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Sun Emoji

Sun Emoji was born 37,960 days ago in a village. She spent her childhood at a school for artistically gifted. Despite her age, she is still working. She also studied at the University of Humor Sciences art sciences in Emoji Clown. The reason was that she had been removed approximately 46 minutes by train from the city to her village. At the age of 8760 days Sun Emoji worked as a graphic designer in the city administration. In her spare time she began to draw various comics. The first comics were placed in the local newspaper as a diversion on "Horror Clown". The ruler wanted to know exactly what did these drawings in the newspapers at the time. He noted that the comics did not fit his ideas. Then the First Horror Clown signed a document that the comics were not up to date. As the newspaper continued to publish the comics of Sun Emoji, the deputy of the ruler informed him of the comics. Then let the First Horror Clown invade his circus policemen in the editorial of the newspaper disobedient. Then all those present were arrested. Sun Emoji just opened the door and saw all the journalists were arrested. She wondered what was happening. A circus policeman then asked for her name. He said that the editorial board of the newspaper was accused of insubordination. He also said that as of this very second at this location no newspaper could be published. The deputy of the First Horror Clowns contacted on the circus policemen. He demanded the arrest of Sun Emoji. Then let the circus police also arrested the cartoonist.

After 1460 days in jail all journalists and Sun released from custody. They had to meet certain requirements. So each set should be examined by the censorship place just before the publication. The censors were also suggestions on how to affect Horror Clown satisfied. Then the editor decided that Sun Emoji should draw very beautiful comics in honor of the First Horror Clowns. Due to her drawing talent the comics were the ruler liked. At the age of 10,950 days she wanted to try something new. She started the sculpting herself teach. Her sculptures have been so popular that the First Horror Clown in his testament wanted a sculpture of Sun Emoji for his grave. She was contacted during the lifetime of the ruler for this purpose. After the conflict with the Egoists from Mars, there were many orphans. Then Sun Emoji founded a center for the promotion of orphans. She also adopted two orphans. The First Horror Clown learned that she wanted to make any sculpture for him. As a reason she called his handling of the editorial board of the newspaper and the lengthy prison. The adopted children were returned to the orphanage. The ruler was very angry. He then released the whole editorial and Sun Emoji arrest for unlimited time. Only after his death all were released from custody. At that time, Sun fled from this area. At first she was in the land of Allergies. At the age of 15,512 days, she flew from Allergies to Neptune. There she could continue to focus on the sculpting. Her sculptures were then known in a short time far planet. There were a lot of aliens from the entire universe to Neptune. At this time, a pink Jupiter alien from the miserly social layer learned about the precious sculptures of Sun Emoji in Neptune. Then he ordered a sculpture with her. When the sculpture was completed, the miser wanted to pay only 33 1/3 percent of the original price. He wanted to sell the sculpture. Sun Emoji would not sell below the value of her work. The mad miser left on his position as supreme leader of the restaurant chain are for a short time on the side. He tried to figure out exactly who is "his" sculpture purchased. So he spied after the sculptor. His espionage was not long. After just four days, a customer came spontaneously to Sun Emoji and bought the sculpture. The Miser from Jupiter photographed the buyer with his camera. At the same time, he also photographed the sculptress. He thought that if she was so famous he could also sell a photo of her. In addition, the miser recorded the license plate number of the buyer of the sculpture. In the days that followed the avaricious Jupiter alien tried the photos of Sun Emoji to the various newspapers planet far for sale. Nobody wanted to buy the photos. The Miser was very angry and disappointed. After these tests, the miser went on the search for the buyer of his sculpture. During his attempt to sell the photos to Saturn’s journalists, the cook was on the editorial board. He was preparing a lunch for journalists. During this time, the miser hung his coat in front of the kitchen. During this time the cook went to the coat of the miser. He found the car number from the buyer of the sculpture. He memorized the data. He jotted down the information in his cookbook. Then he put the paper back into the mantle. The Saturn’s cook had very good memory. He was 7665 days old. He flew to Neptune. He wanted to find the buyer of the sculpture. The Miser was looking for a long time the car of the buyer. At last he found the car number. He rented a car and drove behind the buyer of the sculpture of Sun Emoji. In this time Saturn’s cook was able to reach the house of the buyer of the sculpture. There the cook hidden. The customer sculptor approached his house. After 34 minutes he was at the entrance to his house. He opened the front door. He sat on his bed. He began to read the newspaper. At the same time two extraterrestrials came before Neptune alien. The Miser is not expected that he would meet the Saturn's cook again. The cook, however, was already prepared for it. Nevertheless, that was a surprise for the two extraterrestrials. Both sculpture hunters cried at the same second, the same sentence: "Where is the sculpture of Sun Emoji?"

The Neptune alien promised to show the sculpture the two. He said that he would bring the sculpture with a button. He got up. He approached the mains. He studied closely the functions of the buttons. He pressed the orange button and the green button. Suddenly the ground opened under the feet of the two extraterrestrials. Both sculpture hunters fell in the underground bunker. After this event even more aliens interested for the sculptures of Sun Emoji. The Saturn’s cook and the miserly from Jupiter were arrested by the police Neptune. Thereafter, the value of the sculptures of Sun rose to a hundredfold. Out of gratitude to the sculpture hunter Sun Emoji sent two fans a medium-sized sculpture. After 1111 days in prison, the two were released from prison. Their midsize sculptures auctioned the two extraterrestrials for a censored amount. At the age of 18,250 days Sun Emoji gave birth to a daughter. She lived more days in Neptune. At that time she got an invitation to return to Emoji. Since she could not forgive nor the authorities, she refused to return. Only at the age of 29,565 days Sun Emoji returned to her homeland. She was living with her mother. She was honored by the king as the best sculptor of the Kingdom ever 5566 days ago. Currently she lives in a large apartment. She continues to work on her sculptures. On modern art exhibits her sculptures are shown regularly.

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