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Emoji Brain

10,296 days ago Emoji Brain was born as the first child of his parents in the city Emoji Town. At this time, had to flee from the flare launchers his parents. As Emoji Brain was around 1987 days old, he tried to scratch on the television screen again. Here, his father was irritated so much that he imprisoned his son in a room. Little Brain cried so much that some journalists have been attentive to the cry. They wanted to make a documentary about the screaming. They ran into the house. They knocked on the door. The mother of Brain opened the door. She looked at the visitors weird. She did not understand why so many people and aliens with big video cameras and voice recorders came to them. The journalists said all the same sentence for identical time. They all searched for the "Screaming child". As the father of Brain ran like a rocket. He began to cry himself. But he made out of fear. The journalists explained that the cry of their son very liked them. The father began to laugh. After 24 seconds, he fell to the ground. The journalists kidnapped the little Brain of his room. Emoji Brain was taken to the television studio. There he was asked to shout. Little Brain stared but towards the giant screen of the computer. He called a condition of his cry. He wanted to get his own computer. The journalists accepted this request. After the cry of little brain he received a personal computer as a gift. The cry of Emoji Brain was then hailed as a novelty on television. So far, the television was very boring. Almost everywhere, the spectators had to watch the speeches of Horror Clowns. The cry of the little boy worked here as a modernization of television in Emoji. The small Emoji Brain began to deal with his computer. Since his family had no money for Internet, he had to deal with only the limited contents of the computer. Later than Emoji Brain was 2666 days old, came to power the King Devil Emoji. At that time, Internet was declared a national asset. So every inhabitant was awarded the Internet for 0.12 Bitcoins per year. Finally Emoji Brain could search the Internet information that really interested him. So he sought to learn programming by free opportunities on the Internet. At the age of 3222 days he already mastered several languages. His parents complained that Emoji Brain neglected school. In school, Brain was very picky. Subjects, that he considered unnecessary, he had replaced at this time with programming. Emoji Brain had no interest in history over the rule of Horror Clowns. Also attractions of Emoji he did not want to memorize. He learned only what was necessary for programming. It was mathematics of Emojis and language Emoji L. His teachers were concerned that Emoji Brain neglected so many subjects. They informed the parents of Brain. In a parent-teacher meeting the teacher wanted to discuss measures against Emoji Brain. Then they agreed to it additional hours in history, forcing geography and other subjects. This did not take advantage.

As Emoji Brain was 3600 days old, he was too much the whole. He finally decided to make something of his programming skills. He sat down at his computer and started to program anything. He told himself that he would try to do something. So he wrote a huge salad of codes. The result was a little game. Emoji Brain began to play his own game. He became addicted after this game. He noted that the game might be interested colleagues in his school. But in the school break, he had a problem that he could not bring his computer. He thought how he could ever show the game his classmates. It failed at the beginning of his desire.

As Emoji Brain was 4422 days old, he programmed a new game. This time, he wondered, to build a small computer. He searched the internet for instructions on how to do-it-yourself a computer. He found an instruction. He took his pocket money and went on a spending spree of materials. After he bought everything he ran home with joy. At home, he began to build a small computer according to the instructions. Despite his understanding for the construction according to the plan he could tinker a computer. He was disappointed that he did not succeed. Then he searched the Internet for small computers. Unfortunately, there was no small computer commercially. It took several days. After some time came great advertising for very small computers. Because knew Emoji Brain that he would so buy a small computer necessarily. He was 4927 days old, since he bought a small computer. From great joy his motivation grew on a new computer game to work. As made to the first main character Horror Clown and his circus army. In this game, one had the circus army to beat Egoists from Mars and Easter Eggs. Emoji Brain showed his classmates this game and many students liked that.
Since Emoji Brain thought, "If my classmates like this game, then I should be able to bring this game to other players."
When his parents heard about this game, they decided the chance for their son to use. So the parents went in search of investors. A hardware producer showed great interest in the game. So CDs were actively promoted with the game. Emoji Brain deserved after 188 days already 498,587 local Bitcoins. For his birthday 5475 days he earned already 1,097,678 Bitcoins. He became the youngest in the history of software developers Emoji. When he was 6889 days old, he founded his first company. So he could independently market his products. His company was after several days the most successful software provider in the Kingdom. At the age of 7777 days decided Emoji Brain individual shares of his company to a third party for sale. At this time he received 453,267,358 Bitcoins for his shares by investors. Especially many misers from the Jupiter showed great interest in his company. As Emoji Brain celebrated his birthday 10 thousand days, he decided on this occasion a whole watermelon to eat. He had himself photographed with the watermelon for a Selfie. Currently his company continues to grow. The company mainly produces software to protect banknotes from certain death in the water. That was the urgent desire of the misers. It happened in recent times too often, that misers lose their bills in the water. Then they dive into the water and are very disappointed that the banknotes were destroyed. Computer games can also be programmed by the company Emoji Brains.

For the meaning see: 🧠 Brain Emoji



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