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Emoji Thinkers

Emoji Thinkers is held annually meetings of the elite from politics, business and other areas of life. Here, many politicians and business leaders meet from many planets and countries. They discuss theoretically about the future of the galaxy. At this meeting, is including every time the eating of sugary cakes. In addition, they play different games. Especially misers from the Jupiter love this event. They can best identify with the goals of this event. Finally, it's all about theoretical objectives. Pluto aliens, however appear only with their least important representative in this event. Following the discussion, they celebrate "their great achievements" in close acquaintances. They hide from the public as much as possible. After all, stingy Jupiter aliens can enjoy their feast. In the mass media envious journalists speak of a festival of elite without progress. Indeed, no viable decisions are taken by Emoji Thinkers. The event has to project only the objective psychological hope for the planet-wide population. Within this context, let misers like photographed by the photographer for the press. They like to shake hands. At the end of the meeting they can also dance. This meeting takes about 12,960 minutes. The positive in the meeting: The journalists have material for readers and viewers. The archive staffs have to archive lots of pictures from this meeting. Due to the weakness of the army of Emojis many military personnel participate from another planet to defend their state representatives. The majority of the population is hardly interested in this meeting. The reason is due to great satisfaction of the country's politics. Only some yellow Jupiter aliens keep trying to penetrate into the event.

However, this is strictly forbidden under the laws of Jupiter for Transparent, White and Yellow social layers. The corresponding social strata can expect a fine of 9988 Bitcoins in violation of this law. In addition, there are prison sentences of 48 days for such crimes. At the end of the meeting the politicians and business leaders fly back.


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