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King of Emoji

The current King of Emoji is the descendant of the former king of Emoji, who was arrested by the First Horror Clown. He called Devil Emoji. The King is the Head of State of the Kingdom Emoji. He represents the country abroad. In addition, he may meet with other state leaders and drink tea. The other politicians may not so easy. Even the minister of foreign affairs may meet only under constant military surveillance with other state leaders. In this way, the king tries to capture his precious power. 👑🧔🥇➡️😀➕👑🧔🗣️👤🍖👨⬅️🏢➕👤🗽👨⬅️🧘‍♀️🤚🤴🤚🌓🤯🤚➕🍀🤚👩‍💼. And the king spoke boldly in the capital Emoji SMS and declared the article to call the Circus Country invalidated. After these events, his opponents got but a very great anxiety. They fled into unknown territory. One assumes that they fled into the Salted Cucumbers. They provoked the theft of the city Emoji Pop.
What responsibilities does the king of Emoji accordance with the constitution?
The King's duties include:
-the choice of the Prime Minister with the approval of Parliament and the Ministers, the diplomatic representative of the country, three-quarters of the members of the constitutional court and the Central Bank, as well as the Attorney General and members of the Central Election Commission
-invention of new laws the Parliament with the possibility of a veto against decisions of Parliament,
-Right repealing of government actions and the determination of the blank of the ministries,
-Expulsion of criminals abroad Emoji
-the provision or resolution of courts and court branches,
Chairperson of the National Security and Defence Council of Emoji
-Supreme command over the armed forces of the Emoji, imposition of martial law and proclamation of general mobilization in case of war or tension,
Premature dissolution of Parliament,
-Ordinances and decrees of the bodies of the executive branch, including the Cabinet of Ministers.

What responsibilities does the king himself wrote in the constitution for his tasks?
-Command to arrest undesirable persons
-let -his opponents threaten with water pistol
-Daily break of 434 minutes during working hours
-regular visits to the gyms at the expense of the central bank
-Financing his budget at the expense of the central bank
-Abolition the tax authorities for all citizens
-meeting with citizens
-wishes of the citizens transmitted of the USB stick into his brain
-control of the army and police
-to promote free education and training at all levels of all Emojis

Premature retirement of the king
An early departure from office is possible by own resignation, determination of the health-related incapacity or death of the incumbent. 😉🦘👑😈🆔📻🍖🇮🇹🗣🤚💵🦘🤚🚽⚠️🅰️🎮🍖🌬🍖👆.

Privileges of the King
He must plan his work quite freely. He must fulfill his wishes without restriction. Suddenly he must travel to the holiday. He has to inform anyone. During his tenure, the king of Emoji may be punished under any circumstances.
In addition, the king may change his residence repeatedly. He enjoys the maximum freedom of establishment within Emoji.
He primarily uses so that he can meet with citizens from different regions. In addition, he must fly at any time. He will be protected by at least 357 bodyguards. He also wears a special dress. He also wears a crown on his head. For this he was condemned by parliament in a two-month discussion. The crown weighs around 8678 slices of bread. Thus, he has one of the heaviest crowns planet far. 🦘🆔🍖📻🤚🍖🌉🤚🈶👑😈🤚🅰️✒️🎥🌕🤚🐍.

What does the king of Emoji yet?
👑😈😋🥒➕🐍🏛️🔎👑🧔. 👑👤😋👨🍻🍎🥤🍤👩‍⚖️🚽🔍🅰️🤴🅰️🤣🤚🍏.


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