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Emoji Icon

424 days ago this station was founded in a bunker. The aim was to find out about various events during 1404 minutes. In Emoji are looking to that station, who is interested about the situation in Emoji Pop. This city was conquered by the Salted Cucumbers days ago about 777 aircraft. That was the main reason for the establishment of the station. Poisonous Snake tries to influence the news in his favor since the founding of the transmitter. He wants to say again and again that it was justified to take away the city's Emojis. Finally, the security of salted cucumbers is much more important than the size of Emoji. The salted cucumbers want to spy on the circus country by conquering Emoji Pop. Poisonous Snake admitted in the period before the conquest of Emoji Pop to have very often had bad dreams. He dreamed above all, very often of the horror clowns that rise from the grave. This horror clowns running in the direction of salted cucumbers. For this reason, the venomous king woke up several times. Then he decided to conquer the city Emoji Pop. From there his spies can record the movements of Horror Clowns exactly. Nevertheless, venomous snake with the rulers of the country circus juggler Horror in high spirits at a photocall showed. 22 days ago the salted cucumbers stormed the editorial staff of Emoji icon and arrested several journalists. Then they were replaced by cucumber. The King of Emoji Devil Emoji demanded the immediate release of emoji. The poisonous king refused for a long time about it. This state was sentenced planet far. Criticism grew up in the clouds. This led to heavy rain. The cucumbers in the editorial of Emoji Icon fled from their workplace. 11 days ago viper had to accept the return. After returning the emoji in the editors of TV channels achieved significant growth in popularity.



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