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Emoji for PC

This is the story about the town Emoji for PC. For Emoji pictures and meanings see: Emoji Dictionary. There, it concerns an eastern town in the kingdom Emoji. On the decision of former rulers Emoji for PC might be revalued to the eastern capital. However, this displeased the kings in Emoji SMS.  So they had several sleepless nights. According to calculations of very certified mathematicians the town counts 418,414 inhabitants. This number was dispatched to all inhabitants of the Emoji for PC in the mailboxes in a press release. What day the town had exactly so many Emojis, however, no mathematician could say. The uppermost mathematician of the area explained this to the biggest secret of the modern history.


 Emoji for PC





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80300 days ago many Emojis were in search of the suitable name for the town. At that time existed in Emoji for PC still no computers. At that time in general there were still no computers on the planet Halloween. What does the name of the area mean, however, actually?  

At that time the first excavations began on the today's urban centre. There excavators found step by step various gloves from old time. These were exactly ten 🧤 Gloves. On the first glove stood big E.  On the second glove was a capital M. Then came big O. The fourth form was J. The fifth letter contained the form I. The concept Emoji arose from that. However, this was not yet everything. Many excavators were dog-tired after their work. They had to make a break. However, besides, they started to discuss their finding. An excavator called Land Lord did not understand, why only five gloves were there. He believed that there had to be at least the sixth glove. However, his colleagues wanted to go on this day home. Besides, Land Lord decided to search because of curiosity for other gloves. It became darker and darker. Nevertheless, there Land Lord worked alone. He lighted several candles in the surroundings. He continued his work. Finally, after several hours he found the sixth glove. On the sixth glove he saw a special form. Because it was very dark, he also wanted to go to bed. Suddenly he heard strange and unknown tones in the area. After some time he got great fear. He ran away with the glove. Then he was stopped by a group of wolves. Because of fear he laid the glove on the ground. He looked at the wolves. Then he adapted himself to them. He also started to go with four legs. He learnt their language. He started to walk with them. He felt unwell in his new role. The wolves ran away from him. He fell on the ground. After some time he was too tired. He immediately fell asleep. The next day his colleagues found him on the ground recumbent. They tried to wake up him. But he was in the deep sleep. They decided to work without him. Emoji for PC was inhabited then by the majority by wild animals. The excavators found even other gloves at this place after long excavations. They did not know that Land Lord on a glove lay. They found the seventh and eighth glove. On the first the letter O was to be read. The second had R. After 17280 seconds of work Land Lord woke up. He got up. He found his glove. Now he could study exactly, what on this glove was written. He looked about 66 minutes this symbol. He could recognise from that a F. Then he noticed that he was absent his job. He ran with a tempo of 889 gigabytes per minute to his colleagues. He showed them what stood on the sixth glove. In the meantime, an other break was organised. Besides, they started to analyse their finding. They had up to now the following sentence: Emoji for. Because the excavations were not easy, Emojis wanted to get help from Pluto. Extraterrestrials from Pluto brought an automated excavation device. After some minutes another two gloves were found.  Other objects could not be found any more. On the last gloves the letters P and C were in each case separate. The inhabitants of the town got to know about the difficult works of the excavators. That's why they decided to name the town also after their finding. Thus the place was called definitively Emoji for PC. Besides, there was no opposition. With this name the achievement of the excavators was honored.


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100,375 days ago several Clowns from the Circus Kingdom came to Emoji for PC. Moreover, several Acrobats hid their working material from the authorities in this area. Later there came even other families from other people. In particular many extraterrestrials came from the planet Kepler-47. The most famous inhabitant from that planet was called Backstage. He was the most gifted citizen of his home planet at that time. He committed several occupations at the same time. Nobody knew how he was able to do this. Moreover, he was quiet about his talent quite iron. Later archaeologists found his book about his personality. Therein he described that he came, actually, from the people of the charlatans. But his generation nobody knew this truth. Backstage came 96725 days ago to Emoji for PC. He was the initiator of the local bank notes and coins. Of course he also founded suitable enterprises. He appointed himself the uppermost and only person responsible for monetary production in Emoji for PC. At least, he supplied the inhabitants from different people with the suitable money. At the same time he might receive other services as a countermove. Moreover, he worked as a credit grantor in Emoji for PC. 94900 days ago his parents also came to him. When other Emojis got to know about the development in this area, a lot of Emojis came from other areas of the country. At that time one called the area simply as the east of Emoji.  88330 days ago tried the Easter Eggs who governed in Middle Finger Emoji to bring also this area under their control. They came with their donkeys to Emoji for PC. There they began their war against the local population. The strength of the Clowns was quite clear. They had strong circus material. With this material Clowns could attack the Easter Eggs from their donkeys. Later the Easter Eggs were hard hit by the Clowns. 87600 days ago Clowns of Emoji for PC decided to join to the Circus Kingdom. Then the long-standing search for a better name began for the area. Finally, the name was the east of Emoji too in general for the ruling Acrobat. 82125 days ago the uppermost Acrobat found out that in Jupiter a very good stingy engineer was successful. She decided to send this miser to Emoji for PC. The miser had to look for valuable minerals. In his book on the subject he described very much in detail what he found there. Many Emojis tried to look for the valuable minerals. Besides, Backstage got the command from the ruling Acrobat all Emojis without exception to supply with money. The aim was that inhabitants of the town kept away from the valuable minerals. Thereon required Backstage the delivery of several ready papers. Thereon threatened the Acrobat that she nationalises his enterprises. Backstage was angry so much that he moved his enterprises immediately to Kepler-47. Emojis ran on the search for the valuable minerals. However, they found there nothing. Finally, they did not know at all how these minerals looked. The Acrobat could exploit all valuable minerals. In Emoji for PC grew the economic crisis. Finally, a bank which should produce money was absent. 81395 days ago Backstage returned. He founded his enterprise again quite anew. At this time several excavators received a command from the ruling Acrobat. They had to look in the centre of the town for old findings. They found several old things from the past. But the ruling Acrobat invented the law of the censorship. Since that time somebody hardly dares to extinguish the law from the law book. Although a lot of time has passed. About 80300 days ago the famous gloves of the area were found official. This led to the topical city name: Emoji for PC

79570 days ago inhabitants of the town received an important command of the ruling Acrobat. They had to build a weapon factory. Most historians think that the date was inexact. Finally, the Acrobat died already before. But at that time only the construction works began.

Mercury in Emoji for PC

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75935 days ago the army from the Mercury with its ruler Chips Conquerors came to Emoji for PC. They tried to take over the whole region. Finally, dreamt Chips of building up his military base in this region. He wanted to persuade everybody of his food revolution. That's why his army had to attack all land business concerns. Many farmers had to defend themselves against them. They organised their own army. Backstage sponsored the war against Mercury with a lot of money. The farmers and other inhabitants took several shovels and hit on extraterrestrials from the Mercury. At that time many soldiers from the Mercury became seriously injured. Chips Conquerors had to run away with his horse. Then several ghosts of his soldiers ran to his direction. 74095 days ago came an extraterrestrial from the Mercury called Mono Logue. He founded a glove factory. However, he never said from which planet he came. Finally, his brother was as a soldier in Emoji for PC. At this time Backstage worked also in a hospital as a dentist. He distant bad teeth from the patients. He made this, although he was no qualified dentist. Many patients had afterwards several problems. They fell ill because of the bad working quality of Backstage. Finally, he removed the teeth very aggressively and painfully. Many patients of him died because of infections. Emoji for PC nationally became known for the worst dental treatment. The other dentists had to lose her call because of Backstage. 73730 days ago Mono Logue wanted fresh capital for the construction of a new glove factory. He went to the bank of Backstage. He applied for a loan for the construction of the new factory. Thereon the responsible Emoji had to ask his boss. He went to Backstage. Thereon Backstage got up. He started to shout. Many Emojis who were near the bank got great fear. Many of them fled from this place. Backstage took a knife. He went with the knife to Mono Logue. The factory owner had fear that the uppermost boss of the bank would kill him. However, Backstage assured that he took for safety reasons his knife. Finally, he could still remember, the bloody war against Mercury. Mono Logue admitted by mistake that he came from the Mercury. Thereon Backstage shouted. Then Backstage took his knife and tried to sting on Mono Logue. Mono Logue threw thereon his stone on Backstage. After some time Backstage fell on the hard ground. Then Mono Logue called the emergency doctor by button. Backstage was delivered to the hospital of the empires of Emoji for PC. Mono Logue used the chance. He sent a letter to his brother. Sam Logue was earlier a soldier during the war. At this time he acted as a cashier in Mercury. In this letter Sam Logue was requested by his brother to the migration to Emoji for PC. Mono Logue wanted that his brother took over the bank from Backstage. In the meantime, Backstage lay in the hospital. 73700 days ago Sam Logue emigrated to Emoji for PC. Here Sam ran to the bank of Backstage. He sat down at the table of the uppermost boss. He exactly started to study the documents. He took over the bank on his name. At this time became known that Backstage could remember to nothing. Thus Sam Logue decided to print banknotes. With the new bank notes nursing workers were financed for Backstage. Moreover, Sam Logue visited the former bank boss at home. There he let him sign a document. Thus Sam received the most topical signature from Backstage. On the upper part of the document Sam Logue wrote everything what fitted him. Thus he wrote that Backstage the bank and his enterprises handed over to him. More and more Emojis were interested in the state of health of Backstage. Thereon they received the answer. Officially it was called Backstage very ill. In reality Sam Logue planned to send the former bank boss to Mercury. There he wanted to take revenge for Backstage. Finally, Backstage financed partially the war against Mercury. 73626 days ago Backstage was killed in Mercury. He was then 33444 days old.  73365 days ago the time was for the choice of the new town dictator in Emoji for PC. At that time Mono Logue was already a very known manufacturer and employer in the town. He absolutely wanted to run for election. His brother had to print for that many fresh bank notes. Sam Logue financed the election campaign of his brother very actively. The opponents had no chance. Everywhere the name of Mono Logue hung in Emoji for PC. In the election day Sam Logue belonged to the scrutineers. He also considered to fake some electoral ballots. But he saw to his luck that his brother in spite of all caught up. His brother received 69 percent of the voices in Emoji for PC.  After his election to the town dictator he handed over his shops like the glove factories to his brother Sam. At this time extraterrestrials from the Saturn and Jupiter were interested in this location.

Emoji for PC in the early modern age

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67525 days ago came an extraterrestrial from the Saturn. He was called G-Man. He was very curious. He collected several information about Emoji for PC. He found out that Sam Logue was the uppermost bank boss of the region. He organised a group consisting of his friends. With the help of this group he wanted to kidnap Sam Logue. However, G-Man had to collect first every information about the other inhabitants of the town. He visited thereon the glove factory. He thought there several information about the fact that Sam and Mono were related. This complicated his work. He thought at the beginning that Sam Logue had no relatives. That's why he exactly had to identify all members of the family of Sam Logue. Finally, after long preparations G-Man decided to act. At night of a week-end 65335 days ago the team of G-Man kidnapped the member of the family of Sam. Finally, G-Man sent a threatening letter from the Saturn. He continued thus. After several threatening letters Sam Logue decided to travel to Saturn. At that time, finally, G-Man used his chance. His team could identify the flying saucer from Emoji for PC. Thus were hidden Sam Logue together with his family in Saturn. His brother Mono Logue knew nothing about it. Moreover, Mono had a lot of policemen and soldiers who supervised him. After some time the team knew about G-Man that Sam Logue was in the flying saucer. Thereon G-Man stormed personally the saucer. He said that he was the uppermost policeman in this region. Thus he had to control Sam Logue and his things urgently. Thereon Sam tried to justify polite his stay in the foreign planet. G-Man oriented himself in the behaviour of Sam. He let him accompany polite by his team to the so-called police station. G-Man explained Sam that he understood it very well. Sam said that he received several threatening letters from the Saturn in the last time. Moreover, were kidnapped his members of the family. Thereon G-Man went with an extraterrestrial from his team. He discussed the next procedure with him. His deputy took over the guidance. Sam was hidden in a house. With the entrance to the house there stood the concept Police station. This concept was specially attached before. In reality a subterranean bunker was there. There Sam Logue was locked up. But the deputy of G-Man played the role of a policeman. He provided a protocol. Moreover, he took down everything very carefully. Sam described his kidnapped members of the family. For G-Man it was worthwhile. Emoji for PC was not very big then according to surface. That's why the town dictator Mono Logue wanted to increase the urban area clearly. He wanted to contact his brother Sam in addition. G-Man received his contacting. He said that he worked exactly here as a secretary. Actually, G-Man faked the documents above all employment contracts. He also checked all archived documents. To the wish of Mono he expressed that Sam was not present at the moment in the bank. In this time G-Man considered what he should make with Sam Logue and his family. G-Man decided to organise a crash of Sam alone from an unstable flying saucer. Thus he commanded to his team to lay Sam Logue in his flying saucer. However, besides, Sam should lie with bound hands there. 65000 days ago Sam Logue with his former flying saucer was sent to Emoji for PC.  Besides, G-Man organised the whole, so that Mono Logue could see everything. At this time G-Man spoke with the town dictator. At the same time recognised Mono that the flying saucer of his brother came. At this moment G-Man pressed a button his trousers. Thus his team found out that now the time came to the action. The flying saucer with Sam Logue was steered from Saturn. Thus the saucer shortly before the landing was too fast flown. Mono Logue reacted awfully. He got angry even about his brother. He said, what passed with Sam in Saturn. After four seconds raced the flying saucer on the nearest building. Sam Logue burnt therein. Thereon commanded Mono to do something to his interlocutor G-Man. G-Man took just several buckets with water. He started to extinguish the fire. Later medicine historians had to analyse the corpse of Sam Logue. Emoji for PC was this crash to the main topic of conversation under Emojis. For all inhabitants and Mono it was not only tragic, but was also very strange. Why was Sam Logue alone in his flying saucer?

This question was put by all inhabitants under themselves. In the meantime, G-Man gained the trust of Mono Logue. Finally, he presented himself like a rescuer. Besides, he played a double role. Mono Logue decided to engage several researchers in the mysterious case. At the same time he trusted G-Man the takeover of the bank. He also applied for money to the enlargement of the town border. G-Man printed the necessary capital after this. Mono Logue took over the glove factories again. He wanted to hand over his enterprises not in foreign hands. In the meantime, G-Man visited the other members of the family of Sam in Saturn. He decided hard labour for them. 64605 days ago the researchers had still found out nothing. Mono Logue flew secretly to Mercury. There he married an extraterrestrial whom he allowed to live in the capital city of Mercury. He was afraid of her life. That's why he took regularly several money to Mercury. 64555 days ago Mono organised a vote in Emoji for PC. The aim was the invention of urban festivities. Many Emojis and other foreigners participated in this vote. At the same time Emoji for PC had to rejoice many reasons. Finally, the town was clearly extended. 63875 days ago Emoji for PC celebrated its 15555 inhabitant. That's why Mono organised a big party. Before G-Man had to print several bank notes. With this new inhabitant it concerned a young Emoji from another town of the country. He was called E Moji. G-Man wanted that the new inhabitant works at his bank. 60225 days ago the new town dictator had to be chosen. G-Man wanted that E Moji challenges the present Mono. However, Mono Logue wanted to leave voluntarily his job. In the meantime, he wanted to deal himself with the research of his brother. Mono recommended E Moji to his successor. 60111 days ago E Moji was elected as the town dictator of Emoji for PC with 52 percent. Mono Logue wanted to sell his glove factories. He began with the search of a buyer. However, many bids were too low. G-Man also wanted to buy the factories. Finally, he could produce bank notes himself. 56575 days ago Mono received the best takeover offer from the Jupiter. A miser absolutely wanted to buy the glove factories. G-Man was not contented at all. He wanted to argue even with Mono. But he renounced this. The miser took over the glove factories. Mono Logue returned with his property to Mercury. The miser was called Com Pete. He decided to write on the produced gloves Emoji for PC. Moreover, he marketed very actively the new gloves. His gloves were nationally sold in their topical form. Even tourists bought these gloves as a souvenir. G-Man felt himself more and more by popular miser threatened. 52925 days ago G-Man tried to kill the miser. Besides, he had a sword. Com Pete knew that he had many envious people and aliens. That's why he had a lot of spies. His spies recommended to the miser to keep away from G-Man. Com Pete wanted to find the biography of G-Man in all archives of Emoji for PC. But E Moji hid all information up to this time. 52921 days ago the escape of several members of the family of deceased Sam Logue succeeded in Saturn. The family of Sam could injure their overseers with several stones hard. Then they fled. They attacked several airplanes in Saturn. Then they flew to Emoji for PC. When they came to the town, they tried to find Mono Logue in his office. There they found out that Mono emigrated for a long time to Mercury. The oldest son of Sam Logue was called San. He absolutely wanted to meet G-Man. In the urban management he met E Moji and spoke with him. San Logue explained to the town dictator that his father was killed by the bad G-Man. At the beginning E Moji did not believe. But San had a proof. He had a document. In this document stood that Sam Logue was owner of the bank. Thereon clever E Moji decided to examine this case judicially. He took the document. However, the document was a forgery of Sam. At that time the bank still belonged Backstage. After long researches E Moji could prove, that the bank to an extraterrestrial from the planet Kepler-47 belonged. Thereon San Logue wanted to proceed against E Moji. In the meantime, he calmed down. By this second G-Man came for visit. San recognised him. Thereon San jumped on G-Man. He started to hit him. He shouted murderer, murderer to him. E Moji contacted after this event the local police. G-Man and San were arrested. Both were condemned in perpetuity. In the meantime, E Moji appointed the stingy Com Pete the uppermost boss of the bank. Before E Moji transferred the bank into urban property. Thus he wanted to prevent every takeover by private. 49275 days ago G-Man died after long illness in the prison. Thereon the release of San Logue decided E Moji. The son of Sam tried to hit the stingy Com Pete. After this San Logue had to be arrested again. In the meantime, Com Pete decided to make worse the terms of employment in the bank. He invented suitable justifications. He wrote several letters to his employees that the economic situation became clearly bad. Moreover, he paid to several newspapers that they published his theory everywhere. Thus reached that many Emojis believed in the bad economic situation. In Emoji for PC many inhabitants feared that they could lose their job. That's why they explained their readiness to unacceptable terms of employment. Also were belonging to it that the employees had to donate large parts of their income to the bank.

Thus the stingy Com Pete received nearly 44 percent of the wages by voluntary delivery. The miser called this delivery as a compassion delivery. In reality the miser hid the money in his shoes and underpants. He used the hidden money on his issues of the everyday life. 43070 days ago Emoji for PC celebrated its 20000 inhabitants. E Moji decided to organise thereon a big party. He still remembered very much how he became the famed inhabitant at that time. 42705 days ago Com Pete dreamt that San Logue killed him. Then the miser woke up. He ran to his fridge. He shouted to the direction of fridge: San Logue, Are you here????  He ran in the middle of the night on the street. He shouted completely loudly: SAN LOGUE!!!!  Many inhabitants of Emoji for PC were woken up. Several doctors were alarmed. Thereon Com Pete was delivered to the hospital. There he was examined for different illnesses. In the meantime, circulated the news that San Logue died in the prison. Thereon doctors decided to bring the miser to the prison. There the miser received the proof that his murderer just died. Thereon Com Pete got sedative product.

Emoji for PC in the modern times

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41975 days ago Easter Eggs wanted to take over the town by force. That's why commanded E Moji the formation of regional army. In the urban army all inhabitants had to take part. At that time Com Pete financed the purchase of several frying pans. With the help of the frying pans several Easter Eggs were attacked. Many landed on the frying pans. The miser was exceptionally proud about his achievement. 41245 days ago the construction of the railroad network began in Emoji for PC. 36865 days ago it was built ready. Thereon Scary Clown from the Circus Kingdom was invited. E Moji shook his hand. Com Pete reacted very nervously when he saw Scary Clown. In the meantime, Scary Clown tried to provoke a civil war. Thus the stingy Com Pete became more and more unpopular. His fans defended the miser. Thus a civil war began between haters and fans of the miser. 35040 days ago the First Horror Clown came to Emoji for PC. He brought his circus army to the town. He found out that the town was in the middle of the civil war. He used this. He helped the haters of Com Pete. The present banker was hit by the circus army several times with floors. Later Com Pete was called as an enemy of the Circus Union. 34888 days ago Com Pete was locked up in a prison in Emoji Meaning. The Horror Clown found out about the local bank. He welcomed that without exception in this town the bank belonged to the Emoji for PC. He praised thereon the town dictator E Moji.  34675 days ago E Moji wanted to say goodbye to his office. So he organised the new election of the town dictator. At this time Mo Logue came from the Mercury to Emoji for PC. He was interested in the early native country of his grandfather Mono. He visited thereon the old glove factory. Therein nobody worked at that time. Mo was disappointed very much. He took over the glove factory. Moreover, Mo visited the present town dictator E Moji. He found out that a short time ago the First Horror Clown took over the town and the region. E Moji warned the grandson of Mono that he should better hold hand from the regime of the Horror Clowns. Finally, the Horror Clown had nationalised the bank of stingy Com Pete. Thereon Mo Logue took his valuables and flew to Mercury. When Horror Clown found out about the grandson of Mono, he commanded the complete supervision of the glove factories. 31390 days ago the number of inhabitants reached just 77777 inhabitants of Emoji for PC. Because of this event the First Horror Clown visited the town. Moreover, he organised a military parade. The town dictator Ean Moji at that time made a long speech to this party. In the middle of the party the Horror Clown got a message about the forthcoming conflict with the planet Mars. He extinguished these news after five seconds. He made a Selfie with the town dictator. Moreover, he commanded to publish the Selfie everywhere in the newspapers.

27010 days ago E Moji died. Hardly he was buried, Egoists from Mars came. They started to fire at all persons present on the cemetery with their water pistol. Moreover, several houses were damaged with the ax. Ean Moji organised many Emojis to the against fight. The First Horror Clown sent several aerial balloons to Emoji for PC. Many soldiers rose in the aerial balloons. From there they pelted Egoists from Mars with pumpkins and water melons. Egoists could occupy Emoji for PC 208 days. Then many Egoists were expelled or killed. Several Egoists were arrested. Moreover, the First Horror Clown wanted to see all caught Egoists with his eyes. He hit every Egoist with his fist about 999 times. Moreover, he made Selfies with the enemies. The Selfies showed hit faces of the Egoists. These photos were sent especially to Emoji for PC at the command of the ruler. 25550 days ago soldiers of the circus army had to release several areas from egoistical dust. They did this quite fast.  22630 days ago mathematicians counted 222,222 inhabitants. 20440 days ago a team of the computer firm from Pluto visited the town. They gave to the town dictator a modern PC. At that time Emojis got to know in completely Emoji for PC about the present. The Second Horror Clown also got to know about that. So he ordered the delivery in his office. He exactly wanted to look at the technical product from Pluto with his microscope. 10950 days ago the Salted Cucumbers tried to install several spy devices in Emoji for PC. On account of strong presence of the circus army spies from the Salted Cucumbers could be identified fast. In this time high-ranking politicians of the Circus Union celebrated their success. Some celebrated their birthdays. Ean Moji celebrated his birthday in the capital of the Circus Union. Moreover, he wanted to meet the ruler personally. However, at this time a nuclear power station exploded close to Emoji for PC. Immediately all rescue forces had to be sent to the town. All inhabitants were supplied with protective masks. Then there fled all inhabitants from this area. Many radiologists had to analyse the damage with their devices later. 10777 days ago works began for the improvement of the air quality. Ean Moji explained his resignation as a town dictator of Emoji for PC. Several chimney-sweeps had to come from Emoji Meanings. They had to do much. 10586 days ago Ean Moji died as a result of the explosion of the nuclear power station. 10444 days ago Ewan Moji explained that the air became finally clean. Ewan Moji was the uppermost speaker of the town. Moreover, he was the son of Ean Moji. He was elected at the times of the king to the town dictator. 777 days ago the Salted Cucumbers wanted to sponsor a demonstration against the king of Emoji. That's why they looked Emojis in this town for their purpose. When the king got to know about that, he sent his army to the arrest of the Cucumbers. However, the Cucumbers could hide very well. That's why Emoji for PC on all public places got several supervision cameras. Since this time criminal Cucumbers are supervised. 333 days ago mathematicians had to count the population. According to their counting they were able to reach the number 418,111. However, the population grew, in the meantime, about other 303 inhabitants. However, the reason for the growth was censored from the authorities very strictly.


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The coldest day in winter was compared to the South Pole of the planet Earth. The warmest day in summer was compared to a sauna. Most meteorologists claim at least this in their studies. Ordinarily it is recommended to the tourists to wear a winter jacket in the December, January and February. The rest of the seasons one can hardly sometimes make a distinction. The temperatures move 15 °C - 24 °C between March and at the end of November always. On special days the weather can reach 55 °C, however, suddenly sometimes. This happened also, when Easter Eggs came to Emoji for PC. Thereby it was easier to defeat them. When the Egoists from Mars came, the temperature fell almost to -66 °C. Many Egoists had to get their ego from the freezer compartment.


The majority of the inhabitants are real Emojis. In this town also live Emoticons, Smiles, Clowns and extraterrestrials from different planets. A big group of the extraterrestrials from the planets Mercury and Jupiter was officially confirmed by highly qualified researchers. Somewhere extraterrestrials from the planet Kepler-47 also maybe hid. Several thinkers invented this theory in their notes 889 days ago.


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According to the newest laws the local parliament is anew elected all 1676 days. Besides, 44 seats must be awarded. The town dictator may decide himself whether he accepts the election of a new town dictator. That's why some town rulers stick very long to their seat chair. Every candidate must sign a document before the elections. The candidate confirms in this document that he may never make something against the will of the king. Also decisions against the urban population are valid as inadmissible. Topically was censored all information about the economy of Emoji for PC. The reason is that nobody has interest in stingy investors. The example of Com Pete makes clear this opinion.


Emoji for PC has at least 44 medical facilities. Among them are many hospitals and medical centres. Moreover, there exist special emergency services. According to a new law of the urban parliament every inhabitant must be examined all 444 days medically. The costs are absorbed by the local bank.


Many inhabitants go in regularly for sports in the woods or sports halls. 6689 days ago several stadiums were built. Therein professional sportsmen of Emoji for PC can train. Before all ball thrower are very successful. Also skiers are prepared here every December for Winter Olympics. Topically two skiers from this area are known as best for their region.

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