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Emoji Face

This is the city of the most average residents with 😀 Grinning Face.
Emoji Face is the center of treasure hunters and had about 2.6 million inhabitants (with suburbs) before the onset of allergy the miser's fifth largest city of Emoji. The current population is estimated at 2,357,864 inhabitants by competent mathematician. The city is an important industrial center of the country, home to several universities, home of the internationally successful pizza eaters Association Emoji Face Pizza Eaters and an important cultural center.
Emoji Face is capital of the region, which has about 6,756,426 inhabitants. At the times of the First Horror Clowns the City had to be renamed in Horror Clown Faces. That was the condition of the ruler, that he would protect the city from the Easter Eggs and the Egoists. After the last Horror Clown came to power, he decided to convert back name into Emoji Face. The reason he called that the area offers hardly good infrastructure for clowns. That's why the name would have a wrong message to aspiring clowns. They would simply be disappointed by the lack of infrastructure in the city. So the name was changed again.

Emoji Face


Geography of Emoji Face

🌈 Geography and Weather

Emoji Face is in a predominantly agricultural landscape of small forests, hills (natural and tailings of mines)
and lakes surrounded. The city lies on the river Calm Y, which opens about 14444 giraffes south of Emoji Face in Yellow Sea, in the far distant sea, which has traditionally been a preferred vacation area of the population.
The township is divided into several regions. Strikingly, in the urban area are especially many busy bees that produce honey for the population and for the local bears. Here are living in the forests of Emoji Face many red wolves that turn into orange fox every night. Biologists believe that as the fear of forest visitors should be reduced at night. For this reason, the wolves turned into foxes. In addition, deer turn into brown bears anytime lunch times. This makes them adapt to the predators. How to prevent it becoming victims of predators. It is therefore the biologists clearly that bears are simply compelled to find all the honey from Emoji Face and eat. Moreover disappear more and more branches in the stomach of the hungry bear. By contrast, not a single bear has eaten an Emoji or even injured. A biologist suspected that Emojis could have a natural protection from the attacks of predators. Biologists are working under high pressure out. Very interested in this research have the misers from the Jupiter. In Jupiter often Misers be attacked by the bears. This causes costs. Therefore Jupiter aliens think about transporting the bears to Emoji Face. So the bears should remain protected from the shooting down.

History of Emoji Face

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The town's name comes from a particularly innovative inhabitants of Emoji.
One day was a small group who settled in the present territory of Emoji Face to give the field a reasonable name. This lasted for several weeks already about 53290 days ago after discussion, the Emojis looked in the mirror. They all said the same thing, what for a face we have. So they called the area Emoji Face. They started to build the first houses. They placed a sign with the name "Emoji Face" on the historic site. 😀🆕×🎮️🌄7️⃣. 👤😀⬅️🛒➡️🥛👤⬆️🌄🤔➕🤔➕🧑‍💼🆕×🎮️💬. 💩🎮️⌛️🧹🎮️👥⌛️⬅️🥤➕👥👨‍🍳⬅️🚽. After this defeat, not an Egoist or Easter Egg Emoji Face tried to conquer. The last Horror Clown was so envious of the successful career of the First Horror Clowns that he renamed the name Horror Clown Faces in Emoji Face. Historians saw in this step that the Emoji would be the Circus Country in the near future independently. Later, these historians have been awarded the title "prophet". 👥😈⬅️❌️🆕🏠️➕🥲🤡🧝🎮️. 🧑‍💻️🧑‍🔬🥇🛠️👤🎮️👨⬅️🤡▶️2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 💬🏤🪜👤🦋👨⬆️🎮️💥. The oldest Emoji told the astrologers that the recent eponym to the times the Second Horror Clowns died. He knew this personally.
The astrologer wanted to bring the ancient Emoji to this location. The ancient Emoji wanted initially not to this place. 🤥💬🤨💬1️⃣ 👤🤡➕👤😏⬅️🌲⬆️.💩×😀➕💬🎮️🆓▶️×💬😪🎮️🆓. 🆕×🗣️🤤🆕👥😜⬅️❤️🔥❌️🎮️. ⏱️👥😀⬅️👥😍👉🤡⬅️🎮️🆕❤️🎮️💬.➡️🧑‍🎄🎮️🆓❣️▶️. He joined the group of revelers.


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The number of inhabitants grew in the last 53,000 days in particularly strong. At the beginning of the area Emoji Face of a few individuals and extraterrestrials was inhabited. Currently there are more than 2 millions inhabitants.


In Emoji Face various languages are spoken. Emoji L is the main language.
Other languages have been imported by the extraterrestrials in boxes and ships to Emoji.


In Emoji Face bricks and concretes are manufactured for the houses. There are several factories that are spread throughout the city. The city is well known for its yellow chocolate. In this chocolate all over 2 millions Emojis are particularly proud. This chocolate guarantees the most yellow teeth. Yellow teeth are also called as a trademark of Emoji Face.


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Emoji Face is a city with several universities and their research institutes, which are mainly related topics
the concrete industry deal. At these schools were trained in the last 16425 days also hundreds of students from Mars or Mercury.
-National Technical University Emoji Face: This
University was founded on the urgent command of the First Horror Clowns.
-University Of yellow chocolate. As highly qualified food specialists are trained.
-College for budding engineers.
-University Of humor Sciences. Therein entertainment staff are educated.
singers, comedians and designers, artists, poets, comedians, humorists, mood enhancers and similar professionals
-University for long-term students: medicine and psychology
-University of long-term unemployed: Professional qualifications of the unemployed is improved.
-University of Tourism Sciences
Here the students learn how could attract with a magnetic tourists to Emoji Face. Of course, with the use of magnetic force.


🚂 Transport

Emoji Face is known for flying boats. Therein blocks are transported.
It also comes with unauthorized passengers in the ships. Often stingy Jupiter aliens hiding for reasons of cost to the ships with the blocks. That was once in trouble Emoji SMS. Once the purchaser nor a miser got to the blocks it. He was shocked and had to call the emergency doctor. The Miser was sentenced to forced labor. The miserly Jupiter alien told the judge that he wanted to save the 18 local Bitcoins to transport by ship.
Despite his clemency the miser was also sentenced to a payment of 28 local Bitcoins.
One can travel by bus, tram, train, airplane and flying saucer in Emoji Face or fly. The private car is tested as a means of transport for approval. Since the Emoji are many accidents known on planet Earth, they want to still examine the car exactly. This applies at least for the city Emoji Face.

Culture in Emoji Face

The municipal university for Humor Studies actively supports the entertainment industry of Emoji. From this university came already successful filmmakers, actors, comedians and other artists. Even the twelve-hour documentary about Emoji Face was produced by a former student of the university.

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