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Emoji Train

Emoji Train is the nationwide railway company. In the state-owned enterprises railway infrastructure and railway transport undertakings are integrated. The headquarters of the operation is located in the capital city Emoji SMS. The state-owned company employs approximately 444,449 employees.

Emoji Train emerged after independence from the Circus Country as successor to the circus trains on the territory of today Emoji. Earlier the Horror Clowns were controlled the railway infrastructure in the former Kingdom. In the days of the conflict with the Egoists from Mars the former railroad was severely damaged. At that time, the First Horror Clown had to intervene personally. The important links between the Circus Country and Emoji were professionally damaged. Then the First Horror Clown decided the merciless destruction of the railway in the capital city from Mars. The decision of the ruler was not long in a long time. After 20 hours, the railway of the Martians was completely destroyed. The First Horror Clown also sent his circus army to steal of the material of the railway. The Martians even lost the material in this conflict. The restoration of the railway in Emoji had to be done with an update from the Pluto.

More information about the company
The length of the railway is estimated by experts to a length of 7,843,587,389 lying giraffes. The company uses for its operation only renewable energy sources. The company owns 2688 stations across the country. Each station has a minimum distance of 120 minutes (if you would go on foot). The number of freight cars could be counted by mathematicians to 223,578th Number of level crossings was to be reduced in the last period of 4002 to around 2456. These ever more bridges were built. In this way, level crossings were closed. The number of passenger cars has been estimated by the researchers to 9899 three months ago. Approximately 699,685,966 passengers are carried by train from A to B every year. That was the chief accountant to inform the supreme head of the company 298 days ago. So many tickets were sold in the last year at least.
The person trains mainly in point transport and must therefore wait for any connections. Usually one have to plan in advance its journey to the smallest detail. If one created no rice plan, one can expect unpleasant surprises. So it was happened Star Corsairs Dance Award. He wanted to take the train from Emoji to Circus Country. He had at least three times changed. Before the border with the Circus Country train had to stop. Because there are several Horror Clowns came and demanded the vaccination record of all customers. Those who had no vaccination record, had to remain at the border. So many tourists have been harassed by the health authority. Most Emojis know that and have prepared the vaccination card. After checking the immunization record of the train may go to Circus Country. The fares by train are among the lowest on the planet Halloween. For this reason, drive very many locals by public transport. Price increases led to large protests nationwide. Then all the price increases were prohibited by law from Parliament. This happened before about 8333 days ago. Since then, the prices have remained the same. The additional costs will be borne by the People's Bank. Otherwise the railway would significantly underfund. At the same time no politician wants to announce unpopular measures stingy. So should the average person in Emoji more than half an hour working for a monthly subscription. The price increase opponents wanted to achieve as there are no circumstances as in Jupiter. There one have a whole day for a monthly subscription work an average.
The stations are divided into regional sections. So there is the agglomeration around the capital city. There does a ticket about 0.06 Bitcoins over in less large cities.
In the days of childhood by media entrepreneur Big Face the railway was just newly renovated. At that time he drove from his home town with an old Emoji in the capital city. He remembers very much to this long train ride. He looked out the window and enjoyed the scenery. Travel within Emoji is very well evaluated by the native population. 468 days ago, some citizens wanted to perform at athletic events on the trains. This was also discussed in Parliament. Thus, the quality of life of the population continues to rise, free Internet access in all domestic trains was introduced. Here travelers can surf freely on the Internet. For miser Jupiter aliens, this free service proved to be very useful. Some misers announced their Internet connection at home. Instead, they take the monthly subscription on the train cheaper. As they get not just the monthly ride, but also the Internet at this price. Some travelers complained about the high price. This meant that some travelers to stay too long on the train. This led to the shortage of space. Then all misers were registered by the Internet access immediately. After registering, one will have to pay after 120 minutes of Internet use per day high surcharge. Then a class action the misers were presented before the Court of Emoji. After this case, use of the Internet for all travelers to the travel time of 444 minutes per day has been limited. Exceptions were granted for travelers who take much longer by train. (Special long distances)
Some travelers take their bikes, tents, pets and other things on their journey by train. A stingy alien wanted to take even a toilet on the train. Previously, he bought this very low. At the border of the Circus Land Horror Clowns came and watched the vaccination record of the miser on. They saw that he had no vaccination against green fever. Then they told him that he is at risk of developing this disease. If he wants to take that risk voluntarily, he should not expect free treatment in a hospital. The Miser said that he wanted to sell only the toilet a customer. The Horror Clowns decided the seizure of the toilet. The Miser responded very angry and ran to the Horror Clowns. They gave the miser back the toilet. Then the miser before the border to the Circus Country was thrown out through the Horror Clowns. The Miser contacted his customer from the Circus Country.
He informed him that he had problems at the border. Whereupon the customer replied that he had already bought himself a toilet. The Miser responded very upset. After this event, the miser flew to Jupiter. He tried in vain to sell the toilet. So he installed the toilet in his house. Then the miser never decided to cross the border by Emoji by train.
Emoji Train is considered one of the safest in the universe. This is the case because of the good training of staff. The budding railway employees are prepared around 1460 days of their employment.

For the meaning see: 🚆 Train


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