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Emoji Clown

This is the story about the city Emoji Clown. For the Clown Emoji see: 🤡 Clown Face. The city Emoji Clown is one of the largest cities in Emoji. Many extraterrestrials confuse this city always every 4 minutes with capital city Emoji SMS.
Here the city is especially known for the best domestic clowns are trained at the universities. Even the Horror Clowns from the Circus Country were always very enthusiastic about the circus from Emoji Clown. The First Horror Clown visited the circus in Emoji Clown even every 6 weeks. In the city live around 2,222,221 Emojis.

Emoji Clown


Why is the city called Emoji Clown?

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Still 124,678 days ago many jugglers came to Emoji with their circuses. At that time the city was still called "?". But this name was the population for a long time too boring. There were even several civil wars to the city name. After the launch of the fox in the forest by the blue gun, came several animal rights and complained about the shooting down of the fox with the hunters. It turned out that the "downed fox" was not genuine. That was a robot, which was prepared in Pluto. In those days came Pluto aliens by Emoji and trained them for better and more advanced life.
This realization brought a lot of laughter. Suddenly, a clown came out of the woods and cried: Emoji Clown. This is me!
The laughing Emoijs thought: A good name for the city!
An opponent of this theory is the historian Ijome Cran. He refused to accept that past. He was very nervous when he heard this story again. For this reason, he invented his own theory. According to his opinion, the city was named as Emoji Clown because of the enthusiasm of the circus. In any case, it was clear already 50,498 days ago that the city will rise to a stronghold of domestic circus. The rulers of the Circus Country (especially Horror Clowns) regularly visited this city.
Currently thinks the King of the Salted Cucumbers Poisonous Snake about how he could bring the city under his poisonous influence.

History of Emoji Clown

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The city was originally official founded as a fortress to defend the borders of the Kingdom of Emoji 146,789 days ago officially. At the time, tried to settle in the area Allergies, Clowns, Emoticons and Smiles. Emojis had then their king. The king used the city as a kind of protective wall in front of enemies from other countries, and planet. At that time there was a first cucumber in the area. This led to great fear among the population at that time. Never before seen Emojis a running cucumber with long teeth. This event was held by the king's scribes in a book. As Chips Conquerors of Mercury came by Emoji Clown, trembling all residents. At that time the emperor and food revolutionist could move to a revolution against the king many Emoji in the city. Many Emojis lived under precarious conditions. Many residents had leaves to tear from the trees, so they do not starve. This led to major fighting between the army of Mercury and the royal family and its allies. The then king wanted that the people and aliens serve as his slaves. Therefore posted Chips Conquerors several successes in the fight against the king. Many Emojis agreed to fight their own evil king. So the food revolutionist sent an army with food for the hungry population in Emoji Clown. Thus, the local population was stronger. Emojis planned jointly with Chips Conquerors to overthrow the king. Then the emperor ordered himself to kidnap all the family members of the king. The Mercury army was able to won great success. Most Emojis supported the emperor Chips. This enabled the food revolutionist to arrest the entire family of the king. The royal family was kidnapped by Mercury and detained there. The King of Emoji but could successfully hide himself from the rulers from Mercury. He had an unknown for all underground bunker. Later, the emperor tried to find the King. This lasted but too long. For this reason, Chips Conquerors won the residents of Emoji Clown for himself. They accepted him as ruler. He was named the city as "our ruler of Mercury". After the death of food revolutionary Chips Conquerors decided his followers to bring the arrested family of the King of Emoji back. The King of Emoji learned that the emperor died. He left his bunker and continued to rule with his family. But an enslavement of the people and aliens no longer managed the royal family. 77,017 days ago, the modern university Emoji Clown opened. This happened at the urgent request of the population. There was previously for 66 days demonstrations. The professors had to be imported from the Pluto. It was the first robot. The king did not want to spend much money for the education of the people and aliens. In addition, the king threatened with a massive tax increase, as more and more Emojis would go study. Then great impudence on the part of the people to the king was accused.
The importance of the city grew with increasing growth of circuses. This was very beneficial preparation for the reign of Horror Clowns. While the city Emoji Face had to be renamed Horror Clown Faces so that the city will be helped in conflict with the Egoists. Emoji Clown enjoyed great respect in the Horror Clowns. As Egoists from Mars and the Easter Eggs came to Emoji Clown, sent the First Horror Clown around 89,068 soldiers to the area. It all Egoists and Easter Eggs were alive killed by multiple rocket attacks. In addition, the First Horror Clown began to send at least 8 million missiles to Mars. These attacks several million Martians were fatally injured. The protection of circus stronghold of Emoji was the Horror Clowns of great importance. The city was one of the best supplied Emoji Clown cities in Emoji at the times of the reign of horror clowns. After the death of the last horror clowns great fear came into the houses of the population. They feared a significant deterioration in their situation. Indeed, it was that way. After independence, the Emoji from the circus country town Emoji Clown lost their special status. For the Government of Emoji, Emoji SMS was the most important city in the country.
The Emojis began more active demonstrations against the government for the improvement of the status of their city. There were several per Horror Clowns demonstrations. The dictator responded with an iron fist. He sent police and army to Emoji Clown. There are several demonstrators were pelted with watermelons and seriously injured. This situation favored continuing the rise of the future king Devil Emoji. Only with his acquisition of control, the situation in Emoji Clown could be improved. The successor of the last Horror Clown threatened previously with the takeover of the city in the Circus Country.

Attractions in Emoji Clown

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Among the oldest monuments of Emoji Clown the stone building of the first circus heard (approximately 118,990 days old). This architecture can be seen the earlier influence of the clowns of the city. Currently regular appearances of clowns listed from around the world in this building. Another hall was built 89,060 days ago in the city. The goal was to bring more movement the population. There gym and indoor swimming pool were built. Other sports activities were added later. In addition, a pink blue theater was built at the request of the mayor 80,748 days ago. The building was invented by a renowned architect on paper. Later, the construction workers as archaeologists had to find out what the architect left on the paper. Finally, the architect became ill from a strange disease. This meant that the architect fled the building sites. But his plan was great. That is why the mayor wanted to implement this plan only. In addition, the city Emoji Clown has a palace for secret meetings of military personnel. But there are also some spies in the palace. For visitors, the palace is open daily for 299 minutes. Before entering, each visitor is scanned. All smartphones must be issued to the security forces. All cameras have to stay outside. They may touch internally only with two eyes the building. However one must still brush with eye drops his or her eyes. The walls of the palace are not to be dirty by the looks. A museum was also built. This time it was the main theme of "urban circus". This museum was regularly monitored strictly and good at the times of Horror Clowns.


Most residents of Emoji Clown talk Emoji L. Many city residents can also use the language of the Circus Country. Other languages are also spoken.
Officially, the Emoji L and the language of the Circus Country are recognized.


The most famous team from Emoji Clown is the corn eaters ECM. Also cup pitcher be promoted in the city. Apple eaters get a scholarship for their sport. By contrast, water drinkers are encouraged to practice at home.


The town has its own train station. In addition there are several airfields. Most Emojis have their own flying saucer. So it is rare for storage. There are many bicycle parking.

Education and research in Emoji Clown

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The city is actively involved in academic education of the population. Who has a pre-academic training, has advanced training obligation. The city granted free coupons to increase education among the permanent residents. The only condition is that they can remain living in the city at least 11,122 days. The city wants to be planets far in the education ranking on the best places.
In Emoji Clown is particularly researched actively, as the population could be brought to continuous laughter. The researchers want the Emojis laugh during 1440 minutes. Of these, however only one day would make a joke long pause. To this end, the mayor decided to allow more students to the University of Humor Studies. Other topics on which active research is being conducted: Why Emojis are drilling in the nose when they are stopped in the car from the traffic lights. Why eat Emoji every Tuesday tomatoes with escalope?
Since there are other interesting questions from the lives of urban residents of Emoji Clown. An interesting research question concerns the Jupiter aliens. Why do Misers from Jupiter not come in this city?

Climate and travel to Emoji Clown

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Who wants to travel to Emoji Clown, must have a passport with a valid stamp until at least 4444 days before the expiration. Next apply helmet use compulsory for tourists. Thus, the local population should be able to recognize who is a foreigner. So must every tourist know at least 29 words in Emoji L. Upon arrival, all tourists are scrutinized on all requirements. In addition, tourists must necessarily be quite healthy. They must survive through the quarantine all medical examinations.
The climate on Emoji Clown is considered particularly good for wildlife. The plant variety is also very large. Temperatures range in winter of -0.6 to +12. In summer, temperatures of +20 increase to +32.56. In exceptional cases, the temperature reach +10 or +44.44. But these are only cases when nature gets angry about the behavior of the inhabitants. Then freeze Emojis or be burned by the heat.
One must no tear flowers in Emoji Clown. This can be punished with a 40 days active prison sentence. A tourist from Mars tried to tear a blue flower. A resident alerted the police and the municipal security. It even came to a political crisis between Emoji and the planet Mars. It agreed the two sides by Mars gave ten trees as compensation to the city. Then the tourist was released from custody.

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