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Emoji Travel

Emoji Travel was established by the International Tourism in Emoji 9988 days ago on the Horror Clowns command. It was started as a sign of planet-wide cooperation this annual fair. Different countries and planets may present their tourist specificities regularly. Every year, visitors learn of this fair, what to expect for attractions at various locations in the galaxy. Each country tries to present itself from the best and most exciting side. This event is even shown in various stations of the universe. This is a very good opportunity to learn about different places offline. Some visitors were so enthusiastic that they had not even thought of typing online at such places. This exhibition is organized jointly by all participating States. Each country sends its representatives by Emoji with the flying saucer. Here photos of landmarks are shown. A theoretical guide can be consulted in place on various topics. Some visitors even ask what provisions apply to travel to a country. Other visitors want to know if there are enough restaurants nearby. Also questions are asked to the hotels near the attractions. Next the theoretical guide tells briefly the history of the place. Interested visitors go from one place to the next. There is also a competition. Here one can win a trip to a country. Mostly Misers want no trip to Jupiter simply give way. For this reason, there is rarely if ever a trip to this planet to win. Only once did give away a trip to Jupiter an entrepreneur in the tourism industry. He was still not satisfied. He complained then about the loss of 1222 Bitcoins. This even led to a ban on entry by Emoji. Due to high prices, only the super rich can afford a trip to Jupiter.

Emoji Travel is always opened by Monkey Emoji every time. At the beginning of the event the tourism minister of Emoji speaks his welcoming speech. Then he shows quite proudly the location of Emoji Travel on the land map of the planet. Monkey Emoji also reminds the participants of the fact that they visit this event in Emoji. Moreover, he thanks all participants of this event orally and in writing. Besides, the tourism minister with big pride represents the kingdom Emoji in this event.
What do other countries or planets show, however, in Emoji Travel?
For example: Mercury presents yearly its big tower from its capital city to the tourists. One day a furious Venus alien came to the department of Mercury and tried to tear the poster of the tower. In Mercury the government felt this action as a declaration of war. Upwards that's why the war addiction of Mercury grew. Besides, Emoji had to mediate between both sides. Monkey Emoji decided to take over the costs for the poster personally.
Finally, the reputation of Emoji Travel for the tourism minister was much more important than a silly conflict between Mercury and Venus. By the way, the Venus alien had to apologise after this event on television before millions spectators in Mercury. He explained his action with the fact that he was disappointed by a friend from the Mercury. In Emoji the parliament condemned the alien from the Venus to a charitable work. Thus the Venus alien had to collect rubbish of the visitors of Emoji Travel.
For this purpose he ran with the waste bag during the event.
An extraterrestrial from the planet Kepler-16b wanted to raffle a trip to his native country for Emojis. For this purpose he organized a contest. Who wanted to win a trip to Kepler-16b, had to take part in the strawberry Olympic Games. That is the fact that every participant should eat so many strawberries as possible. This was the most important requirement. By chance the tourism minister also got to know about this contest.
Thus Monkey Emoji spontaneously took part. Together with 113 other Emojis and aliens he had to eat within 114 minutes several strawberries. After 66 minutes most participants could not already eat any more. There remained only 44 participants. After 111 minutes other 40 participants left the contest. During the last three minutes only 4 participants remained among them also the hungry and thirsty Monkey Emoji. Shortly before the end other two participants could not eat any more further.
At the end remained only Monkey Emoji and an alien from the Saturn. When the time ran out, the both received a sponsored trip to Kepler-16b. The tourism minister had to run after his victory as quickly as possible to the toilet. Also his cowinner and several previous participants urgently had to go on the toilet. Then they already forgot that they took part in a contest. At least, Kepler-16b saved its raffled travels. The previous participants were interested afterwards voluntarily in Kepler-16b and travelled at own costs to this planet.
Emoji Travel is also known for the fact that before all tourism minister from participant countries and planets this event visit mostly. They ordinarily look how other countries show themselves in Emoji Travel to the public. Many visitors also come from different towns of Emoji to this event. More and more countries and planets show the single provincial towns which they feel as visit-worth.



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