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🍎 Apple

🍎- Apple, red apple
An 🍎 apple a day keeps the 😷 doctor away.
An Emoji who was on planet Earth decided to find out if this English-language proverb was true.
For his research he gave to 50 test Emojis and Aliens every day an 🍎apple to eat and recorded with his video camera 🍎 apple eating test Emojis and Aliens.
The other 50 test persons had a ban of eating 🍎 apples.
The result of his study was that Emojis and Aliens who ate an 🍎 apple a day really forgot who was the doctor.
The other test persons thought always about a 😷 doctor even if they didn't have health problems. They had the feeling to visit a 😷 doctor.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for apples or red apples.




Unicode:  🍎


🍍 Pineapple


🍏 Green Apple


🍐 Pear


🍑 Peach


🍒 Cherries


🍓 Strawberry

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