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PR Emoji

PR Emoji was an artist. She was born 42,340 days ago. At that time, the king always wanted to further promote child slavery. Just 2 days after the birth of PR the king was pelted by angry Emojis with plastic bottles. They were protesting against the planned child slavery. At that time, were children forced to work from the age of 4400 days. This demanded the miserly employer. These were mainly from the Jupiter. After this people and aliens protest the king was very seriously injured. He thereafter remained for several days in an artificial coma. At that time, his son took over the rule in Emoji. The demonstrators demanded the abolition of child slavery. Then tried miserly employer to buy or steal the newborn child at birth. As PR Emoji was 14 days old, the parents of PR were given an offer to buy from the misers. They offered to 660 local Bitcoins. That was a lot of money for that time. This could all be long standard wishes to finance a lifetime for around four people or aliens. For parents of PR, earned per month approximately 1 Bitcoin together, it was like a financial gain in the lottery. They decided to share their poverty against the daughter PR. Only the first name was allowed to keep the child. PR Emoji grew up in a family of super-rich stingy Jupiter alien. Through the education of miser PR learned to love the slave labor. At the age of 2666 days, she was a slave of the miser. She had to sew clothes according to the wishes of Jupiter alien. In addition, she had to help with the cooking. The work was estimated at 14 hours from PR per day.
In the nonworking time PR Emoji painted different pictures. In the house of the miser, there were various color tools. This she was allowed to use at times. The images showed anyone. The reason was that she had feared that the miser would increase her working time to other hours. The miser would force her to forced painting in this case. When PR was 5840 days old, she just drew a picture of a landscape. At this time came the miser and saw how well PR Emoji painted. He called on immediately, the final image give him. She said that she had not yet completed the picture. Inwardly, she did not want to leave the miser the image. She was very sad and cried. Her wish was always greater. The desire was to leave the house. She wanted to free her from slavery finally. At this time, the parents of PR began to regret the sale of the subsidiary 5826 days ago. Finally, the two parents were not particularly good at dealing with the money. They had already spent half of 660 Bitcoins. But with 330 Bitcoins they were still rich enough. They found the address of the miser. Now when they saw that they had no chance. The misers were many slaves monitor their home. They tried it but still. They said that they wanted to meet the homeowner for business purposes. Then the parents of PR were approved. At this time PR opened the door and saw her parents. But she did not know who they were. The parents asked her if she would not happen to know PR. She said that she herself was PR. The parents reacted with great relief. They said that they were her biological parents. Then PR Emoji took all her important things and went with her parents from the house of the miser. After 2 days, the miserly homeowner learned about the escape of PR with her images. He then released to seek his own people PR. Meanwhile, the First Horror Clown was because further his political career. He had more and more fans. He built the strongest army in the universe. He was just in the capital city Emoji SMS traveling with his circus army. Then he saw an extremely large house. He wanted to know who was living as luxurious inside. He ordered his circus army invade the house. He and the circus army stormed the house. Therein they found the miserly Jupiter aliens. The slaves said they wanted to be exempted from these misers. Then the First Horror Clown commanded the mass murder of the misers. Then the circus army shot all misers with the stun gun. The slaves were the circus army so grateful that they joined the army of clowns. PR Emoji lived now with her biological parents.
Since they had enough money for food, PR could devote herself to painting. Her images became increasingly popular throughout Emoji. She drew and painted a total of 1998 images. Right famous were her pictures at the times of the Second Horror Clowns. He bought the same 44 images of PR. At the age of 40,515 days she died in her sleep. She left behind two children. (A son and a daughter)
Currently her landscape paintings were auctioned for record sums of 1,256,766 local Bitcoins. She focused mainly landscapes and furniture. In addition, PR Emoji recorded for animated films. The king of the land auctioned includes a picture of PR 1333 days ago.



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