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Emoji Clown

This is the story about the city Emoji Clown. For the Clown Emoji see: 🤡 Clown Face. The city Emoji Clown is one of the largest cities in Emoji. Many extraterrestrials confuse this city always every 4 minutes with capital city Emoji SMS.
Here the city is especially known for the best domestic clowns are trained at the universities. Even the Horror Clowns from the Circus Country were always very enthusiastic about the circus from Emoji Clown. The First Horror Clown visited the circus in Emoji Clown even every 6 weeks. In the city live around 2,222,221 Emojis.

Emoji Clown


Why is the city called Emoji Clown?

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Still 124,678 days ago many jugglers came to Emoji with their circuses. At that time the city was still called "?". But this name was the population for a long time too boring. 🤹➡️🤡🥫😀➕💆‍♀️➡️🎪👥. ➡️♨👤➡️🤡👤💡. Suddenly, a clown came out of the woods and cried: Emoji Clown. This is me!
The laughing Emoijs thought: A good name for the city!
An opponent of this theory is the historian Ijome Cran. He refused to accept that past. 😀🤡🐾💡⬆️⛵️🤥➕🎭. The rulers of the Circus Country (especially Horror Clowns) regularly visited this city.
Currently thinks the King of the Salted Cucumbers Poisonous Snake about how he could bring the city under his poisonous influence.

History of Emoji Clown

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The city was originally official founded as a fortress to defend the borders of the Kingdom of Emoji 146,789 days ago officially. ☿➡️🎨👤💱🎪8️⃣0️⃣ 🦠💋. This event was held by the king's scribes in a book. As Chips Conquerors of Mercury came by Emoji Clown, trembling all residents. At that time the emperor and food revolutionist could move to a revolution against the king many Emoji in the city. Many Emojis lived under precarious conditions.  ☿➡️🤡🎃👤👥🧨⬅️1️⃣ 🎆3️⃣ . 5️⃣0️⃣ 🤡🎃👥🎈⬅️⏱️🚀💣. In addition, the First Horror Clown began to 🤡👥💳️🔟🦠💧🚽♂💺. 🤡⬆️🎪🥫🧠⚽️⬆️3️⃣0️⃣ 🥈👤. 🤡🎖️6️⃣ 🔪🎃⬆️🎪♂. The successor of the last Horror Clown threatened previously with the takeover of the city in the Circus Country.

Attractions in Emoji Clown

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Among the oldest monuments of Emoji Clown the stone building of the first circus heard (approximately 118,990 days old). This architecture can be seen the earlier influence of the clowns of the city. 🤡📞🕷️⛈️🕷️🥫. 🟢🤡☕️🦋🍓🍽️🐛. All smartphones must be issued to the security forces. All cameras have to stay outside. They may touch internally only with two eyes the building. 🤡📞👨‍👩‍👦🧠😴➡️🎪👤☠️. This museum was regularly monitored strictly and good at the times of Horror Clowns.


Most residents of Emoji Clown talk Emoji L. Many city residents can also use the language of the Circus Country. Other languages are also spoken.
Officially, the Emoji L and the language of the Circus Country are recognized.


The most famous team from Emoji Clown is the corn eaters ECM. Also cup pitcher be promoted in the city. Apple eaters get a scholarship for their sport. By contrast, water drinkers are encouraged to practice at home.


The town has its own train station. In addition there are several airfields. Most Emojis have their own flying saucer. So it is rare for storage. There are many bicycle parking.

Education and research in Emoji Clown

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The city is actively involved in academic education of the population. Who has a pre-academic training, has advanced training obligation. The city granted free coupons to increase education among the permanent residents. The only condition is that they can remain living in the city at least 11,122 days. The city wants to be planets far in the education ranking on the best places. 🔥⛄1️⃣ 🧑👤♂️🎎👥🧨⬅️👤🤝👤. 🤡👃💀.
Since there are other interesting questions from the lives of urban residents of Emoji Clown. An interesting research question concerns the Jupiter aliens. Why do Misers from Jupiter not come in this city?

Climate and travel to Emoji Clown

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Who wants to travel to Emoji Clown, must have a passport with a valid stamp until at least 4444 days before the expiration. Next apply helmet use compulsory for tourists. Thus, the local population should be able to recognize who is a foreigner. So must every tourist know at least 29 words in Emoji L. Upon arrival, all tourists are scrutinized on all requirements. In addition, tourists must necessarily be quite healthy. They must survive through the quarantine all medical examinations.
The climate on Emoji Clown is considered particularly good for wildlife. The plant variety is also very large. Temperatures range in winter of -0.6 to +12. In summer, temperatures of +20 increase to +32.56. In exceptional cases, the temperature reach +10 or +44.44. But these are only cases when nature gets angry about the behavior of the inhabitants. Then freeze Emojis or be burned by the heat.
😷👤⛽️🫁➕☔. 🤡🎃☠️🥫👃🔉➕🍁💬🐞.

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