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Japanese Emoticons Kaomoji

(>_<) Troubled


(';') Baby


(^^ゞ Nervous


(^.^)y-.o○ Coronavirus


(-_-)zzz Sleeping


(^_-) Winking


((+_+)) Confused Japanese Emoticon


(o|o) Ultraman


<(`^)> Angry Bird


^_^ Joyful


(__) Kowtow-Respect




\(ロ\) Questioning


('_') Sad Japanese Emoticon


;_; Crying Japanese Emoticon


(ー_ー)!! Shame


(=_=) Tired


(=^・^=) Cat


(._.) Looking Down


^m^ Giggling With Hand Covering Mouth


(・・? Confusion


(-‸ლ) Facepalm


>^_^< Normal Laugh


(^^)/~~~ Waving


(V)o¥o(V) Alien Baltan


\(~o~)/ Excited


(*_*) Amazed


!(^^)! Attentive


(*^^)v Laughing Japanese Emoticon


(~o~) Too Little Sleep


(p_-) Conjunctivitis


((d[-_-]b)) Headphones-listening to music


(-"-) Worried


(^0_0^) Eyeglasses


(..)φ Jotting Note


(●^o^●) Happy


( ̄ー ̄) Grinning


( ̄□ ̄;) Surprised


(*▽`*) Infatuation


(゚ Д゚) Shocked


(* ̄m ̄) Dissatisfied


ヽ(ー`)┌ Mellow


\_(ツ)_/ Shrug


(・ω・`) Snubbed


(*^3^)/~☆ Blowing A Kiss


.....φ(・∀・*) Studying Is Good


uwu Joy


OWO Cute


.o○ Bubbles


( ^^) Cup Of Tea


☆彡 Shooting Star


>)))彡 Fish Japanese Emoticon


<コ:彡 Octopus


C:.ミ Squid


~>)~~~ Snake


~_~ Bat


()~ Tadpole


●~* Bomb


 ̄|○ Despair


(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ Table Flip


:3ミ Speaking Face 



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Japanese Signs Emojis

🎋 Japanese signs


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