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Emoji Thinkers

Emoji Thinkers is held annually meetings of the elite from politics, business and other areas of life. Here, many politicians and business leaders meet from many planets and countries. They discuss theoretically about the future of the galaxy. At this meeting, is including every time the eating of sugary cakes. In addition, they play different games. 🤴💭👑👩🎁➡️👤🤔👩⬅️👑👩❣️7️⃣0️⃣ 👑🤔👩👤🤔👩🥇🇬🇧📞. This meeting takes about 12,960 minutes. The positive in the meeting: The journalists have material for readers and viewers. The archive staffs have to archive lots of pictures from this meeting. Due to the weakness of the army of Emojis many military personnel participate from another planet to defend their state representatives. The majority of the population is hardly interested in this meeting. The reason is due to great satisfaction of the country's politics. Only some yellow Jupiter aliens keep trying to penetrate into the event.


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