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Emoji Meaning

With this town it concerns a neighbouring town of Emoji Meanings. For meanings of Emojis see: Emoji Dictionary. Both towns were earlier together. The reason for the splitting off was the savings order of the inhabitants of Emoji Meaning. They wanted to save at the cost the letter S. Thus the stingy economist calculated that the urban name would save costs without S. by the height of 89898 Bitcoins yearly. Nobody wanted to accept a tax rise in this area. Thus this town was separated from the rest. This was at the times when stingy economists had the town under their control. Topically the city Emoji Meaning counts 72224 inhabitants. Most inhabitants are proficient together with their national language also the language of the Circus Country. The town belonged up to 53290 days to Emoji Meanings. As opposed to big brother the researchers deal not with the dust in the chimneys, but with the strongly developed stinginess of the inhabitants. 131,401 days ago Generous were in the area and they gave the name with the letter S. 


 Emoji Meaning




Geography of Emoji Meaning

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The town lies about 12 elephants over the sea. The river comes from the south of the Emoji. The highest point of Emoji Meaning lies 11 giraffes over the sea. The reason for this is the high mountain in this area. Many ants build regularly every Wednesday new houses for themselves and their families. Very attentive researchers found out this in a long-standing study 6898 days ago. As opposed to the sporty Emojis from Emoji Meanings most inhabitants of the Emoji Meaning remain in their area. They save their energy. Emoji SMS is northwesterly from Emoji Meaning. On account of the thrift the distances were not calculated to other towns.


The climate of Emoji Meaning is described as tolerable for its inhabitants in all books. More in addition was not published up to now for savings reasons of the parliament. However, private meteorologists have calculated the temperatures at their expense. The average temperature on the 22nd of July amounts to +24.24 C °. In winter the temperature amounts on the 22nd of January to -4.44 C ° on average. For the rest meteorologists want that enthusiasts buy their books about the climate in Emoji Meaning. On the subject of rains exists an old study which had to be provided at the command of the First Horror Clowns. The meteorologists of the Horror Clowns have worked out the following values of the area: If it rains in Emoji Meaning, then around 14 mineral bottles per minute. In summer it rains regularly on the 23rd of July at least 76 saucepans with tepid water. The weather changes its opinion all 844 minutes. This means that it could become very warm after the snow. Nobody knows exactly how the weather develops in Emoji Meaning. That's why meteorologists have to predict it especially hard their forecasts. 


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In Emoji Meaning 72224 inhabitants were registered with the last mathematical census officially. Some officials of the authorities suppose that there were clearly more inhabitants in this area. Many local inhabitants suffer from coward illness. That is the fact that they would not like to be seen. This illness was already registered for many generations in this area by the doctors. The beginning of the illness was likely in the time when the misers from the Jupiter taught the population the fear of the levy. In particular the stingy history with the letter S was called here as an example. Thus estimate some mathematicians that in Emoji Meaning even 150,555 inhabitants gross could live. However, these would be double as many inhabitants how officially up to now are known.  Topically is Emoji Meaning on the eighteenth place in the kingdom Emoji. What also is very especially in this town, are its inhabitants. No town in the kingdom has so many extraterrestrials from the Jupiter. Or, however, Emojis have their roots from the Jupiter. Many Emojis from other towns associate Emoji Meaning with the words: Stinginess!  The town is also called as a small Jupiter. That's why a lot of tourists from the Jupiter come to Emoji Meaning. Even not only stingy layers do come from the Jupiter. Which inhabitants has Emoji Meaning?   Several researchers dealt with this question in the last time. Here according to their appraisal about 39 percent of misers from the Jupiter live. Emojis are estimated with 41 percent. The rest are other people. Among the rest, live here: Emoticons, Clowns, Smiles and other minorities. 

Emoji Meaning and its specialties

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78840 days ago the law of the thrift was introduced by a miser from the Jupiter at that time. The miser was called as a mayor of the region. Though his laws were laughed, but at that time he was no official mayor. However, his appearances were legendary. He occurred thus before the population, as if he was the mayor. Thus the inhabitants decided to introduce the law of the thrift without official confirmation on the part of Emoji Meanings themselves. According to this law inhabitants had to consume so little, as possible. The aim was to be made a sort of competition among the sparing. The winner was the one, who had saved mostly money. This regional mayor was called Used Car. He profited himself very strongly from his law. Used Car founded a bank. He had brought several safe deposits from the Jupiter. Thus the sparing inhabitants of Emoji Meaning had to hide their money from the theft. For a month fee of 6 Bitcoins the money was hoarded with this miser. Emojis called Used Car as a rescuer. In Emoji Meaning exists a gallery. There particularly many pictures from the time hang between 146,000 days ago and 109,500 days ago. With a picture the observer must particularly pay attention. There several viewers of the picture were already swallowed by the picture. Up to now nobody could be fetched back. Another picture becomes very movable while looking. The drawn personalities therein move their eyes and lips. Another picture leads with the viewer to the fact that he becomes suddenly dog-tired. Emoji Meaning is also known for its noise very much. But nobody knows where from this noise comes. Finally, there is this noise only every Thursday at 3:33 o'clock at night. Every Saturday birds sing especially intensely their songs in Emoji Meaning. Thus all inhabitants are reminded of the fact that they may have free time. The singing birds are known  here for a token of the beginning of the week-end. Other specialities of the town are checked by the researchers on their validity. 


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Emoji Meaning has particularly many enterprises which concentrate upon ecologically friendly electricity production. Above all wind energy and solar energy are popular products from this area. Also a bank note factory exists in Emoji Meaning. However, this is very special for a smaller town. Besides, the bank notes are produced only if the need is there. Otherwise the town pays attention that the law of the thrift is strictly kept. Because in Emoji Meaning no confectionery is produced, but the population would like to enjoy, nevertheless, sweets, Emoji Meanings sends its goods to the neighbour. That's why complain more and more Emojis over ill teeth. Finally, they must obey the law of the thrift strictly. This prevents again the issues for toothpaste and dentist. Some extraterrestrials call the town also as a caries town. Some time ago that's why a biology agriculture enterprise was founded. This enterprise imports apples from Middle Finger Emoji. These apples are processed to juice and other healthy drinks. From the capital city Emoji SMS came an command from the royal family that in Emoji Meaning a denture factory should be urgently founded. The aim of the king was to improve in appearance of the teeth of the inhabitants. A factory produces air cleaner. The reason is the bad air quality which comes from the neighbouring city Emoji Meanings. 

Colleges in Emoji Meaning

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Most colleges in this town concern the finance. Many accountants, economists, businessmen, economic professors and other occupational people of similar kind are trained above all here. Also stock market jugglers are intensely trained here as they could earn as quickly as possible theoretical profit for their stingy employer. Who would like to belong to the economic elite in Emoji, must absolutely travel to Emoji Meaning. Here one can study different economics. The law of the thrift of Used Car is treated very intensely at the universities. Even 11,357 doctoral theses were written only to the law of the thrift.

Prisons in Emoji Meaning

At the times of the First Horror Clowns a lot of new prisons were built in Emoji Meaning. Here all economic criminals were locked up according to opinion of the Horror Clowns. Among them were a lot of misers from the Jupiter. Today above all problematic extraterrestrials are placed in these prisons temporarily. Many refugees from the Salted Cucumbers 73000 days ago had built monuments to their former native country at these places. So every inhabitant knows about Emoji Meaning if nearby an old monument stands, a prison must also be somewhere.

History of Emoji Meaning

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730,000 days ago the old Generous lived here. Archaeologists found out this with their devices from Pluto. They used this area to the catch of tortoises. In a cave in Emoji Meaning drawings from ancient newspaper were found. There one can see how the population at that time tried to catch the tortoises. Finally, the tortoises were too smartly for the Generous. To catch them, at that time was a big art. How long Generous lived here, even their descendants could not exactly say. 547,598 days ago the extraterrestrials from Pluto came to Emoji Meaning. They built several tents. Therein they lived. But they also wrote a lot of books about this area. Many researchers try to find out since eternity what they wrote. No one could even translate into Pluto up to now the books. 406,975 days ago this area became so dull for Pluto that Pluto sold the whole area to Neptune. The dictator at that time of Neptune Price Tag paid a lot of money for the whole surface of Emoji Meaning. Neptune built several drones and other devices in this area. Some time ago archaeologists found the old drones from this time. They were surprised very much at the advanced inhabitants of the place. Price Tag sent at that time his army to exercises to the area. At that time Price Tag planned the entire conquest of other areas on the planet Halloween. Emoji Meaning served as a preparatory war base for this purpose. From here Neptune under the leadership of Price Tag tried to attack the Allergies. Moreover, Neptune tried to fight against the Generous with drones. Price Tag lived especially long. That's why he strengthened his position in Emoji Meaning. In this area he produced credit cards. The aim of Price Tag was to be promoted the whole dependence of the other ethnic groups on Neptune. 323,025 days ago the first Emojis came to the area. They began with the construction of a big bridge. When Price Tag got to know about the foreign people called Emoji, he decided to begin a pitiless war against the new inhabitants. At this time achieved researchers of Uranus bigger and bigger progress. They tested just the first nuclear weapon.

Price Tag commanded the attack of the Emojis. At that time a bomb exploded in Uranus from the Neptune. At that time the dictator of Neptune everywhere on the galaxy waged wars. In Uranus the government reacted with the nuclear weapon to provocations of the neighbour. A high-ranking general of the army of Uranus learnt with the help of the GPS device where Neptune and his dictator Price Tag hid their drones. That's why important military positions were fired in Emoji Meaning with the nuclear weapon. 322,870 days ago all drones of the extraterrestrials from the Neptune were destroyed by these nuclear weapons completely or hard. Moreover, Uranus decided the occupation of Emoji Meaning. This led to a ground war between Uranus and Neptune. The uppermost guidance from the Neptune was arrested by the extraterrestrials from the Uranus thanks to Emojis. At that time executions with onions were very popular in Uranus. Thus were pelted all prisoners from the Neptune with onions and seriously injured. Price Tag could accept his defeat in Emoji Meaning under no circumstances. So he sent his air force to the area. He further tried to fight for the town. At that time, however, Emojis supported the extraterrestrials from the Uranus. At that time Neptune attacked several times the lost town. 297,475 days ago Price Tag decided to attack the planet Pluto. Finally, he accused Pluto for his defeats because Price Tag bought this area from Pluto. At that time Pluto was completely surprised by Neptune. So a chemical atom bomb was thrown down to Neptune from Pluto. The damage was very big in Neptune. On this planet then about 44 percent of the population died. Price Tag fled thereon to Emoji Meaning. When Price Tag came in this town with his friends, they all were caught by soldiers from the Uranus and the Emojis.

The first prison in Emoji Meaning

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At that time it was discussed a lot about where Price Tag and other extraterrestrials from the Neptune should sit out their punishment. Emojis thought about the construction of a big open cage. From the Uranus several wires were imported. With these wires was built a big cage. Therein Price Tag and his friends lived. 281,050 days ago an Uranus alien with other soldiers practiced the shooting with their cucumber weapon. At that time Price Tag started to shout. He wanted to be absolutely dismissed in the freedom. The soldier from the Uranus lost his patience. He started to shoot at all prisoners in the cage with his cucumber weapon. Price Tag died at the age of 162,060 days with the other prisoners.

Emoji Meaning and Uranus

280,000 days ago extraterrestrials from the Uranus built several holiday tents for tourists. In addition a castle of sand was also built. The extraterrestrials from the Uranus wanted to establish the highest building on the planet Halloween in Emoji Meaning. In addition they stole materials from other areas. 224,475 days ago the highest building was built quite ready. Therein it had place for 2,000,898 inhabitants. That's why Uranus tried to rent the flats in this building. The building had no lift. Instead, one had to fly with an aerial balloon to its floor. However, this was too costly for many prospective customers. 151,475 days ago achieved this building its record. At that time lived therein nearly 1,335,466 inhabitants.  Most inhabitants came from the Uranus. Emojis hated this building. Anyhow they interfered that these inhabitants led their own life in this place. Besides, no Emoji knew what these inhabitants made. The fury of the mind of Price Tag was very big. So he decided to frighten the inhabitants of this building. He started to go at the same time to all dreams of the inhabitants. He threatened and annoyed the sleeping inhabitants in their dreams. This lasted very long time. After some time more and more inhabitants started to emigrate back to Uranus. Emoji Meaning remained with less and less inhabitants from the Uranus. 144,175 days ago very few extraterrestrials from the Uranus remained only in this building. For Uranus this building hardly paid as a taking. Moreover, Generous came to the area. That's why a contract was concluded between Uranus and the Generous. Therein Generous promised the building not to destroy. However, Generous ones were interested more in the whole area. They considered long time how they should call the area. They called the place Emoji Meanings. This included also the today's largest city of the Kingdom. 129,575 days ago Generous built a palace. Therein lived the Generous, who the Emoji Meaning controlled. Generous founded above all shops which allowed the begging to them. Many Emojis tossed coins and bank notes to the Generous from gratitude for the palace. 128,476 days ago an extraterrestrial from the Uranus came to Emoji Meaning. He came with the order to cause a damage the Generous. He intensely started to find out about the activities of the Generous in the town. He was called Lost. He found out from the Emojis that Generous gave to the area a name. Also an inhabitant told him about the palace. Lost flew back to Uranus. There he wanted to get exact order. In the meantime, a group of tourists from the Saturn came to Emoji Meaning. The tourists marvelled at the palace and at the highest building in this town. When tourists from the Saturn were on the uppermost floor of the palace, a mine exploded there. In Saturn the generous owner of the palace stood under the suspicion. Thereon the relations went off between Saturn and Generous very much. In reality the mine left by Lost there. Lost received this order from the Uranus. In Uranus the authorities hoped that Saturn would expel the Generous from Emoji Meaning.

Then Uranus wanted to take over the town again. The emperor of Saturn sent his army to Emoji Meaning. The aim was the war against Generous. In the meantime, Generous looked for possibilities to protect themselves. They found out about very big progress on the planet Pluto. Thereon they asked for help from Pluto. 128,115 days ago Saturn's army came to Emoji Meaning and searched the palace of the Generous. Funny enough the army found no Generous in the palace. The Saturn's army searched the whole area for Generous. But they found no only one. At this time got Generous asylum in Pluto. 127,385 days ago Saturn decided to control Emoji Meaning. 126,987 days ago Lost with several soldiers from the Uranus were sent to Emoji Meaning. They had the order to begin a surprise war against Saturn. At that time the ghost of Price Tag felt that he should intervene again. This time the ghost of Price Tag pulled a pencil at himself. After some seconds Price Tag moved the pencil. When soldiers from the Uranus with Lost stood before the entrance in the town, Price Tag was a running pencil. He was small and invisible. He ran to every soldier from the Uranus under the legs. After 5364 seconds all soldiers from the Uranus fell on the ground. They lost their consciousness. Many Emojis did not understand, why their beloved extraterrestrials from the Uranus lay so. Suddenly Saturn's army came to the area. Emojis asked them whether they knew something. Thereon all recumbent soldiers from the Uranus were locked up in the highest building of the town. Later the soldiers from the Uranus were questioned about their stay in Emoji Meaning. The emperor of Saturn decided to hide the soldiers from the Uranus in a subterranean bunker in Saturn. 118,625 days ago it was released only Lost from the subterranean bunker in Saturn. Lost flew to Uranus. There he received the order to take over again the town. 118,600 days ago the preparations of the army of Uranus began. The ghost of Price Tag felt unwell again. He made a continuing education as the earthquake programmer. He began with the quick programming of an earthquake in Uranus. 118,576 days ago the earth shook in Uranus above all at those places where the army prepared. Besides, Lost and other war addict died. Also the uppermost ruler of Uranus was swallowed by the earthquake. Afterwards renounced Uranus on all claims in Emoji Meaning.


Emoji Meaning and Saturn

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118,260 days ago Vane from the Saturn was appointed the mayor of Emoji Meaning. Better said, he was no mayor, but a person responsible for the legislation. He founded several enterprises in this area. To every enterprise he invented selfish laws. As the first law he wrote the working duty of every inhabitant independent of the age and the health. He made all inhabitants work in his favours. Who complained with him of pains, ten times was hit with the backpack. If Vane the achievement did not fit, that had to be locked up in a room of the palace. There he let these employees starve.  He used dead employees as a threat for other forced laborers. 116,000 days ago the emperor of Saturn died. At that time Vane thought that he should move his head office from Emoji Meaning to Saturn. 107,675 days ago Vane fell on the ground and difficult injured himself. He could not speak during 70 days any more. In this time he started to lose his power. He decided to form his laws less egoistically. The working duty was substituted with a new law. This time all old persons and sick persons were dismissed from the hard labour no ifs and buts. Besides, also there ended the right on an income. 104,025 days ago Vane decided the construction of a supervision authority in Emoji Meaning. The aim was to be installed everywhere in the town in all houses and flats supervision cameras. For this purpose several extraterrestrials from the Saturn had to come to the work. While most inhabitants worked, the extraterrestrials from the Saturn installed the supervision cameras. Vane wanted to know every step and every detail about his inhabitants. On account of this information he invented new products. Thus he achieved practically always business success. 102,200 days ago he had known already a lot about the inhabitants from Emoji Meaning. Thus he invented a watertight mattress. He sold this product for several yearly pays to his employee. Another product became a sales hit. These were the teeth from cardboard. The reason for the bad teeth was that a lot of inhabitants had only time for the work. For dental care they invested no second. Vane sat down at his table. He started to consider how he makes worse the life of the inhabitants further. The aim of the deterioration was the invention of a product which could be absolutely sold. 100,375 days ago a diplomatic delegation from the Saturn came to Emoji Meaning. The aim was the control of the town and the guidance. Vane paid a substantial sum as a security for this delegation. Vane knew that authorities were very slightly corruptible in Saturn. He used this. Then Vane got a good mark for his guidance.

96725 days ago came the miser from the Jupiter. He was called Two Cars in the birth. Later because of the thrift his son had removed the letter S from the surname. Two Cars was the uppermost boss of a bank in Jupiter. He also sat in the administrative council of the bank. There he checked every important step of the company with his devices. Two Cars wanted that his bank expands to Halloween. That's why he searched different possible locations for his bank. By his friends got Two Cars to know about Emoji Meaning. Moreover, he found out that in this area a town owner from the Saturn ruled. Two Cars decided to meet Vane. At this time Vane had big economic problems. He needed printed money. When Vane found out that a banker showed big interest in a location in Emoji Meaning, he was very happy. Vane gave Two Cars the approval for the bank. However, an important requirement was that Vane could get without limitation printed money from the bank. 96624 days ago emigrated Two Cars with his family from the Jupiter to Emoji Meaning. To honour of Two Cars Vane allowed to build a nice castle. 92710 days ago controllers from the Saturn came after long time again to the town. At that time Vane was completely surprised by their visit. The stingy Two Cars found out that Vane felt unwell. He came to him home. In the meantime, Vane tried all problems to pass on Two Cars. Thus Two Cars was questioned by the controllers from the Saturn. He answered all questions cleverly in his favours. Nevertheless, felt Two Cars like a dangerous criminal to be treated. Vane was very contented with the achievement of Two Cars. He thanked him. 92345 days ago Two Cars sent his son to Jupiter for economic studies. In this time dealt Two Cars with how he would get rid of the controllers from the Saturn. 92333 days ago Two Cars dreamt of an unknown extraterrestrial. This was Lost, the former person responsible for Emoji Meaning from the Uranus. He said Two Cars in the dream that he helps him against Saturn. Really a state crisis began in Saturn. Many officials were dismissed without notice. Many controllers also exactly had to peruse their own notice. When Two Cars got to know about that, he was very grateful for his destiny. 89060 days ago Vane carried his banker Two Cars to the finance boss of Emoji Meaning. Together they decided the construction of the first levy authority. For this purpose they obliged several Emojis to the construction of the new important building. At that time Two Cars tried to quarter many extraterrestrials from the Jupiter in the highest building. He made this secretly. 87965 days ago the son of Two Cars returned from the Jupiter. Two Cars appointed him the uppermost chief accountant of the bank. 87908 days ago Vane had to go to the bank of Two Cars. There he was completely surprised that he met Used Cars instead of his father. Vane wanted to lend 222 Bitcoins. Used Cars asked Vane whether this was ready to pay back 244 Bitcoins after 30 days. Vane did not understand the world any more. He started to get angry. He said that Two Cars simply printed money for him. Besides, Vane with other achievements paid. Vane called the son of Two Cars as a haughty stingy. After this conversation Vane had no desire for the loan.

87808 days ago the state of health of Vane got dramatically worse. He could not move any more from his house. Nobody was interested in him. He also lost his voice. He tried to shout for help. He tried ones to get up. He fell on the ground. He broke to himself his arms. He lay on the cold ground and had no forces. Thus he lay several days, until he starved and died of thirst. Then he died at the age of 43070 days. 87787 days ago Two Cars wanted to visit Vane. He knocked at the door. Nobody reacted. Thereon he tried to knock several times. At the end he hit with the fist on the front door. Then he came to the house of Vane. There he found the dead alien on the ground recumbent. Thereon he alarmed the emergency service. The doctors came and checked the corpse of Vane. A murder was officially excluded from the doctors. After this the corpse of Vane was buried in the garden of his house.


Misers in Emoji Meaning

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After the death of Vane Two Cars took over all enterprises of the dead. 87600 days ago Used Cars started to talk to the population of Emoji Meaning actively. He became more and more known among the inhabitants of the area. Here, in the meantime, many misers from the Jupiter also lived. Used Cars decided to emigrate for some time to Jupiter. In Jupiter he worked on different projects. Thus he also wrote a law book. He dealt with economic connections. 83950 days ago Two Cars got big problems with his bank. Many devices did not function any more. Thereon Two Cars took the big property of his family and hid in a treasure box. Later the treasure box was hidden in the garden of his house. At that time Two Cars anticipated that his bank would soon go bankruptcy. That's why he stole most money from his bank himself. 82490 days ago the stingy Used Cars founded successful printing house in Jupiter. Emoji Meaning lost just the only bank of the area. Two Cars decided to fly to his son to Jupiter. There they discussed the situation of Emoji Meaning. 80665 days ago Used Cars decided to save with his own name. He removed the letter S from his surname. Thus he was called from now on Used Car. New name, new luck, thought he. He decided to return to Emoji Meaning. There he was welcomed like a pop star. Thereon Two Cars decided to withdraw from urban concerns. He left all duties to his son. Used Car had written at least one whole theory book. So that the population accustomed even more to him, everywhere he appeared with his speeches. He noticed that he had lost no drop of his fame. He started to be called as a regional mayor. He was looked partly as a fun figure. 78840 days ago Used Car invented the law of the maximum thrift. The aim was that the inhabitants learnt the saving. Moreover, he made from that a national hobby. Who saved mostly, he or she applied as a winner. He knew if the population started to save that he could also profit from that cleverly. Thus he founded a bank. He brought several safe deposits from the Jupiter. More and more sparing Emojis and other ethnic groups brought money to his bank. From this money he took monthly 6 Bitcoins. His customers called him as a rescuer of Emoji Meaning. Two Cars praised his son very much. He was inspired of very much how his son came cleverly to the money. 76285 days ago initiated Used Car several schools and universities in Emoji Meaning. All educational institutions had to motivate to the saving. This said Used Car always.

That's why the town became a stronghold of the economic elite of the kingdom. 75190 days ago Chips Conquerors from the Mercury wanted to destroy the palace of Emoji Meaning with his army. Thereon Used Car shouted at the local population. He commanded them to defend themselves against this intruder. Thereon several inhabitants ran in the direction of Chips Conquerors and his army. Thereon fled Chips with his army like bees from fire. 73222 days ago came a lot of refugees from the Salted Cucumbers. Nobody understood how they could come so far. Nevertheless, they came. At that time they exactly had to study the language of the stinginess. Later they began with the construction of the monuments. These should remind of their native country. 62780 days ago Used Car took over the entire power about the palace from Emoji Meaning. Moreover, he started to rent the different flats in the biggest building of the town to foreign. He headlined the highest building and the palace on his name. Every week-end he sat down and counted his bank notes. He wanted to remove the grave of Vane. At that place he wanted to put a sculpture of the stinginess. 56219 days ago both parents died of Used Car. Two Cars died at the age 51465 days. That's why a big memorial service Used Car decided and organised for his parents. All Emoji Meaning had to take part at his command. 53655 days ago the mayor of Emoji Meanings explained that from the next year a tax rise was indispensable by the height of 2 Bitcoins per year and inhabitant. Besides, Used Car asked demonstrative the mayor what cost so much. The mayor said, that the new signs with the city name caused these costs. Besides, every letter caused certain costs. The other costs are caused yearly. Used Car answered this that he was also in a difficult financial situation. At that time he renounced voluntarily the last letter of his name. At that time this helped him. Used Car said that one could make this also with Emoji Meanings. He immediately called his proposal: Emoji Meaning. The costs for S. could be saved so. After this event Used Car received big applause. But above all misers were inspired by his idea. But also stingy become Emojis of this region liked this. After this event the town received its independence from the rest. 53292 days ago organised Used Car a democratic vote in Emoji Meaning. Therein it was about the omission of the letter S. Astonishing success experienced Used Car by this vote. Whole 96 percent of the inhabitants recommended the omission of the letter S from the city name. The law of the thrift was celebrated largely after won vote. Finally, the city Emoji Meaning was officially founded in its today's form. Used Car paid attention to the fact that the area received its own identity. At that time the town experienced an enviable prosperity. A lot of inhabitants became sudden by their iron thrift in comparison to the other squanderers very rich. The average property amounted to nearly 26266 Bitcoins in Emoji Meaning.

At that time this was almost five times more than with other inhabitants addicted to consumption. Used Car invented the direct democracy in the town. Thus the population might vote about the urban budget every Monday after every two months. 52925 days ago appointed Used Car to himself as an unlimited town dictator. 49275 days ago began the construction of the railroad network to different towns like Middle Finger Emoji or Emoji SMS. 41975 days ago the first railway station of the town was opened. More and more Emojis from other towns visited this area. After some time came more and more thieves from other places. They knew that in Emoji Meaning a lot of money was hoarded.

Criminality in Emoji Meaning

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With the connection with other towns the area among the thieves from all regions became very popular. That's why Used Car decided the construction of a strong police. 40880 days ago achieved criminal activity its highlight. At that time several safe deposits from the town were stolen very professionally. The town fell in a long-standing chaos. Thefts became the normality of the everyday life. 38326 days ago the rise of Scary Clown was celebrated in his group. After some time visited Scary Clown also Emoji Meaning. There Used Car met him. Scary Clown might visit the palace of the Generous and the highest building of the town as a guest of honour. 37960 days ago Used Car died in the sleep at the age of 60666 days. During several days the inhabitants did not notice where Used Car was. The uppermost policeman called Vapid decided to penetrate after some days into the house of Used Car. He found Used Car on his bed recumbent. He thought first that Used Car slept. He tried to wake up him. Then Vapid noticed that the long-standing town dictator died. 37944 days ago organised Vapid an urgent meeting to the other procedure. All inhabitants of the town had to appear for the choice of the new town dictator. Besides, Vapid was clearly chosen. Finally, he took over up to now big responsibility in the fight against thieves. Vapid could build up very good contact with the Scary Clown. After the astonishing death of Scary Clown his friend the First Horror Clown took over the guidance.

Emoji Meaning and Circus Union

35040 days ago intensive fights began between the army of the misers from Emoji Meaning and the circus army. The First Horror Clown hated the mighty banks. The descendants of the Salted Cucumbers started to flee from the town. The Horror Clown sent his circus army to the destruction of the banks and their representatives. 35021 days ago the Horror Clown studied the biographies of the present rulers of the town from the last time. He ordered afterwards the search for the grave of Vane. 34987 days ago the skeleton of Vane was got from the earth. The Horror Clown commanded the combustion of the skeleton in a crematory. Also grave of Vane was destroyed with different tools. Then Emoji Meaning became a part of the Circus Union. All banks became at the command of the First Horror Clowns property of the Circus Union. Many misers had to pay a punishment. As a reason the ruler called the long-standing support of the bad forces in this area. 33945 days ago several prisons were built in quick tempo in Emoji Meaning. There a lot of economic criminal were locked up. The Horror Clown wrote a whole book about this subject. His book also contained criteria who was valid as such criminal. At his command the caught misers were fed quite minimally. He decided to apply the law of the thrift to the misers. 27193 days ago Egoists from Mars came to the town. They conquered the town. They took the palace. Therein they stored their material. Vapid was taken by the Egoists in the captivity. He decided to go on the side of the Egoists. At the same time he acted only in such a way. He remained in the heart the Horror Clowns loyal. 26988 days ago Vapid received the command several Emojis with the fire gun to threaten. Moreover, he had to shoot them after done work. Literally he agreed. At the same time he paid attention to the fact that he invented clever excuses. Thus he said that he needed more accumulator for his fire gun, otherwise he could not shoot so many. At the same time he got this possibility. There in the palace he found several weapons. He stole these weapons at a night. After some time he knew several places where the Egoists exactly slept. Moreover, he knew a lot of details from their life. In one day he stole the weapons and handed over the local Emojis who were in the captivity. However, they had to hide their weapons. 26645 days ago several soldiers of the circus army were sent to Emoji Meaning. At that time the prisoners trusted to themselves to fire the Egoists. Besides, several leaders of the Egoists were killed. Also the circus army pelted several Egoists with heavy stones. On this day several Emojis were released from the captivity.

However, Vapid wanted to make sure that all present Egoists were dead. That's why he explained to the circus army that he wanted to take over the role of the spy among the Egoists furthermore. 26500 days ago the town was taken by the Egoists again. At that time Vapid said them that he was one of the Egoists. This time he had to bring all Emojis vividly in the captivity. On hard labour renounced Egoists this time. In the meantime, Vapid found out about the exact organisation of the enemy. Vapid always used the possibility when he was alone with an Egoist. He found out about their hobbies and other things. Besides, he played the role of a real friend of the Egoists. He learnt Egoistically. He was very much interested in the culture of South Mars. He also played with the Egoists cards in their spare time. At the same time he used the chances which proved to him. One day, besides, he let explode in the kitchen the oven. There an Egoist cooked for the other Egoists. In this explosion several Egoists were seriously injured. In the hospital suffocated Vapid the Egoists with the cushion. Thus he killed about 122 Egoists. In Emoji Meaning there was a tent where Egoists spent 44 minutes with pleasure. Vapid let burn all around the tent the whole area. At that time 24 Egoists were burnt. 26418 days ago Vapid was under big suspicion with the Egoists the weapons useless to have made. Thereon Vapid was punished with twelve blows. This time he felt for the first time since long time as a loser. However, he could justify his actions very well. He argued in such a way that he looked afterwards, nevertheless, as plausible. He demonstrated his membership to the Egoists, while he shouted very strongly on an Emoji. Moreover, he offended this like still nobody up to now. This looked especially pleasant for Egoists. In a house that Egoists established for their needs, they met for the discussion. 26333 days ago Vapid did not appear for this discussion. He decided to go on the whole. He brought from the eighth floor of the highest building of Emoji Meaning a small atom bomb. He knew this place still from his supervisor Used Car. He took this bomb very carefully in his hands. He could shoot this bomb straight from the eighth floor on the building of the Egoists. Then the building with all Egoists was destroyed. At that time 222 Egoists died. The other Egoists got panic attacks. Thereon Vapid ran to the highest floor of the building. There he hid. He thought that he should hide as dead. Finally, this would be very remarkable for other Egoists that he survived as an only one. Vapid tried to proceed afterwards from the highest building against Egoists. Thus he pelted several Egoists with dirty earth. Moreover, he threw heavy stones on them. He thought that was so easier. 26290 days ago several Egoists came to the highest building. They started to look for the culprit. Vapid hid in a dusty room under the bed.

When he heard that Egoists came to the room, he took his knives in both hands. Thereon he started to cut off to all Egoists the legs. They fell on the ground. He stabbed all Egoists. The other Egoists fled after they found many dead colleagues. 26280 days ago the circus army came again to Emoji Meaning. The army looked for all Egoists in the town. All Egoists were pelted with the heaviest pumpkins. Then the clearing works began in the town. 26256 days ago occupied Egoists again the town. This time Vapid spoke to the Egoists into their language. The new Egoists liked him. They found very good that an inhabitant wanted to be like them. He got the suitable clothes. He got even a title from the Egoists. They called him colonel Vapid. He always said the new Egoists that he joined to them. This time Vapid had to force other Emojis to the construction of several bakeries and prisons. Bakeries used Egoists for threatening purposes. They always said when somebody was against them, they left the enemy to bake. However, for murder of the inhabitants Egoists were always responsible. These duties they did not trust Vapid. 26076 days ago the First Horror Clown organised his circus army with at least 76767 soldiers. Thereon Egoists got big surprise. Emoji Meaning became a battlefield. This time all Egoists were executed. Besides, Vapid shot two Egoists with whom he sat at the table. 25550 days ago Vapid received a big honouring as a hero of the Circus Union from the First Horror Clown. Vapid might work furthermore as a town dictator. Then several buildings were restored. Many inhabitants had to wipe off the footprints of the Egoists long time.

Emoji Meaning under Kingdom

8760 days ago came a lot of misers from the Jupiter. The influence of the misers thereby rose again in Emoji Meaning. At that time they came because the Last Horror Clown died. They could use this. At that time Emoji became independent from the Circus Union. In the meantime, misers founded many enterprises. Especially banker were interested in this town very much. The book of Used Car still serves as a direction giver for the town. 5555 days ago the urban parliament decided to renovate the railway station of the town. Also the palace and the highest building of the town were renovated.

Tourist attractions

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The old palace of the Generous and the highest building of the town are recommended to all tourists and visitors as visit-worth. Besides there are also several prisons from the time of the First Horror Clowns. There enthusiasts can also spend the night. For a fee of 24 Bitcoins per night. Also egoistical houses can be visited. Therein Egoists from Mars stored their weapons. The park called victory was founded to honour of the First Horror Clowns. This park is known as the most-cultivated in completely Emoji. Many monuments which built salted Cucumbers more than 73000 days ago in Emoji Meaning. These monuments are at many places in the northwest of the town. Also the urban gallery is recommended for tourists very much. However, here the visitor must pay attention very much. Some pictures can react very allergically to wrong visitors. Some pictures can swallow even the viewer. So fees are raised before the entry into the gallery. Finally, nobody knows what just are for adventuresome visitors there.


8888 days ago the first and most important stock exchange of the country was founded in Emoji Meaning. Therein enterprisers can sell worthless papers to would-be stockholders. An interesting history happened 4478 days ago on local stock exchange. At that time there came a small Emoji and wanted to sell his drawing which he painted on the WC paper. He had especially big luck on that day. At that time a lot of Emojis wanted to get rid of their money. Thus his drawing was sold for 26789 Bitcoins. Thus he became rich compared to Emoji. But the buyer of the drawing was exceptionally a stingy art lover from the Jupiter. 1176 days ago he could sell the legendary drawing for 333,567 Bitcoins in an auction. Thanks to the sales of the papers with the name "Shares" several enterprisers could already fill their cashes. However, at the same time their companies disappeared with the proceeds also. That's why many Emojis have very bad experiences on the stingy stock exchange. Another reason is sure that the stock exchange belongs to a miser from the Jupiter. Who would like to enter into the building, has to buy a subscription for 29 Bitcoins per month.


💰 Money and Paper

Emoji Meaning is known above all for many banks and loan companies. Here above all theoretical products are sold and traded. Otherwise there is also the active building trade. A lot of houses must be renovated. But also the state of the teeth of the population should improve clearly. Up to now inhabitants of Emoji Meaning avoided toothpaste and dentist's visits. Many dentists had to flee abroad. Also toothpaste manufacturers had to disappear with their products from this town. Some time ago a case provided for sensation. At that time a former dentist from Emoji Meaning deplored in the Salted Cucumbers the high stinginess of the inhabitants. This was also shown on other canals planet-far. This dentist applied in protest for asylum in the Salted Cucumbers. Because of this strange history the dentist got a lot of customers in the Salted Cucumbers. For king of Emoji this story was so extremely embarrassing that he urgently ordered the construction of the denture factory. Later Devil Emoji forced all inhabitants of this town to buy the dentures. Finally, the king did not want to have to be ashamed any more. Thereon toothpaste manufacturers also tried to promote the consumption of their products in Emoji Meaning. However, this failed up to now. From the neighbouring city Emoji Meanings a lot of dust very often comes to the area. That's why a dust protection wall had to be built.


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In Emoji Meaning exists a parliament. The uppermost person responsible for the town is the town dictator. Where parliament is, is strictly confidential. 2345 days ago was known that several parliamentarians of the town from Japanese Emoji had to be rented. The reason for that was the bad call of the politicians in this area. Finally, the inhabitants suffered among different politicians more than enough in the course of the history. The number of the parliamentarians was estimated by a spy from the Salted Cucumbers on nearly 72 politicians. Parliamentarians ordinarily collect the wishes of the population every time on the 29th of February. That is the fact that inhabitants from Emoji Meaning receive the possibility always in the leap year to inform of their wishes the parliament. The wishes will hand over always on the 14th of March of a leap year to the king of Emoji. Thus functions the local politics. The duties of the modern town dictator contain the check of the urban reserves. To this belongs the budget planning.

Mailboxes in Emoji Meaning

📧 Mail

More and more inhabitants have big trouble with tempting advertisement which lands in their mailboxes regularly. That's why a lot of inhabitants have deplored with the parliament several times about undesirable advertisement. Some Emojis reported about the fact that they fell ill with consumption addiction because of the advertisement. This led to the fact that several inhabitants of the town got into debt. After these events the inhabitants of Emoji Meaning decided to lodge a collective complaint against all advertising-propelling. The judges checked the complaint. But the judges were bribed by the advertisers professionally. So the collective complaint landed in the wastepaper basket. The plaintiffs received multiple refusals. At that time completely Emoji Meaning became exceptionally furious. This led to the fact that more and more inhabitants uninstalled their mailboxes. Besides, the penal authorities complained. Thereby became unclear how the inhabitants should be reached.  At that time the advertisers decided to bribe the parliamentarians of Emoji Meaning and the town dictator. Moreover, the local police was bribed. Thus the urban parliament remitted a law which forced every inhabitant to the installation of a mailbox. This time the inhabitants felt completely cheated of their politicians. This time inhabitants worked on a new strategy against the irritating advertisement. This time they collected the addresses of the advertisers. Later they founded a civil army. Someday they decided to punish the suitable enterprises. They went to the advertisers and threatened the working employees. They did this regularly, after they received undesirable advertisement. As a target were above all marketing departments of these companies. There they kidnapped even several times the uppermost marketing manager. This occupation was suddenly avoided by all applicants. Nobody wanted to take over more for Emoji Meaning marketing duties. After long time the advertisers decided to drive back voluntarily their profit maximisation addiction. Then inhabitants of Emoji Meaning never again got undesirable advertisement.

Banknotes factory

Emoji Meaning is also known very much for the fact that the town is an important economic centre of the kingdom. Here exist several banknote factories. Therein banknotes are produced for the whole country. Of course monetary factories also exist in other towns, but these belong to the most important producers. The owner of the factory is a miser from the Jupiter. Devil Emoji tries to suppress the influence of the Jupiter in Emoji since some time massively. For this purpose he works on his sketch on the subject. 3334 days ago a lot of forgeries were in the circulation. Thereon the miser had to justify himself at the uppermost court. However, the miser could prove that somebody specially proceeded against him. The banknote factories are supervised by at least 122,224 video cameras during 1440 minutes. For this financial expenditure the miser may specially print banknotes for himself. 2245 days ago the owner of these banknote factories organised a swimming-pool from bank notes in Emoji Meaning. In all mass media it was reported about that. The miser decided to make a lottery in this connection. Who scored with his stinginess quite publicly best of all, could swim not only in this swimming-pool with bank notes. In addition the winner might also take all banknotes to himself. A lot of Emojis and other inhabitants from Emoji Meaning participated in this competition. Even inhabitants of the town were eligible. Important requirement was the residence in this town.

Mass media

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Emoji Meaning disposes of different media. TV stations, radio canals, newspapers and professional magazines belong to that. Here above all many economic newspapers are produced. Only on the subject Stock exchange there are at least twenty newspapers. Many misers subscribe these newspapers. Even many local singers have been infected with the urban stinginess. If a singer from Emoji Meaning appears on the local television, he or she sings about the thrift and stinginess. In the local mass media the subject stinginess is picked out as a central theme at least to 68 percent of the transmitting time.


Emoji Meaning is visited almost exclusively by the extraterrestrials from the Jupiter. The foreigners from the Jupiter hide their money in this town. Finally, misers want to pay no taxes on their income and property in Jupiter. Tourists also come from the following planets: Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. From Mars tourists avoid this town. As a reason they call the crude defeat of the Egoists in Emoji Meaning at the times of the First Horror Clowns. Moreover, they are still very furious on the town dictator Vapid at that time.


In spite of the big prosperity in this town always register authorities that many Emojis become impoverished. As a reason the big thrift of the stingy authorities is called. Finally, the money is more important than the people. At least the misers maintain this.

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