Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes on DCM

😁 Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes

  Grinning Face with Big Eyes on DCM

😃 Grinning Face with Big Eyes

  Sweating Face: Grinning Face With Sweating Eyes on DCM

😅 Sweating Emoji

  Grinning Squinting Face on DCM

😆 Grinning Squinting Face

  Winking Face on DCM

😉 Winking Emoji

  Hungry: Face Savoring Food on DCM

😋 Face Savouring Delicious Food

  Relieved Face on DCM

😌 Relieved Face

  Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes on DCM

😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes

  Smirking Face on DCM

😏 Smirk

  Unhappy: Unamused Face on DCM

😒 Unhappy

  Downcast Face With Sweat on DCM

😓 Face with Cold Sweat

  Sleeping: Pensive Face on DCM

😔 Sleeping Emoji

  Confounded Face on DCM

😖 Confounded Face

  Cunning: Winking Face with Tongue on DCM

😜 Cunning

  Disappointed Face on DCM

😞 Disappointed Face

  Nervous: Angry Face on DCM

😠 Angry Face

  Sorrowful: Pouting Face on DCM

😡 Sorrowful

  Crying Face on DCM

😢 Crying Emoji

  Persevering Face on DCM

😣 Persevering Face

  Sad Face: Loudly Crying Face on DCM

😭 Sad Emoji

  Scared: Face Screaming in Fear on DCM

😱 Scared

  Dizzy Face on DCM

😵 Dizzy

  Bust in Silhouette on DCM

👤 Human, Single Person

  Run: Person Running on DCM

🏃 Running Person

  Snowboarder on DCM

🏂 Snowboarding

 Beating Heart on DCM

💓 Beating Heart

  Broken Heart on DCM

💔 Broken Heart

  Red Heart on DCM

Red Heart

  Two Hearts on DCM

💕 Two Hearts

  Love Letter on DCM

💌 Love Letter

  Eyes on DCM

👀 Eyes

  Ear on DCM

👂 Ear

  Lips on DCM

💋 Lips

  Oncoming Fist on DCM

👊 Fist

  Thumbs Up on DCM

👍 Thumbs Up

Raised Fist on DCM

Raised Fist

  Raised Hand on DCM

Raised Hand

  Victory Hand on DCM

Victory Hand

  Penguin on DCM

🐧 Penguin

  Baby Chick on DCM

🐤 Left Facing Baby Chick

  Fish on DCM

🐟 Fish

  Pig Face on DCM

🐷 Pig Face

  Dog Face on DCM

🐶 Dog Face

  Horse Face on DCM

🐴 Horse Face

Cat Face on DCM

🐱 Cat Face

  Snail on DCM

🐌 Snail

Seedling on DCM
🌱 Seedling

  Tulip on DCM

🌷 Tulip

  Cherry Blossom on DCM

🌸 Cherry blossom

Four-Leaf Clover on DCM

🍀 Four-Leaf Clover

  Maple Leaf on DCM

🍁 Maple Leaf

Pinales - Christmas Tree on DCM

🎄 Pinales

Banana on DCM

🍌 Banana

  Red Apple on DCM

🍎 Apple

  Cherries on DCM

🍒 Cherries

Cyclone on DCM
🌀 Cyclone

Fog on DCM

🌁 Fog

  Wind / Water Wave on DCM

🌊 Wind Wave

  Cloud on DCM


  Rainy: Umbrella with Rain Drops on DCM


  Unemployed Snowman on DCM

Unemployed Snowman

  New Moon on DCM

🌑 New Moon

  First Quarter Moon on DCM

🌓 First Quarter Moon

  Waxing Gibbous Moon on DCM

🌔 Waxing Gibbous Moon

  Full Moon on DCM

🌕 Full Moon

  Crescent Moon on DCM

🌙 Crescent Moon

  Sun on DCM


  High Voltage on DCM

High Voltage

  Sweat Droplets on DCM

💦 Sweat Droplets

  Droplet on DCM

💧 Droplet

  Sparkles on DCM


Hamburger on DCM
🍔 Hamburger

  Onigiri: Rice Ball on DCM

🍙 Onigiri

  Steaming Bowl on DCM

🍜 Steaming Bowl

  Bread on DCM

🍞 Bread

  Shortcake on DCM

🍰 Shortcake

  Birthday Cake on DCM

🎂 Cake

  Teacup on DCM

🍵 Teacup

  Sake on DCM

🍶 Sake

  Glass on DCM

🍷 Glass

  Cocktail Glass on DCM

🍸 Cocktail Glass

  Football Drink on DCM

🍺 Football Drink

  Hot Beverage on DCM

Hot Beverage

Movie Camera on DCM
🎥 Movie Camera

  Headphones on DCM

🎧 Headphones

  Light Bulb on DCM

💡 Light Bulb

  Laptop: Personal Computer on DCM

💻 Personal Computer

  Optical Disk on DCM

💿 Optical Disk

  Pager on DCM

📟 Pager

  Mobile Phone on DCM

📱 Mobile Phone

  Mobile Phone With Arrow on DCM

📲 Mobile Phone With Arrow

Camera on DCM

📷 Camera

  Television on DCM

📺 Television

  Telephone on DCM


  Bell on DCM

🔔 Bell

Closed Umbrella on DCM
🌂 Closed Umbrella

  Fork And Knife on DCM

🍴 Fork And Knife

Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass: Tilted Left on DCM

🔍 Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass

  Wrench on DCM

🔧 Wrench

  Triangular Flag on DCM

🚩 Triangular Flag

  Fuel Pump on DCM

Fuel Pump

Scissors on DCM


  Key on DCM

🔑 Key

  Seat on DCM

💺 Seat

  Paperclip on DCM

📎 Paperclip

  Fax Machine on DCM

📠 Fax Machine

  Envelope on DCM


Pencil on DCM


Black Nib on DCM

Black Nib

  Door on DCM

🚪 Door

  Hourglass Not Done on DCM

Hourglass Not Done

  Watch on DCM


  Alarm Clock on DCM

Alarm Clock

Aries on DCM

  Taurus on DCM


  Gemini on DCM


  Cancer on DCM


  Leo on DCM


  Virgo on DCM


  Libra on DCM


  Scorpio on DCM


  Sagittarius on DCM


  Capricorn on DCM


  Aquarius on DCM


  Pisces on DCM


  No Smoking on DCM

🚭 No Smoking

  Japanese Post Office on DCM

🏣 Japanese Post Office

Diamond With A Dot on DCM

💠 Diamond With A Dot

  Mount Fuji on DCM

🗻 Mount Fuji

  Hot Springs on DCM

Hot Springs

Bank on DCM
🏦 Bank

  ATM Sign on DCM

🏧 ATM sign

  Money Bag on DCM

💰 Money Bag

  Yen Banknote on DCM

💴 Yen Banknote

  Open Book on DCM

📖 Open Book

  Memo on DCM

📝 Memo

  Carousel Horse on DCM

🎠 Carousel Horse

  Artist Palette on DCM

🎨 Artist Palette

  Circus Tent on DCM

🎪 Circus Tent

  Clapper Board on DCM

🎬 Clapper Board

  Video Game on DCM

🎮 Video Game

  Tennis on DCM

🎾 Tennis

  Skis on DCM

🎿 Skis

Basketball on DCM

🏀 Basketball

  Chequered Flag on DCM

🏁 Chequered Flag

  Bomb on DCM

💣 Bomb

  Collision on DCM

💥 Collision

  Soccer Ball on DCM

Soccer Ball

Baseball on DCM


  Spade Suit on DCM

Spade Suit

  Club Suit on DCM

Club Suit

  Heart Suit on DCM

Heart Suit

  Diamond Suit on DCM

Diamond Suit

  Ticket on DCM

🎫 Ticket

Musical Note on DCM

🎵 Musical Note

  Musical Notes on DCM

🎶 Musical Notes

 Microphone on DCM

🎤 Microphone

Night With Stars on DCM
🌃 Night With Stars

  House on DCM

🏠 House

  Office Building on DCM

🏢 Office Building

  Hospital on DCM

🏥 Hospital

  Hotel on DCM

🏨 Hotel

  Convenience Store on DCM

🏪 Convenience Store

  School on DCM

🏫 School

  Railway Car on DCM

🚃 Railway Car

  High-Speed Train on DCM

🚄 High-Speed Train

  Bus on DCM

🚌 Bus

  Automobile on DCM

🚗 Automobile

  Sport Utility Vehicle on DCM

🚙 Sport Utility Vehicle

  Ship on DCM

🚢 Ship

  Horizontal Traffic Light on DCM

🚥 Horizontal Traffic Light

  Bicycle on DCM

🚲 Bicycle

  Sailboat on DCM


  Airplane on DCM


Ribbon on DCM
🎀 Ribbon

  Top Hat on DCM

🎩 Top Hat

  Running Shirt on DCM

🎽 Running Shirt

  Crown on DCM

👑 Crown

  Glasses on DCM

👓 Glasses

  T-Shirt on DCM

👕 T-Shirt

  Jeans on DCM

👖 Jeans

  Purse on DCM

👛 Purse

  Handbag on DCM

👜 Handbag

  Clutch Bag on DCM

👝 Clutch Bag

  Running Shoe on DCM

👟 Running Shoe

  High-Heeled Shoe on DCM

👠 High-Heeled Shoe

  Ring on DCM

💍 Ring

  Wrapped Gift on DCM

🎁 Wrapped Gift

 Curly Loop on DCM

Curly Loop

  SOON Arrow on DCM

🔜 SOON Arrow

  ON! Arrow on DCM

🔛 ON! Arrow

  END Arrow on DCM

🔚 END Arrow

  Up-Right Arrow on DCM

Up-Right Arrow

  Down-Right Arrow on DCM

Down-Right Arrow

  Down-Left Arrow on DCM

Down-Left Arrow

  Up-Left Arrow on DCM

Up-Left Arrow

  Up-Down Arrow on DCM

Up-Down Arrow

  Left-Right Arrow on DCM

Left-Right Arrow

  Right Arrow Curving Left on DCM

Right Arrow Curving Left

  Right Arrow Curving Up on DCM

Right Arrow Curving Up

  Right Arrow Curving Down on DCM

Right Arrow Curving Down

  Keycap: # Hashtag on DCM

#️⃣ Keycap: # (Hashtag)

  Keycap: 0 on DCM

0️⃣ Keycap: 0

  Keycap: 1 on DCM

1️⃣ Keycap: 1

  Keycap: 2 on DCM

2️⃣ Keycap: 2

  Keycap: 3 on DCM

3️⃣ Keycap: 3

  Keycap: 4 on DCM

4️⃣ Keycap: 4

  Keycap: 5 on DCM

5️⃣ Keycap: 5

  Keycap: 6 on DCM

6️⃣ Keycap: 6

  Keycap: 7 on DCM

7️⃣ Keycap: 7

  Keycap: 8 on DCM

8️⃣ Keycap: 8

  Keycap: 9 on DCM

9️⃣ Keycap: 9

  Number Sign: # Hashtag on DCM

# Number Sign

 Keycap:  Digit Zero on DCM

0 Digit Zero

  Keycap: Digit One on DCM

1 Digit One

  Keycap: Digit Two on DCM

2 Digit Two

  Keycap: Digit Three on DCM

3 Digit Three

  Keycap: Digit Four on DCM

4 Digit Four

  Keycap: Digit Five on DCM

5 Digit Five

  Keycap: Digit Six on DCM

6 Digit Six

  Keycap: Digit Seven on DCM

7 Digit Seven

  Keycap: Digit Eight on DCM

8 Digit Eight

  Keycap: Digit Nine on DCM

9 Digit Nine

  Exclamation Mark on DCM

Exclamation Mark

  Double Exclamation Mark on DCM

Double Exclamation Mark

  Exclamation Question Mark on DCM

Exclamation Question Mark

  Wavy Dash on DCM

Wavy Dash

Lipstick on DCM
💄 Lipstick

Recycling Symbol on DCM
Recycling Symbol

Warning on DCM


  Footprints on DCM

👣 Footprints

  Anger Symbol on DCM

💢 Anger Symbol

  Sleeping Symbol ZZZ on DCM

💤 Sleeping Symbol ZZZ

  Dashing Away on DCM

💨 Dashing Away

  Copyright on DCM

© Copyright

  Registered on DCM

® Registered

  Trade Mark on DCM

Trade Mark

  Envelope With Arrow on DCM

📩 Envelope With Arrow

  Restroom on DCM

🚻 Restroom

 Flag in Hole on DCM

Flag in Hole

  Wheelchair Symbol on DCM

Wheelchair Symbol

  CL Button on DCM

🆑 CL Button

  FREE Button on DCM

🆓 FREE Button

  ID Button on DCM

🆔 ID Button

  Circled M on DCM

Circled M

  NEW Button on DCM

🆕 NEW Button

  NG Button on DCM

🆖 NG Button

  OK Button on DCM

🆗 OK Button

  P Button on DCM

🅿 P Button

  Japanese “Prohibited” Button on DCM

🈲 Japanese “Prohibited” Button

  Japanese “Passing Grade” Button on DCM

🈴 Japanese “Passing Grade” Button

  Japanese “Vacancy” Button on DCM

🈳 Japanese “Vacancy” Button

  Japanese “Secret” Button on DCM

Japanese “Secret” Button

  Japanese “No Vacancy” Button on DCM

🈵 Japanese “No Vacancy” Button

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