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Entertainment Emojis- The list of all meanings and definitions

On this site are listed:  Events, Games and Sports

🎆 Fireworks

🎇 Sparkler

🎈 Balloon

🎉 Party Popper

🎊 Confetti Ball

🎠 Carousel Horse

🎡 Ferris Wheel

🎢 Roller Coaster

🎦 Cinema

🎨 Artist Palette

🎪 Circus Tent

🎬 Clapper Board

🎭 Performing Arts

🎮 Video Game

🎯 Bullseye

🎰 Slot Machine

🎱 Billiards

🎲 Dice

🎳 Bowling

🎾 Tennis

🎿 Skis

🏀 Basketball

🏁 Chequered Flag

🏆 Trophy

🏇 Horse Racing

🏈 American Football

🏉 Rugby Football

🏊 Person Swimming

💣 Bomb

💥 Collision

🚣 Person Rowing Boat

Soccer Ball


🏐 Volleyball


Ice Skate

Person Bouncing Ball

White Chess King

White Chess Queen

White Chess Rook

White Chess Bishop

White Chess Knight

White Chess Pawn

Black Chess King

Black Chess Queen

Black Chess Rook

Black Chess Bishop

Black Chess Knight

Black Chess Pawn

Spade Suit

Club Suit

Heart Suit

Diamond Suit

White Spade Suit

White Heart Suit

White Diamond Suit

White Club Suit

Die Face-1

Die Face-2

Die Face-3

Die Face-4

Die Face-5

Die Face-6

White Draughts Man

White Draughts King

Black Draughts Man

Black Draughts King


🎐 Wind Chime

🎫 Ticket

🎟 Admission Tickets

🎗 Reminder Ribbon

🎖 Military Medal

🏅 Sports Medal

🥇 1st Place Medal

🥈 2nd Place Medal

🥉 3rd Place Medal

🏏 Cricket Game

🏑 Field Hockey

🏒 Ice Hockey

🏓 Ping Pong

🏸 Badminton

🥊 Boxing Glove

🥋 Martial Arts Uniform

🥅 Goal Net

🛷 Sled

🥌 Curling Stone

🕹 Joystick

🃏 Joker

🀄 Mahjong Red Dragon

🖼 Framed Picture

🧨 Firecracker

🧧 Red Envelope

🥎 Softball

🥏 Flying Disc

🥍 Lacrosse

🧿 Nazar Amulet

🧩 Jigsaw

🧸 Teddy Bear



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