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An Emoticon is the word combination of «emotion» and «icon». With emoticons can a person express her / his feelings, mood or describe a situation. For example :‑) is happy face. The advantage of emoticons is that everyone can create his / her own emoticons and every emoticon looks on every device more similar than an Unicode Emoji. There is no limit to the creativity of users. Compared to Emojis, especially from Unicode, those Emojis are chosen by Unicode Consortium. Full members have greatest influence on new smartphone Emojis.
To create new emoticons you need only to use letters, numbers, punctuation marks, typographical marks or symbols. For example: Smiley :-] includes colon eyes, hyphen-minus nose and square bracket mouth.
Japanese Emoticons called Kaomoji (Kao= Face, Moji=sign or character) use the Japanese letters (Katakana). Example of a Japanese Kaomoji: Worried face (^_^メ) contains caret eyes, underscore mouth with Japanese Me (kana, in katakana) in round brackets. The number 3 is used for kissing face (*3).


What is the difference between emoticons and emojis?

An emoticon is a simple text/letter/numbers or other signs based face character. An emoji is an image character. For example: :‑, emoticon is in Unicode emoji: 😏

The following images show the difference between emoticon and emoji:

Smirking Face Emoticon  Smirking Face Emoji

More about the difference in the following short story:

What is the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?

How do I text emoticons?

All you need is to use numbers, letters and punctuation marks.

For eyes you can use the following punctuation marks:   ^^caret eyes,

: colon eyes, ; semicolon eyes, = equals sign eyes and more (there are no limits for your creativity). For mouth you can use the following punctuation marks:

) round bracket for happy, ]  square bracket for happy, ( round bracket for sad, [ square bracket for sad, | vertical bar for neutral face, / slash for undecided and more (there are no limits for your imagination).

For your inspiration of punctuation marks and numbers:

Grammar and mathematical Emojis

If you need help, request or suggestion for a new emoticon or several emoticons, you can use Contact and social media. For example Twitter.

Sweasy26 on Twitter (Use @Sweasy26).


How to request or suggest an emoticon?

Just ask on Twitter @Sweasy26. It's free!


What does 😍 mean in text?

The 😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes Emoji is one of positive Unicode Emojis. The story about monk Heart Eyes Emoji.


How do you type the ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ face?

What you need:

1. Round bracket


2. Ligtaure tie


3. Degree symbol


4. Lateral click


5. Undertie

6. Ligtaure tie


7. Degree symbol


8. Round bracket



The result:

(  ͡° ʖ‿  ͡°)


More information: ( ͡°͜ʖ ͡°) Lenny Face


How does UwU look like a face?

The following Emojis can be used: 😂  😃

More about uwu joy


What does ._ face mean in texting?

._  is the part of Japanese (._.) Looking Down emoticon.


What does *_* mean?

*_* is the part of (*_*) Amazed face emoticon.


What does U_U mean?

U_U can be used for feel ashamed face or disappointed.

U eyes and _ underscore mouth.


What is a multi line emoticon?

For example: (>ミ - ミ )> Stereotypical Persian character (jujų)

1.       _

2.  <(o0o)>

3. (>ミ - ミ )>


What you can do with emoticons on sweasy26.com?

You can copy and paste different emoticons, download images of them, request or suggest new emoticons and see suggestions to use an emoji

instead of an emoticon and/ or to replace an emoji with an emoticon.


Emoticons Images

Laughing Face with nose and D mouth Emoticon Happy Face with only curly bracket mouth Emoticon Emoticon Face with stuck out tongue with colon eyes and b mouth Devil with greater-than sign, semicolon eyes and round bracket mouth Emoticon

Sad Face with nose and mouth Emoticon Undecided Face with equals sign eyes and L mouth Emoticon Winking Face with semicolon eyes, caret nose and round bracket mouth Emoticon Angel with 0, colon eyes, nose and 3 mouth Emoticon

Surprised Face with 8 eyes, nose and 0 mouth Emoticon Normal Laughing Face with caret eyes, full stop mouth and two number signs in round brackets Emoticon Fish Japanese Emoticon with greater-than sign mouth, degree symbol eye, 2 round brackets body and Chinese radical 59 (bristle or beard) tail Worried Face with tilde eyes, underscore mouth with Japanese Me (kana, in katakana) in round brackets Emoticon


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