧➕🐵🏟🧓🗺️🏗🐵❌️🦧🏜🦧🌋. 😀🏦➡️💰➡🐵. 🦧🐵⚓🏗🚢🗯️🎻. 🐵🦧⚓🎻🥫2️⃣ 🍆➕🙈👍.
Some misers from the Jupiter made friends with Monkey Emoji for these purposes. Several critics of the tourism minister who wanted to remain anonymous officially in the mass media suppose this. Envious journalists noted very expensive wristwatch on the hand of Monkey Emoji. They started to dream themselves about such a clock. At least Monkey Emoji does not hide his car. Moreover, he censors his family for the public entries.



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