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Emoji Phone

Emoji Phone founded around 12,456 days ago. At that time the need for mobile phones increased in funny country. In addition, many residents dreamed of being able to make Selfies. The company was established by using the advanced Pluto aliens. The technology not only included Selfies, but also allowed the monitoring of others. This has been actively used mainly by working parents. They could spy on their children continuously. The company also sold calls for little money. The use of mobile phones increased daily. After the death of the last Horror Clowns were trying to take the company to be different aliens. It began a bitter struggle for privatization. Miser Jupiter aliens wanted the company to overwrite on their behalf. The power struggle lasted until the king Devil Emoji took power. At that time, he let the disputants argued before the court. The disputants had to explain in court why they claim the company themselves. Nobody could bring convincing arguments. Thus, the company became a part of Emoji Telecom. This provider can call different places.



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