♢ White Diamond Suit

♢- White Diamond Suit, logo of a music band
An Emoji who lived in the Salted Cucumbers with his parents for 10 years decided to return to Emoji after the end of Circus Union because he had not enough 💰 Money for the expensive education. This Emoji wanted to try to found a music band with other Emojis. He chose the ♢ White Diamond Suit as logo because he liked geometric shapes. The ♢ White Diamond should symbolize wealth. That said the Emoji who founded the music band with ♢ White Diamond Suit in an interview.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for white diamond suit.


White Diamond Suit

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Unicode:  ♢


Spade Suit


Club Suit


Heart Suit


Diamond Suit


White Spade Suit


White Heart Suit


White Club Suit

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