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Star Emoji

This is the story about the star-shaped Emoji and town. For other meanings see: 🌟 Stars. Star Emoji is a city in the kingdom Emoji. Star Emoji is one of the oldest towns of the country. In Star Emoji every single inhabitant was counted with the finger of the well organised mathematicians. The specialists were sponsored by the national bank of Emoji personally. Star Emoji is in the top 50 of the most-inhabited towns of Emoji. So all mass media had to write the number "107,701 inhabitants in Star Emoji" everywhere in the headlines. Just a local news web page of Star Emoji refused to publish this number. This offence against the parliamentary decision of Emoji was informed even the king of the country.
Thereon the persons responsible were condemned to the publication by the uppermost court in Emoji SMS. Then the small news web page from Star Emoji suddenly received many clicks from all regions from Emoji. After this event the web page stuck quite proudly the urban symbol as its official logo. Later the marketing boss of the news web page required an honouring from the chief editor. Thereon the marketing boss was dismissed immediately. He sued his former boss at the local court. On account of the payment of a bribery by the chief editor the complaint of the former marketing boss was sent to the waste bag. Later a big discussion began between both participants of the conflict in Star Emoji.


 Star Emoji




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Star Emoji received its name because of a famous inhabitant. His father was an Emoji. His mother was a Star. Thus the traditional legend means the birth of Star Emoji. Some historians state that Star Emoji attained very big fame on the planet Halloween in his time. As opposed to other Emojis he shone anyhow automatically. Every inhabitant knew Star Emoji by heart.


🌈 Geography and Weather

Star Emoji is in the southwest of the kingdom Emoji. According to meteorologists here exist starry days. Many astronomers come daily between 22:00 o'clock and 2:00 o'clock from all areas of Emoji to the town. They come not only. They bring telescopes.

Then they look and analyse the stars in heaven in Star Emoji. Astronomical tourism is promoted actively by the urban management nationally and planet-far. About the rain and snow: The rain ordinarily begins about after 2:30 o'clock at night. Seldom it rains or is snowing on the bright day in Star Emoji. In the morning the air is very freshly in the whole area of Star Emoji. The temperatures move in the annual average between 9-18 in the positive area. On account of the night rain thirsty Emojis must collect the water at 3:00 o'clock at night with their pots.


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1,642,500 days ago the first aliens came to Star Emoji. Those were Pluto aliens. They settled this area because they dealt with the natural research. They knew even then the most important natural secrets. That's why Star Emoji was suited especially well for their work. A Pluto alien could land even from the ground on a star. Later Pluto aliens left the area the today's Star Emoji. 1,058,500 days ago several aliens from the midget planet Ceres came to Star Emoji. At that time they had built their first flying saucer. That's why they wanted to test their product. They landed in Star Emoji. 🧑🧑🙏🥇⏱️⬆🧬🚪🐾. 🧑🧑🆕🔍️❓️🦋. 🌟⏳🚯🈶🥧🏃‍♀️💍👆. His factory produced clean air. He wanted to make sure that he would not die because of bad air quality. That's why Airy started to build a cave in Star Emoji.


 Cave in Star Emoji

There he filled up with energy and extended his life expectancy. One day suddenly several bats and megabats came to the cave of Airy. The alien from the Uranus had a small panic at the beginning. Then he calmed down. After some time he made friends with the flying animals. He learnt even their languages in the cave. 399,310 days ago a Neptune alien experimented in his research lab with an electromagnet. ⭐👆🤚🚽🤲🤚😎👆🧾🎄. 1️⃣ 🧑🧑🕴🕴🔍️👽️⤵♅.

The first Emojis in Star Emoji

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264,990 days ago the first Emojis came to the today's area of Star Emoji. Allergies felt by the new inhabitants strongly threatened. That's why the king from Allergies commanded to fight against the unknown inhabitants. The allergic army arrested Emojis. They were questioned about their original place of residence. Many Emojis came mainly from Heart Eyes Emoji. They were not so religious like the other Emojis. This was the critical reason to settle down somewhere else. In addition the area of Star Emoji was suited very well. The king of Allergies wanted to let the new inhabitants enslave. In addition he invented pointless work. Emojis had to collect carrots from the ground. ⤵️🥕⬆👑🧔🏘️. 💆‍♀️❌️🗯️➕🌟🛠️📐🐘🏃‍♂️🧑‍💼. 👤👨🤒📞. He called this place Poiuzt. At that time the emperor from the north of Halloween appointed a local inhabitant of his empire the town king of Poiuzt. He was called SO3. 👤⭐👩👆🪜🔙💬👤🌟. 👤👨🎯👤👨⬅️. 👤👨🎯👑🧔🪨🍳🍳.
195,275 days ago the Saturn alien met by chance the town king SO5 in the wood. ⭐🏗👩⬆️🥰➕👤🌉👩🚪⬆️.
188,340 days ago the Jupiter alien from the north of Halloween found the way to Star Emoji. On the way to this area he found many golden coins. This was particularly good for his stinginess. 👤👨🙏⬇️🏘️. 👤👨🔍️❓️🧀🧈.

The birth of Star Emoji

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187,610 days ago a luminous, shining and star-shaped Emoji was born in a family. He was called Star Emoji. At this time there were in Saturn many astronomers. They activated their telescopes in different directions of galaxy. The Saturn alien who returned from Star Emoji told his friends about his adventures in Emoji. Among them were also many astronomers. One day they looked with their telescopes the area of Star Emoji together. Suddenly all astronomers noticed at the same time that there was a luminous, shining and star-shaped Emoji.


 Birth of Star Emoji


They thought, that it a midget planet in a town. That's why Saturn's astronomers wanted to fly to the area. This time Saturn aliens wanted to prepare very well for their trip.
This lasted some time. This time, finally, there should be to no breakdowns and disturbances with the trip. The birth of the shining Emojis led to regular visits under the Stars and Emojis with the family. That's why inhabitants named the town after Star Emoji. In the meantime, the father took over the urban monarchy of Star Emoji. He might collect the golden coins of Stars and Emojis.
180,310 days ago Saturn's astronomers came to Star Emoji. 🧑🧑🔪➡️👥⭐️🔍️. At this time the young Star Emoji was prepared for the takeover of the urban monarchy completely.
While Saturn's astronomers were in search for the shining and star-shaped Emoji, a lot of bats and megabats flew to the Saturn aliens. ⭐️➕👤😠👩⬅️🏠️➕💬🪜🔙🏤➕⚙️💗🧑‍💼➕🧑‍🏭️🔚🗣️⭐👤🎄👩⬅️🙏💡. In the cave Star Emoji learnt different technologies. Thus he could recover from his physical body.
For this purpose he put his physical body on power saving mode. That's why Star Emoji saved his life energy and his shine. In the meantime, his recumbent body was like a mobile phone which charged the battery.


 Recreation of Star Emoji

In this time Venus aliens used the area of Star Emoji to build their religious houses actively. Moreover, Venus aliens looked for valuable things in the whole town. Many Stars were kidnapped to the hard labour to the east by Venus. Also several Emojis became compulsive-converted to the religion of the east of the Venus'. The Venus Aliens allowed to actively build a big and mighty castle in Star Emoji. Moreover, a stony bridge was built above the castle.

122,275 days ago Star Emoji activated his physical body in the cave. Then he decided to visit his town. He found Emojis and very much few Stars who worked for Venus aliens. That's why he started to shine and shine. Then they realised that they already served foreign rulers long time. That's why they organised together with Star Emoji a shining opposition. After this event Star Emoji decided to introduce himself to the Venus aliens. After this event Venus aliens were so reprogrammed that they started to leave voluntarily the whole area. Venus aliens still ruled in the town, but their influence was low.
Venus noticed that its time would be over in close future in Star Emoji. That's why Venus tried to steal from building materials and other things. 115,340 days ago the east of Venus did not want to apologise to the Pluto aliens. That's why Pluto sent several threatening letters to the conquered areas of Venus. Among them was also Star Emoji. The Venus aliens became so seriously injured in their psyche by these threatening letters that they had to hide for the rest of their life somewhere. The party of the rulers of the east of Venus ended with it.

The return of the Saturn to Star Emoji

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114,610 days ago the scientific commission of the astronomers of Saturn sat down at a round table. The Saturn aliens got old dusty archive files. They studied their old documents. The new astronomers discovered that in the old notes a midget planet on a planet was. It concerned the mistake of Star Emoji with a planet. Because the final result of this research was not in the archive, astronomers thought that this work was not finished. That's why they decided to fly to Star Emoji for this purpose. This time the Saturn's astronomers did not have to prepare long. They came to this town after a short flight. In Star Emoji they hid behind several thick trees. There they found old notes on the trees of the former astronomers on the same research subject.
After they found out about it, they decided to find the city guide or the uppermost person responsible for this town. Saturn's astronomers questioned every Emoji for this purpose. All Emojis explained exactly where the town king was. In the big castle they found the Star Emoji in his position as a town king.


 Star Emoji as town king


He sat on his chair with moss overcast. They asked him whether he saw the luminous midget planet somewhere. Thereon he asked Saturn aliens about their origin and their occupation. Later he told them that their forefathers with the same order found the way to him. They questioned the town king also about his working methods and his politics. 😦🇮🇹⏳🅰️🤟🤔🕌🦹‍♀️🇺🇸.  ⏱️🧑🔭🎃. He was called Pissog. He was very much enthusiastically about the assistant in Laughing Emoji. The finance boss from the Saturn was very mighty there. Pissog wanted to proceed according to his model. Thus he came to Star Emoji with several Saturn aliens. 🇮🇹⭐️🕌⏳🅰️🤚⌚🌉😄⏳⚓️💩🧬. Poop Emojis were original from Poop Emoji.
By the constant tax payment Emojis became clearly poorer in Star Emoji. 👽️🅰️🦹‍♀️🌌🤔🕌🤚💩⭐️🤟👵💅➖🍷🈶🤛⭐️🕌Ⓜ️😱🇺🇸🍩😦✅🕌🚯😄➕🧔. 55480 days ago Star Emoji felt very much used again. That's why he appointed the Star FT2 his successor as a town king.

Star Emoji in the modern history

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44530 days ago FT2 ordered the construction of the first phone cabins of the town. Moreover, a long queue began before every phone cabin. At that time an Emoji wrote that he had to wait nearly 2888 minutes for his first entry into the phone cabin. 🈶⭐️📴👆🤚🛤🤚⭐️🛋🚨🉐🆚🕌🅰️🌞🧔💼🌉🉐🌞🅰️🍖🎮🕌. Besides, Emojis and Stars noticed that Star Emoji disappeared again from their eyes.

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