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Emoji Air

Emoji Air was an airline at the beginning. This was founded in 8030 days ago by private investors. The investors were from different planets and countries. Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Kepler-47: the investors were from the following planets. The dictators of the planets and stars sent their specialists: financial jugglers and others. Partially also indigenous Emojis to the airline concerned.

8111 days ago rose the demand for flights in air transport. Due to big problems and negative headlines about Emoji Worldwide group Emojis decided to found a new airline. The misers as investors were not allowed. Important prerequisite for investors was to ensure the quality especially in terms of safety. Thereupon investors reported from the planets Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Kepler-47. Together with local investors, the company was founded in 8030 days ago in writing. The first aircraft were imported from the Venus. Some older airplanes gave away the dictator of Kepler-47. At this time, noticed the head of the company that the capacity of the aircraft came to their limits. 7077 days ago several flying saucers were ordered out of the Pluto. After only 49 days, the popularity of the flying saucers greatly increased among the passengers. 6888 days ago, the head of the airline decided to take all the planes from the operation. The miserly Jupiter aliens were trying to get as low as possible on this aircraft. In Jupiter flights with the aircraft for most residents than most in demand were considered. The flying saucers could afford stingy Jupiter aliens.

The Chief of Emoji Air wanted to sell the aircraft to their current market value. The misers decided to make him an offer for all aircraft. But the offer was about 80 percent below the minimum purchase price. At that time lived in Jupiter a male Saturn alien. This was a senior executive of the airline in Jupiter. He had a keen interest in the establishment of his own airline in Jupiter. He came to information that Emoji Air wanted to sell all aircraft. He hired several Saturn aliens for research over the head of the airline. Then the senior Saturn alien could find out that the chief had a big family. Then he decided to engage his Saturn aliens for the kidnapping of the entire family of the Chief of Emoji Air. The Saturn aliens went as follows: They introduced the chiefs of the family home a flying saucer. This was so that all family members were able to see this. The Saturn aliens received from conducting Saturn alien a promise that he would meet each participant a golden life.
While the flying saucer in front of the house of the Chief of Emoji Air, leaving other Saturn aliens the house on fire. The fire spread quickly around the house. It penetrated Saturn alien into the house and shouted: The house is burning!
Everyone should leave the house immediately. At that time, parents of the chiefs were with his two children in the house. They heard of this warning. Then they ran away from the house. But they overlooked the standing flying saucer. The Saturn alien reacted angrily about the outcome of his action. They extinguished the fire with water.

Other Saturn aliens ran after the parents of the chief with two children. After 42 minutes, Saturn aliens could catch the parents with two children. The Saturn aliens arrested them. They later took the family members of the bosses in the flying saucer. Then they flew in the fastest pace to Saturn. There, the family members were hiding in an underground bunker. The Saturn aliens informed their client about the performance of their mission. After these events, the senior Saturn alien tried to blackmail the Chief of Emoji Air. He wanted to force the exchange of all aircraft against the four family members. It agreed the boss and the criminal Saturn aliens over the exchange. When replacing the chief of Emoji Air handed over around 12 aircraft Saturn aliens. He left the four family members free.
The parents and the two children returned to Emoji. What the senior Saturn alien did not know was a surprise for him. The top executives announced on its place immediately. He founded his own airline in Jupiter. But he had to realize that 12 aircraft for high profits would not be enough. He decided to fly to Emoji. He wanted time to buy more aircraft. He climbed into his plane. He flew with the pilot alone. On this day, the weather was still beautiful at the beginning. But within a short time, the weather conditions changed dramatically. A strong lightning struck the plane of criminal Saturn alien. Then the plane had to land in a cornfield in Emoji. Once there, the cornfield owner called the police. Then policemen tried to arrest the Saturn alien. At this time, met a lightning Saturn alien and he was brought severely injured to the hospital. His pilot was released. After Saturn alien was staying at the hospital in handcuffs was jailed. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for kidnapping four Emojis.


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