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Emoji for PC

This is the story about the town Emoji for PC. For Emoji pictures and meanings see: Emoji Dictionary. There, it concerns an eastern town in the kingdom Emoji. On the decision of former rulers Emoji for PC might be revalued to the eastern capital. However, this displeased the kings in Emoji SMS.  So they had several sleepless nights. According to calculations of very certified mathematicians the town counts 418,414 inhabitants. This number was dispatched to all inhabitants of the Emoji for PC in the mailboxes in a press release. What day the town had exactly so many Emojis, however, no mathematician could say. The uppermost mathematician of the area explained this to the biggest secret of the modern history.


 Emoji for PC





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80300 days ago many Emojis were in search of the suitable name for the town. At that time existed in Emoji for PC still no computers. At that time in general there were still no computers on the planet Halloween. What does the name of the area mean, however, actually?  

At that time the first excavations began on the today's urban centre. There excavators found step by step various gloves from old time. These were exactly ten 🧤 Gloves. On the first glove stood big E.  On the second glove was a capital M. Then came big O. The fourth form was J. The fifth letter contained the form I. The concept Emoji arose from that. However, this was not yet everything. Many excavators were dog-tired after their work. They had to make a break. 🚶😅1️⃣ 💭😂❌️1️⃣ 😶. Suddenly he heard strange and unknown tones in the area. After some time he got great fear. He ran away with the glove. 😂💩👤😊⬅️💭🐺🥊➡️😍👤🔠🗣️. On the last gloves the letters P and C were in each case separate. The inhabitants of the town got to know about the difficult works of the excavators. That's why they decided to name the town also after their finding. Thus the place was called definitively Emoji for PC. Besides, there was no opposition. With this name the achievement of the excavators was honored.


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100,375 days ago several Clowns from the Circus Kingdom came to Emoji for PC. Moreover, several Acrobats hid their working material from the authorities in this area. Later there came even other families from other people. In particular many extraterrestrials came from the planet Kepler-47. The most famous inhabitant from that planet was called Backstage. 🕺👽⏱️💃⏱️💩💭😋. At that time one called the area simply as the east of Emoji.  88330 days ago tried the Easter Eggs who governed in Middle Finger Emoji to bring also this area under their control. They came with their donkeys to Emoji for PC. There they began their 🤷‍♀️5️⃣0️⃣ 🖕3️⃣3️⃣0️⃣ 👥❌️🥰. But the ruling Acrobat invented the law of the censorship. Since that time somebody hardly dares to extinguish the law from the law book. Although a lot of time has passed. About 80300 days ago the famous gloves of the area were found official. This led to the topical city name: Emoji for PC

79570 days ago inhabitants of the town received an important command of the ruling Acrobat. They had to build a weapon factory. Most historians think that the date was inexact. Finally, the Acrobat died already before. But at that time only the construction works began.

Mercury in Emoji for PC

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75935 days ago the army from the Mercury with its ruler Chips Conquerors came to Emoji for PC. They tried to take over the whole region. Finally, dreamt Chips of building up his military base in this region. He wanted to persuade everybody of his food revolution. 🤗1️⃣ 6️⃣6️⃣ ☿2️⃣ 3️⃣ 🥫❌️⚔. 👽➡️🔧☿👤🥫🐈️‍⬛️🤔➡️🪓👤🔒️☠️. 😗💬➡️😍👤🤔👎️❌️👀⬆️😊. The opponents had no chance. Everywhere the name of Mono Logue hung in Emoji for PC. In the election day Sam Logue belonged to the scrutineers. He also considered to fake some electoral ballots. But he saw to his luck that his brother in spite of all caught up. His brother received 69 percent of the voices in Emoji for PC.  After his election to the town dictator he handed over his shops like the glove factories to his brother Sam. At this time extraterrestrials from the Saturn and Jupiter were interested in this location.

Emoji for PC in the early modern age

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67525 days ago came an extraterrestrial from the Saturn. He was called G-Man. He was very curious. He collected several information about Emoji for PC. He found out that Sam Logue was the uppermost bank boss of the region. He organized a group consisting of his friends. 🤨🌊🥫🔎🕷️🏦🚿🤩🕷️😶🚿➡️🏹👥🔉. 😯💡➡️⚖👤🐮😴🤔👨‍👩‍👦🔝😴⚽️. 😜🎼🎧️👨‍👩‍👦📞➕😥🖋️👨‍🎓️🎭️. 👶🧑‍⚕️🤱🏠️☠️➕🏦⚙️😒. 👤🤑👩☠️➕😞. 👥😭⬅️👩‍🍼👤🧰👩⬅️👤💉👩⬅️🎡💺. Then the miser woke up. He ran to his fridge. He shouted to the direction of fridge: San Logue, Are you here????  He ran in the middle of the night on the street. He shouted completely loudly: SAN LOGUE!!!!  Many inhabitants of Emoji for PC were woken up. Several doctors were alarmed. Thereon Com Pete was delivered to the hospital. There he was examined for different illnesses. In the meantime, circulated the news that San Logue died in the prison. Thereon doctors decided to bring the miser to the prison. There the miser received the proof that his murderer just died. Thereon Com Pete got sedative product.

Emoji for PC in the modern times

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41975 days ago Easter Eggs wanted to take over the town by force. That's why commanded E Moji the formation of regional army. In the urban army all inhabitants had to take part. At that time Com Pete financed the purchase of several frying pans. 👥🗿⬅️🤡🎃➡️🩹🔙🍳🥚👥🚻⬅️🛏️➕🔍️👤🚫👩⬅️☠️👤🥵👩⬅️♿️. 👥😷⬅️🧑‍⚕️➕🛗👤🤮👩⬅️💺👤🤥👩⬅️🤡🎃🛏️. 🧐❗️➕👂️👥😈⬅️👤👹👩⬅️🚯⬇️🧤. 👥👽⬅️💭👤👶🏼👩⤵️👾🔙🧬. 👤👺👩⬅️🫁🚆®️🧑‍⚕️💡😂. That's why Emoji for PC on all public places got several supervision cameras. Since this time criminal Cucumbers are supervised. 333 days ago mathematicians had to count the population. According to their counting they were able to reach the number 418,111. However, the population grew, in the meantime, about other 303 inhabitants. However, the reason for the growth was censored from the authorities very strictly.


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The coldest day in winter was compared to the South Pole of the planet Earth. The warmest day in summer was compared to a sauna. Most meteorologists claim at least this in their studies. Ordinarily it is recommended to the tourists to wear a winter jacket in the December, January and February. The rest of the seasons one can hardly sometimes make a distinction. The temperatures move 15 °C - 24 °C between March and at the end of November always. On special days the weather can reach 55 °C, however, suddenly sometimes. This happened also, when Easter Eggs came to Emoji for PC. Thereby it was easier to defeat them. When the Egoists from Mars came, the temperature fell almost to -66 °C. Many Egoists had to get their ego from the freezer compartment.


The majority of the inhabitants are real Emojis. In this town also live Emoticons, Smiles, Clowns and extraterrestrials from different planets. A big group of the extraterrestrials from the planets Mercury and Jupiter was officially confirmed by highly qualified researchers. Somewhere extraterrestrials from the planet Kepler-47 also maybe hid. Several thinkers invented this theory in their notes 889 days ago.


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According to the newest laws the local parliament is anew elected all 1676 days. Besides, 44 seats must be awarded. The town dictator may decide himself whether he accepts the election of a new town dictator. That's why some town rulers stick very long to their seat chair. Every candidate must sign a document before the elections. The candidate confirms in this document that he may never make something against the will of the king. Also decisions against the urban population are valid as inadmissible. Topically was censored all information about the economy of Emoji for PC. The reason is that nobody has interest in stingy investors. The example of Com Pete makes clear this opinion.


Emoji for PC has at least 44 medical facilities. Among them are many hospitals and medical centres. Moreover, there exist special emergency services. According to a new law of the urban parliament every inhabitant must be examined all 444 days medically. The costs are absorbed by the local bank.


Many inhabitants go in regularly for sports in the woods or sports halls. 6689 days ago several stadiums were built. Therein professional sportsmen of Emoji for PC can train. Before all ball thrower are very successful. Also skiers are prepared here every December for Winter Olympics. Topically two skiers from this area are known as best for their region.

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