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Music Emoji

After Movie Emoji at the beginning also included music; the new station has been specially created for music 4848 days ago. Most Emojis advocated the separation of the two entertainment topics. At this time the music videos on television were much more popular than the Internet. 🎼🎧️➡️🎧️👥🦥🎼🎬️🦣. There is a great mix of old and new music. There are also programs the talent search. There Emojis prompted to present their musical talents of the entire population. Even the youngest daughter of Big Face participated in this talent search. Each participant must sing his or her own song.

One may not use any songs of other singers. Since the transmitter Music Emoji wants to have any problems with the authors. Even the pirate from the planet Earth Moonlight Killer tried as a singer in this talent search. But he could read only the text rather. 🚽🦋🤚🇮🇹📺🎤🌐🎤🅰️🌥. Others tried their luck as a singer in this mission. The other cases may not be published for reasons of censorship.



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