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Emoji Backpack

This is the story about the island Emoji Backpack. For other meanings see: 👚 Clothing. The Emoji Backpack is an island in the southern Yellow Sea. The Emoji Backpack has an area of 85,964 Tomatoes Boxes and 2,029,468 inhabitants (last census 664 days ago).
Since the conquest of the city Emoji Pop by the Salted Cucumbers from the Emoji 777 days ago. In addition, keep trying to bring the island by land purchases under their control Misers from the Jupiter. But the Salted Cucumbers warn all buyers before buying. They even threaten with the expropriation of the owners. Emoji Backpack has a special position within the Kingdom Emoji.

Emoji Backpack



Geography of Emoji Backpack

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The Emoji Backpack is the largest island in the Yellow Sea. The island hides daily at 5:55 o'clock in the north and east by the Yellow Sea. This phenomenon called the earth researchers as "natural self protection of the Earth from the sea". Deposit Account loves to spend his holidays on the island. Because he wants to finish his entrepreneurial career, he plans to often visit the island. The northern part of the island is flat to gently undulating and forms a mountain landscape, which is irrigated over the West Emoji Backpack channel with water from the Yellow Sea.
In the north of the island lies the Yellow Mountains, which represents not only a geographical obstacle, but also a point of contention between Clowns and Emojis.
While south of the mountains prevail rather temperate climate conditions and especially the winters are much colder, there south of the Yellow Mountains Mediterranean climate, where tropical fruit and pear apple thrive. Many of the farmers complain that stingy Jupiter aliens steal their crops. They even refunded official complaint against the Misers. The elite from the Jupiter calls themselves a compensation for defamation of the political elite in Emoji Backpack. The Salted Cucumbers agreed to expel the misers of the island. A condition presented the king of the Salted Cucumbers equal. The Emojis should leave free mineral resources the poisonous king. But want to get rid Emojis the two sides finally. For this reason, they are looking for allies. Horror Juggler from Circus Country would actually be willing to distribute both sides of the island. But his condition is quite simply the renunciation of independence Emoji. He strives for an union with the funny people.


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The designation of the Emoji Backpack derives possibly from the ancient enthusiasm for hiking with backpacks. Sport opponents called this enthusiasm as a real insult to the lazy sacks in Emoji. How Generous wrote in their memoirs many days ago, also Mercury aliens lived on the island. Blame the Ministry of Tourism of Emoji Backpack should be. This attempted to bring other aliens to the island again and again. A modernization of the island failed for a long time in the earlier period. 735,840 days ago some extraterrestrials came from Pluto by Emoji Backpack. At that time they were trying to inhabit the island. They brought first gadgets. The first gadget was an electronic toothbrush. They represented then the opinion that healthy and beautiful teeth should have the first priority. 67809 days ago archaeologists found especially many old electronic toothbrushes under the earth. Then archaeologists came from Pluto and told the local authorities that their ancestors inhabited the island before. They also brought evidence from the old archives of the State Museum. 600,068 days ago then came also the Neptune aliens on the island Emoji Backpack. They tried to spread their old calculator on the island. This even though no one at that time thought of calculators on the island. A professor from the Pluto could only laugh at the calculator from the Neptune. This model was already very outdated on the Pluto. For this reason, sent Pluto aliens their newest calculators by Emoji Backpack. Neptune aliens felt very insulted. The former dictator of Neptune Pro Trusion began to send several missiles in the direction of Pluto. After 1680 hours, the main buildings were destroyed completely in Neptune by Pluto aliens. This also positions in Emoji Backpack affected. The power building on the island served to highlight the arrogance of Neptune aliens of the old days. This building was razed within 12 seconds the ground. Neptune aliens tried to kidnap several Pluto aliens from different regions of the universe. The former writer Rest Room from Pluto was at an event for celebrities on Saturn. He told a story. Suddenly came the unknown and kidnapped the writer. There were uniformed policemen who dressed as Saturn's policemen. But they were Neptune aliens. These events worsened relations between Pluto and Saturn. Unlike Neptune Saturn wanted to inflame any military conflict. Saturn had its own representatives from the Pluto fly home. After the big loss to Pluto, Neptune tried to incite against Pluto the planet Uranus. The kidnapped writer Rest Room was illegally housed in a prison in Uranus by Neptune aliens. The dictator of Neptune Pro Trusion paid personally to stay the writer in prison of Uranus. With a GPS Pluto aliens could find all abducted Pluto aliens. Pluto aliens forced Saturn aliens and Uranus aliens to cooperate against Neptune aliens. The dictator of Neptune Pro Trusion allowed to build a tower in Emoji Backpack. Saturn and Uranus realized that they were not able to withstand the Pluto. On the command of Saturn's dictator of the tower in Emoji Backpack was with several exploding stones completely destroyed. Then Neptune tried to proceed against Pluto. Uranus declared its neutrality in the conflict. At this time Pluto had stationed several Pluto aliens in Emoji Backpack.  From this island flew sick bees in the direction of Neptune. After these bee stings at least 789,708 soldiers of Neptune's army were seriously ill. After this defeat, had to admit with two full glasses tears Pro Trusion his defeat. So were 580,087 days ago several Pluto aliens on the island Emoji Backpack. 404,876 days ago increasingly Pluto aliens emigrated back to Pluto. From the Grand Clown increasingly Emojis came to the island. So the island later became a part of the Kingdom Emoji. The Emperor of Mercury Chips Conquerors tried several times to transfer on Emoji Backpack his food revolution. This he did not succeed. The food situation was always excellent on the island.
In the days of the conflict with the Egoists from Mars, the Easter Eggs marched quickly to the island. They tried as many as possible to populate their people there. At that time, approximately 56,708 voluntary Eggs came to Emoji Backpack. They tried in this way to conquer the land. The regime of the First Horror Clown suddenly realized that the weight of the island was much too heavy a very short time. Then an urgent inspection of the area was arranged. The researchers launched a survey on the island. They wanted to know whether the birth on the island grew so strong. The local population of Emojis denied this. Later some locals noticed the strangers in their territory. They thought at first that they were tourists. At this time, the local television station was occupied by the Egoists from Mars. After the First Horror Clown learned about the forbidden entry to the Martians on the island Emoji Backpack, he ordered his military urgently 678,900 soldiers to send out.
Then all the foreigners were searched. In some strangers it were the Easter Eggs. They were all arrested without exception. Egoists from Mars tried to shoot at the soldiers of the Circus Country with the poison gun. At least 9999 soldiers were medium seriously injured. Then swore the First Horror Clown a painful revenge against the Egoists from Mars. Within 168 hours at least 7,683,537 buildings were completely destroyed on Mars with all the contents. The buildings were mainly the members of the army of Martians. Of which at least 12,356 soldiers from the Mars were poisoned because of dust. The Easter Eggs were detained en masse in small spaces.
29,866 days ago the Egoists from Mars could put their flag on the island Emoji Backpack at the beginning. This flag annoyed Horror Clown so strong that he had to send at least 289,476 missiles at the capital city of Mars. The capital city was badly damaged. The Egoists from Mars fled partly to the Earth. There they are trying to start a new life. After the defeat of the Martians in this conflict, the First Horror Clown was hailed as greatest hero of all time on Emoji Backpack. At that time many clowns came to this island. They founded many circuses there. Following the decision of the First Horror Clowns the island should the Circus Country belong. Emojis accepted this decision. Although they prefer seeing the island as part of their history. But out of respect for the power of Horror Clowns acceptance was relatively large. Regularly, a delegation from the planet Kepler came and checked the water quality on the island.

Population of Emoji Backpack

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On the island live approximately 2,029,468 inhabitants. Of these, at least 1,237,886 inhabitants have 111,111 planetary Bitcoins on their bank account. The rest of the population belongs to the free movement of citizens. At the free citizens are citizens from other cities of Emoji, who moved to the island.
Among other things, every citizen must have their own apartment. This is written in the local law. This means that the apartment can be used for its own needs for a fee of 12 Bitcoins per year for water, heating, electricity and gas. The apartments can not be rented. Exchange of housing, however, is permitted. This regulation stingy Jupiter aliens should be prevented from doing so, in Emoji Backpack to acquire real estate. In addition, one wants to prevent the loss of purchasing power due to rising rents. This happened in other fields of other planets. There the misers have virtually driven the local population due to high rents in financial ruin.
On the island live many Emoticons, Smiles Faces and Clowns. Other ethnic groups also live on the island or spend their free time there. Especially many swimmers come to the Yellow Sea.


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The economy of the Emoji Backpack is based mainly on agriculture (fruits, vegetables, corn, poultry) and tourism. The economy is favored by the mild climate on the island. A well-known export article is the Emoji Back to the Future, which is made up to 99 percent on the island. The Salted Cucumbers were very envious of the growing strength of the Circus Country. For this reason, they sent many Bitcoins by Emoji Backpack. The aim is to establish a mood against the Circus Land on the island. So several factories financed by the money of Salted Cucumbers. Poisonous Snake repeatedly stressed that he wants to bring the island's economy under his control. The water supply of the island is mainly via the Yellow Sea.
The water is cleaned at specific locations through modern technology. This means that the tap water is safe to drink in all apartments the island Emoji Backpack immediately and without filters. Here one can choose hot and cold water. The water contains only small amounts of lime. For this, the water contains a lot of sodium and magnesium.
14,235 days ago, city planners were trying to build a nuclear power plant on the island. But most Emojis had very afraid before the construction. For this reason, the city planners had let build the nuclear power plant in their dreams.

Tourism in Emoji Backpack

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61,257 days ago many clowns came to the island. They rebounded very much in the Yellow Sea. In addition, many elite clowns came to the island, so that they could recover from their fans. Therefore they called the island formerly known as "Celebrity Island". This then led to a mass tourism of the paparazzi. They waited very curious about new celebrities on this island. But under the rule of the First Horror Clowns a ban on the promotion of prominence on the island with all hardness was enforced. That is, who was caught taking pictures of celebrities who had expected that he would have to spend two giraffes under the earth for 168 days. In addition, many tourists come to the island so that they can admire the orange birds. Some clever charlatans try on the island their buns for 4.67 Bitcoins to tourists for sale. The bread rolls can see at first glance, large and full. In reality, the rolls are only outwardly large. Therein they are like balloons. Since the tourists can barely defend themselves, earn the charlatans of hunger rolls good money. The local government on Emoji Backpack tried in vain to stop the charlatans. After all brochures are distributed on the island. Therein warn the authorities against the charlatans.

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