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Emoji L language of Emojis

Emoji L (proper name Emoji-L), dated as Emo-Tico and sometimes as Smilish called) is a language of the funny subset of the internal branch of the languages of the planet Halloween. Emoji L is the sole official language of the Emoji and is spoken by a significant majority of the population as their mother tongue. There are also Emojis and non-Emojis using Emoji L as a second language. Currently Emoji L is after the Circus language and Emo-Tico planet far the language with the third highest number of speakers. Emoji L is written in the mixed alphabet. Among many different facial expressions are to be understood.

How did the language of Emoji arise?
Together with the Circus language and Emo-Tico Emoji L belongs to the same language group.
Some linguists suggest that grandparents of today's peoples: Emoji, Smile, Circus Country, Smile and other languages ​​first lived together in a small tent. Later, when they had at least 112 families, some family members decided to develop their own language in a laboratory. After several failures of language breakthrough was made. It was according to linguists for equal language groups as: The father said to his son, the Circus language, because they had to earn their money as Clowns. The mother spoke to her daughter the language of funny peoples (Emo-Tico or Smile) because they together artistically operated and sold their color painting with great success. Later mainly for professional reasons different languages ​​emerged. Emoji-L is referred to as an intermediate language. Father and mother were able to use that language in general with their children.  The designation for the entire territory regularly led to confusion, because "Emoji L" was equated with Emo-Ticon. So it was, for example, to the language designations "upper Language" for Emo-Ticon, "Emo-Tico" for Emoji L, which Emoji L was often classified as dialect or subspecies of the top language. In the oldest period (approximately until 243,090 days ago) all inhabitants of the present territory Circus Country had up to and including Emoji a common written language (Old Funny), in the middle (133,225 days ago) used the ancestors of today's Emoji and Smiles jointly Smilish language. 88888 days ago evolved alongside the hitherto common religious language a funny coming from the vernacular Emoji L font Language and Literature. 69988 days ago Emoji L culture and thus its literary language flourished; developing focused less on policy than on scientific topics. Literary figures like Clown Glass preferred Circus language. Nevertheless Clown Glass from the Emoji became so hated that he did not want to use their language. One day the Emperor of Emoji ordered the author Clown Glass attracting the handcuffs. The author was arrested. He had to confess in writing to language "Emoji L". But he refused with his two feet and hands. Finally, he was left in jail. He got each with a meal twenty words for learning. In prison Clown Glass was so to speak, forced-taught in the main language. Later, after his release began Clown Glass's largest dictionary "Emoji L - Circus language" to write. This dictionary was published at a masterpiece in several areas of the Circus Country and Emoji. Thus, the author had developed Clown Glass for the most linguists of all time in prison. In the southern counterpart of Emoji and in the field of the Yellow Sea and later Allergies, there were already 66,666 days ago aspirations to own written language, although based on the local Emoji L dialects, but differed from the Emoji L default language , these efforts have increased unexpectedly again after the death of the last Horror Clowns. The Egoist from Mars planned all dictionaries of Emoji L to destroy. The First Horror Clown collected it away all the dictionaries in the field of Emoji. Then a slight forgetfulness of language began at its native speakers. After liberation from the Circus Country many dictionaries were delivered back to Emoji. After this event, they started to learn their own language again. There were aspirations as gratitude introduce the Circus language in the country as the most important foreign language.



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