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Emoji Pants

Emoji Pants is the largest island of the river Emoji Clothing. The island is located on the left edge of the largest horse sculpture. Because many mountains may not drive a vehicle there is. Many Emojis need there a special 3D glasses, so they can find their way. In addition, a hydroelectric power plant was on the island 28957 days ago built using healthy investors. Important prerequisite for investments in Emoji Pants is a very good memory. One must be able to demonstrate that you are able to learn at least 260 words in a new language per hour. The island has a length of 56,235,843,468 books which contain almost 126 pages. The width of the island can be gone within 44 minutes on foot. The area of the island is still calculated by mathematicians. 405,515 days ago wrote an old Generous in his memoirs about the island Emoji Pants restarted. At the time, the Generous were trying to inhabit the island. It also states that a meteor landed on the island 406,857 days ago. The search for Meteor brought many curious on this area. The Generous were great inventors of religions. That is, they invented their own religion with their own God for the island. Today one still finds the ruins of the ancient Generous.
Later came some emperor of a censored area on the island Emoji Pants. He tried to build his own home on this island. His name could not be found, unfortunately, by the archaeologists. It was only "Emperor of_____". The local authorities of the island refused to release for publication the nationality of the emperor. This is one of the greatest secrets of Emoji Pants.

Emoji Pants


Description of the island

Prior to the establishment of the White Tower were above Emoji Pants six rapids of Emoji Clothing. They have perished in the reservoir, in this way, the river was navigable. Right in the middle of the island there are two large rocks and remains of ancient history. In addition to live on the island, many chickens, cows and blue sheepskin. The rocky northern part of Emoji Pants protrudes in some places more than four giraffes on the water surface, while the western part is characterized by flat shores, beaches, bays and lakes. On the island lived a variety of rare and endemic plant species as well as an abundance of wildlife. There one will find different landforms on the island, such as remains of the mountain, oak and pine forests as well as a diverse aquatorium in the eastern area. The island was annexed to the Kingdom Emoji 46803 days ago. So one can ride the horse in the direction of the island. The bridge connects Emoji and Emoji Pants from the right side of the brown beach. In the heavily industrialized city in the Emoji Pants provides the island with its woods, meadows, lakes and beaches a popular recreation area. Even some big companies here their rest homes and there are many underground bunkers. Although it is planned because of the special status of the island for a long time to relocate the existing settlements of the island, has done little here. The King of Emoji allowed to build his own underground bunker on Emoji Pants. Therein flees the king with very hot summer temperatures. The island is also very popular with the pirates from all the planets of the universe. Some of the archaeological sites has been prepared as a tourist attraction. Thus, for example, on the medium-sized mountain a prehistoric place of worship from the decay time admiring, sometimes visited by Generous. Local archaeologists believe the system could not have had a calendar function for predicting the weather.

Legal status of Emoji Pants

After the death of the last Horror Clowns and the liberation of Emoji from the Circus Country, the authorities decided to revalue the island. This means that they rated the value of the island is much higher. This meant that the local population had to meet higher civic obligations. Suddenly every inhabitant had to plant them instead of two trees at least twelve trees in Emoji Pants. Then there were mass protests. The inhabitants of the island wanted to stand up for their independence. The King of Emoji let it reduce the limit of to plant duty trees significantly. Today Emoji Pants is one of the greenest islands of the Kingdom of Emoji.
Next all privatization of the island were completely banned. This means that the island may be sold under any circumstances. In addition, no forest may be privatized. The forests will automatically belong to the people and aliens. In this way one wants to exclude conditions such as in Jupiter entirely. The Misers of Jupiter rent tickets for each forest visit.

Museum project

Since 16789 days there were under the then leader of the Emoji, Es Kimo, a time of national enthusiasm in the Emoji.
On the island planned members of the state and party apparatus on Emoji Pants a great Memorial in honor of the First Horror Clowns set up, whose heart should be a museum of history of the deceased. The planning of the monumental project made rapid progress, not least thanks to the support by Kimo himself. As this was suddenly deposed 15330 days ago and replaced by Can Dy, began into the Emoji an ice age. This led to the bad reputation of Dy in Circus Country under the former Horror Clown. Thus Dy refused to honor the memories of the First Horror Clown. Since the plans were at an advanced stage and had been partly already started construction, it was decided, at least to build a museum ants - which could have to do with the clowns, but only marginally. The implementation of these new plans was sluggish, only 11324 days ago the Museum of History Emoji Pants opened. It was a typical regional museum, which reproduced the history of the region in terms of the interpretation of the Party of Horror Clowns. In one of the halls, the time has been discussed from the beginning of human history up to the big success in the conflict against the Egoists of Mars, the other rooms showed the following periods - the rise of Horror Clowns for great power and the reconstruction and industrialization of the region. 10085 days ago was discussed again about it, but still honor the First Horror Clown with a monument at the museum. The last Horror Clown wanted but that a new monument would finally honor him. Due to the dispute this project was prevented.
After gaining independence the Emoji from Circus Country, the museum was closed.
Currently the Horror Juggler tries to step up the pressure against the king of Emoji. He wants the museum a monument in honor of the First Horror Clowns will be built.

History of Emoji Pants

The oldest archaeological findings of extraterrestrial settlement on Emoji Pants are about 3,645,985 days old. Since then can be detected through the millennia traces of various archaeological cultures. The oldest findings are indicative of the old Pluto aliens.
The first written mention of about 400,000 days ago, the island enters the stage of history, from now itself mentions found in the chronicles of the Generous; Emoji Pants is called the "mountainous island", refers to the island of Generous, because the island is located at the old water and trade route from Generous. Thus gathered 332,880 days ago several acrobats in a dark cave of Emoji Pants with their troops on the island to begin a campaign (in this context, takes place the first mention of the present name Emoji Pants).
At that time the acrobats tried to conquer the island from other local peoples. The fighting spirit of the acrobats was particularly strong. As a former poet and journalist wrote: The acrobats are only 333 people in the war pulled against 35995 inhabitants. Amazingly, won the well-organized acrobats the war against the local population. The stand was 10 for acrobats and 0 for residents. So wrote the referee of that time. Initially acrobats the island Emoji Pants were connected to the Circus Kingdom. Later clowns changed their language. The acrobats refused to invent a new language. So the island for a long time remained independent. With the increasing migration of modern Emojis the island was inhabited by the funny people. They fit on the island. So they called themselves Emojis. Later, the fun dominated this island.
94900 days ago Venus was trying to bury the island Emoji Pants its corpses. Back then there was Venus in a strong epidemic. At that time so many died Venus figure that the authorities did not know what to do with the corpses. The inhabitants of the island suspected for a long time none of the corpses. But a farmer was about to reap more potatoes. He suddenly dug potatoes with pink spots. He did not know what should be. He went to the state-approved food inspectors of the island Emoji Pants. They tested the potatoes and found that the potatoes somehow came in contact with a human disease. They approved the potatoes for sale. At the same time they started several research in this context. It was a Pluto alien on the island at random. He installed a hidden surveillance camera in the field of four mountains. The Venus aliens knew nothing about it. The video camera recorded how the Venus aliens take out several bodies from the coffins and buried under the ground.
The Pluto aliens informed after 46 minutes, the competent authorities about the illegal acts of Venus aliens. Later, the Venus aliens were arrested at the next landing on the mountains of Emoji Pants. They admitted to have buried the bodies on the island. The authorities decided to expand censorship. Not a single inhabitant of the island knew about this story. Only days 69764ago, the whole was known to very Emoji. Those responsible were but buried a long time themselves underground. 36135 days ago the Jupiter aliens gave the golden house in the island of the Mayor of Emoji Pants. At that time intensive archaeological research have been conducted with the participation of the researcher Ni Bi. Before the death of the First Horror Clowns the ruler dreamed of a hydroelectric plant in Emoji Pants. So the construction of the hydroelectric plant began before his death.
After the death of the First Horror Clowns Emoji Pants was declared a natural monument of local importance. The protection status of the island was increased several times: 18907 days ago by the Council of Ministers of Emoji to the level of a natural monument of royal importance. After independence, the Emoji from the Circus Country the island trying to find their own style.
When the king of Emoji has nothing to do, then he increases the status of the island. This he one day decided. He never stays underemployed.

Importance of the island Emoji Pants

The Salted Cucumbers are thinking repeatedly to privatize the island. Try through the diplomatic channel, to free the island from the reign of Emoji. The Circus Country thinks of a reconquest of the historic island. Finally acrobats were the eponyms of the island in ancient history. For Emojis even the island is a recreation area.



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