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Text Emoji

Text Emoji was officially born 206,225 days ago near the Yellow Sea. Officially means that the authorities recognized his birth.
Both his parents were working in agriculture. They had to cultivate potatoes and tomatoes on the field. Later, they had to harvest them. Text Emoji was so named by his parents with the hope that their son would be one day with his sayings famous. This theory is in the state archive of Emoji. At the age of 2920 days, he was sent to school. In school, he could not count in mathematics 1+1. The doctors diagnose "a fear of figures from previous life". Text Emoji was the only patient in the history with this diagnosis. By contrast, in the letter could not stop to him. He even wrote in mathematics instead of 1 + 1 = 2, a + a = b. Then he was expelled from the Mathematics. During this time he continued writing. Text Emoji used every spare moment to write. At his first round birthday he received a camera as a gift. At that time he was 3652 days old.
At this time he experimented with the camera. Text Emoji lived near the Yellow Sea. For this reason, he often went swimming in the sea. One day he noticed a number of fishes in the sea. He thought that he should shoot the fishes with his camera one day. Two days later came Text Emoji with his camera to the Yellow Sea. He began to photograph the different fishes. In the end he had photographed hundreds of fishes. He asked his parents if they would be satisfied with the printing of photos. They granted him the pressure of the photos in writing. He went into the shop. There the pictures were printed. Text Emoji pasted his photos in an album. At the age of 5475 days, he was accepted at the University of Languages ​​with the financial support of his parents. There he was allowed to study the local language Emoji L. At the age of 7665 days, he completed his studies. At that time, he wondered what he should do for a living. Initially Text Emoji had no idea. The former teacher he told the linguists that an old language teacher would go into retirement soon. So Text Emoji decided to succeed the language teacher. He got this job. As a language teacher, he worked approximately 2190 days. Suddenly he woke up. He asked himself why he ever lived. He thought that he may have something else to try professionally. He decided on making daily notes about his professional future.
At the age of 10,031 days he examined his previous notes accurately. On the same day, Text Emoji decided to write a book about the different fishes of the Yellow Sea. He knew that he would ensure enough photos. But he had to deal individually with each fish. At the age of 12,031 days, his first book was finished. The book contained 555 pages. Text Emoji described inside each fish in great detail. He was very lucky with the publisher. Up to this time there were mainly schoolbooks. Individuals published up to this time no books. So the publisher of schoolbooks accepted the publication of the book in an edition of 10 books. Then fishermen became aware of the area of ​​the Yellow Sea on the book. In addition, scientists wanted to have the book in the animal area. Thus the edition was already increased to more than 200 books. After 61 days in the trading book has been purchased by over 20,202 prospective customers. After 122 days the book was sold over 60,606 times. Thus, the book became the first bestseller in the country. But that was somehow self-evident, after all, all the other books especially schoolbooks. These were automatically imposed on the students. The book of Text Emoji bought voluntarily by the parties concerned. Then the author began to focus on other issues of the Yellow Sea. He wrote more books about the plants in the Yellow Sea. For this he dived under the water. At the age of 18,980 days he had enough of the letter. Text Emoji decided to expand his knowledge. He began studying medicine. But at the age of 20,075 days, he had to quit his medical studies. Both his parents died. After the death of his parents, he paused his medical training. Later he graduated from medical school anyway with success. After this training, he worked for the next time as a doctor. In his spare time he began to write a book about medicine. At this time came Venus aliens by Emoji. They wanted to steal medical books from the universities. The medicine in Venus was extremely poor at this time. Venus aliens arrived with bananas shells in the university and threatened professors. They demanded the release of all medical books. Fearing the Venus aliens, a copy of the book on the little fishes of the Yellow Sea from Text Emoji was delivered to the Venus aliens. They took the book with great joy and ran with the banana shells thereof, as soon as they were outside.
There stood Text Emoji in front of them. The Venus aliens dropped the banana shells. They did not notice this. Text Emoji and Venus aliens fell all at once on the ground. The author does not believe his eyes when he saw his first book at the strange aliens. He asked the Venus aliens whether they were fishermen. They asked him admired why he held them for fishermen. He told them that he saw his book on fishes in them. They reacted angrily on. They said the professor of medicine cheated us. An alien said that we should again immediately threaten the professor of medicine. Text Emoji replied that he also wrote a medical book after completing his studies. Then Venus aliens demanded the schoolbook. He said that he had a copy at home. The aliens did not believe the author. They took him to Venus.
There he had to teach them the medicine. After 2444 days allowed Text Emoji back to his homeland. At the age of 25,550 days, he decided to travel through the Kingdom. At that time he definitely went into retirement. When he was 29,930 days old, it started a pandemic of gilding of the hair. Text Emoji began his career as a doctor again. He went to the lab and experimented until he developed a vaccine against the disease. Thanks to his credit several hundreds of thousands were saved. At the age of 32,888 days Text Emoji died in the night.



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