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Star Emoji

This is the story about the star-shaped Emoji and town. For other meanings see: 🌟 Stars. Star Emoji is a city in the kingdom Emoji. Star Emoji is one of the oldest towns of the country. In Star Emoji every single inhabitant was counted with the finger of the well organised mathematicians. The specialists were sponsored by the national bank of Emoji personally. Star Emoji is in the top 50 of the most-inhabited towns of Emoji. So all mass media had to write the number "107,701 inhabitants in Star Emoji" everywhere in the headlines. Just a local news web page of Star Emoji refused to publish this number. This offence against the parliamentary decision of Emoji was informed even the king of the country.
Thereon the persons responsible were condemned to the publication by the uppermost court in Emoji SMS. Then the small news web page from Star Emoji suddenly received many clicks from all regions from Emoji. After this event the web page stuck quite proudly the urban symbol as its official logo. Later the marketing boss of the news web page required an honouring from the chief editor. Thereon the marketing boss was dismissed immediately. He sued his former boss at the local court. On account of the payment of a bribery by the chief editor the complaint of the former marketing boss was sent to the waste bag. Later a big discussion began between both participants of the conflict in Star Emoji. The initial position of the quarrel was officially forbidden by the censorship authority for the publication on the planet earth.


 Star Emoji




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Star Emoji received its name because of a famous inhabitant. His father was an Emoji. His mother was a Star. Thus the traditional legend means the birth of Star Emoji. Some historians state that Star Emoji attained very big fame on the planet Halloween in his time. As opposed to other Emojis he shone anyhow automatically. Every inhabitant knew Star Emoji by heart.


🌈 Geography and Weather

Star Emoji is in the southwest of the kingdom Emoji. According to meteorologists here exist starry days. Many astronomers come daily between 22:00 o'clock and 2:00 o'clock from all areas of Emoji to the town. They come not only. They bring telescopes.

Then they look and analyse the stars in heaven in Star Emoji. Astronomical tourism is promoted actively by the urban management nationally and planet-far. About the rain and snow: The rain ordinarily begins about after 2:30 o'clock at night. Seldom it rains or is snowing on the bright day in Star Emoji. In the morning the air is very freshly in the whole area of Star Emoji. The temperatures move in the annual average between 9-18 in the positive area. On account of the night rain thirsty Emojis must collect the water at 3:00 o'clock at night with their pots.


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1,642,500 days ago the first aliens came to Star Emoji. Those were Pluto aliens. They settled this area because they dealt with the natural research. They knew even then the most important natural secrets. That's why Star Emoji was suited especially well for their work. A Pluto alien could land even from the ground on a star. Later Pluto aliens left the area the today's Star Emoji. 1,058,500 days ago several aliens from the midget planet Ceres came to Star Emoji. At that time they had built their first flying saucer. That's why they wanted to test their product. They landed in Star Emoji.
Here they wanted to touch for the first time in their life the foreign ground with their feet. They began their expedition. For their own protection they took butterfly's catcher. On the long way they expected several unknown animals. Among them was an animal with eyes of a tortoise. The body resembled a mammoth. The nose and ears reminded of a gorilla. Aliens from the Ceres were very much enthusiastically about their discoveries in Star Emoji. They took a photo of all animals with their simple cameras. Among the big reptiles was also a dinosaur. Aliens from Ceres called an animal analytics saurian. Finally, this dinosaur was like a researcher.
The visitors from Ceres described him in their notes in such a way: This animal goes to every single leave of a tree and smells all sides of the leave with his triangular nose.
Later researchers were frightened by a group of wolf crocodiles. Then they ran within 14 seconds to their flying saucer and flew back to Ceres.
730,000 days ago came several workaholic hunters from different areas of Halloween to Star Emoji. They started to kill the local animals with arrow curves because of fun. At this time the grief of the animals from Star Emoji reached the Pluto aliens. So Pluto sent a viscous weapon to Star Emoji.
The viscous weapon could stick like magnet all hunters to itself. All hunters from Star Emoji became automatically flown to Pluto thereby. There the hunters were condemned to the lifelong custody. The area of Star Emoji remained inhabited above all from hares and other rodent's animals. 407,340 days ago an alien from the Uranus came to Star Emoji. He was called Airy. He decided to settle down here. That's why Airy built a building from an aerial material. At that time he also built the first factory of Star Emoji. His factory produced clean air. He wanted to make sure that he would not die because of bad air quality. That's why Airy started to build a cave in Star Emoji.
There he filled up with energy and extended his life expectancy. Before he left Uranus because of dirty technical progress. In the cave the alien from Uranus spent the night. One day suddenly several bats and megabats came to the cave of Airy. The alien from the Uranus had a small panic at the beginning. Then he calmed down. After some time he made friends with the flying animals. He learnt even their languages in the cave. 399,310 days ago a Neptune alien experimented in his research lab with an electromagnet. The experiment failed. So several electromagnetic waves were sent to all possible directions.
This led to the fact that the bats and megabats of Star Emoji could not fly any more. Airy reacted very nervously. He wanted to find out the reason. Because the life was very pleasant in the cave for him, he decided to remain there. Thus passed many days. 290,540 days ago Allergies wanted to develop their power. That's why several allergic spies came to Star Emoji. They found a lot of bats and megabats in this area. They tried to catch these animals. For this purpose they took several special pots with transparent colours. Afterwards established Allergies several traps for the flying animals in Star Emoji. The alien from the Uranus easily injured himself by a trap when he went from the cave.
Then he wanted to find out who was responsible for this trap. For this purpose he used his communication possibilities with the bats. Thus he got to know about the danger of the addicted to power Allergies. That's why Airy began with the extension of his cave in Star Emoji. Thus he extended the cave massively. From this second the cave nearly 17 recumbent giraffes was long. Allergies could catch thanks to their varied traps a lot of bats and megabats. Allergies were so proud of it that they spoke about a victory. Star Emoji was farmed by the Allergies actively with houses from watermelon rinds. One day several Allergies found the cave of alien from the Uranus. They went to the cave because of curiosity. There they met Airy asleep. They wanted to arrest him. But they were too decayed for this. Instead, they took down in their notebooks that they found a big cave.

The first Emojis in Star Emoji

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264,990 days ago the first Emojis came to the today's area of Star Emoji. Allergies felt by the new inhabitants strongly threatened. That's why the king from Allergies commanded to fight against the unknown inhabitants. The allergic army arrested Emojis. They were questioned about their original place of residence. Many Emojis came mainly from Heart Eyes Emoji. They were not so religious like the other Emojis. This was the critical reason to settle down somewhere else. In addition the area of Star Emoji was suited very well. The king of Allergies wanted to let the new inhabitants enslave. In addition he invented pointless work. Emojis had to collect carrots from the ground.
These carrots had to be delivered to Allergies in the king's house. There the king ate immediately 20 megabytes in fresh carrots. Besides, he made loudly noises. 254,040 days ago Emojis decided to undertake together something against the rule of Allergies. Thus they organised professionally. However, they had no war experience.
So they collected the carrots for the own use. So the king of Allergies had a carrot crisis. In the meantime, made friends Emojis with the alien from the Uranus who lived in the cave. Airy hated Allergies because of the seizure of the bats and megabats. That's why he supported every plan against allergic rulers. The king of Allergies decided to send his soldiers to Star Emoji because of the carrot crisis. They had the command to force Emojis to the delivery the carrots under threat of a punishment. At this time several Stars from the midget planet Makemake came to Star Emoji. They could do magic professionally. Allergic soldiers on their way were hindered by their magic abilities to Star Emoji. This meant practically the end of the allergic rule in Star Emoji. The Stars from Makemake started to settle down in this area. Stars and Emojis had good relations between each other, although they came from different cultures. So that both ethnic groups had no conflict, they decided to appoint a neutral person responsible for the town. The alien from the Uranus called Airy fitted to this quite perfectly. Moreover, he was the only inhabitant with the longest life experience in Star Emoji. 238,710 days ago the emperor from a northern country of the planet Halloween came to Star Emoji. He had an illness called conquest addiction. That's why he wanted to claim more and more areas for himself. His pride grew every minute about 10 percent. He allowed to occupy Star Emoji with his army. Moreover, he gave a strange name for the area. He called this place Poiuzt. At that time the emperor from the north of Halloween appointed a local inhabitant of his empire the town king of Poiuzt. He was called SO3. This interference was not at all satisfactory to Emojis and Stars in their private life by the foreign people. So alien from the Uranus by the inhabitants required unlimited opposition against the town king SO3 and his people. Emojis and Stars did not know how they should proceed against the new ruler. So Airy fled to his cave back. The town king SO3 allowed to build stony towers for himself. He obliged to this Emojis and Stars every Tuesday. 233,235 days ago the northern emperor died as a result of his conquest addiction.
So Star Emoji also had to organise an official grief. Later several nephews of the late emperor came to Star Emoji. They introduced quite many new laws in the Poiuzt at that time. SO3 tried to strengthen his power in this time. That's why he required a personnel tax per inhabitant. Every inhabitant had to deliver 4 golden coins to the town king every month. For this purpose he used his stony towers. With the income SO3 built other big buildings. Thereby he justified the compulsive fees for Stars and Emojis. In reality his homeland profited from the mighty buildings. There hid SO3 several food for the black day.
225,205 days ago SO3 died of his job, while he counted the golden coins. At this time the death announcement of the town king reached many Stars and Emojis. They went to all places of their town and destroyed the unpopular town name Poiuzt everywhere. The new town king and son of the deceased SO4 wanted to calm the situation. That's why he wanted to let democratically choose a new name for the area by the people. Because the majority of the inhabitants were Stars and Emojis, the local population called the area Stars and Emojis. 216,080 days ago the king of Allergies wanted to conquer Stars and Emojis. For this purpose he sent his army to the area.
Allergies occupied the buildings which their forefathers built earlier. At that time the town king SO4had good contacts with the Emojis and the Stars. That's why they supported him in the fight against Allergies. Thus the allergic army had to take big defeat home. As a result the king of Allergies had to pronounce at least 1111 times the following sentence: I am very envious of Star Emoji!
Then he suffered big disappointment. As a result of this disappointed the king of Allergies died. Then Stars and Emojis celebrated its success against the undesirable enemy. 206,955 days ago SO4 died on the light bright day before the entrance in a stony tower. Thereon his son SO5took over the urban monarchy.
At this time a Jupiter alien was kidnapped by a Saturn alien with a stolen flying saucer. On account of an ant blockade in the clouds the flying saucer had to make a forced landing in Star Emoji. Thereon SO5 required the unlimited arrest of the unknown aliens and the seizure of the unidentified flying object. Stars and Emojis did this together. The unknown guests were delivered to the north of the planet Halloween. There the king checked the unknown aliens for their origin. Later they had to collect long time herbs for the king. 197,465 days ago the Saturn alien managed the escape from the hard labour. He went to the castle of the king and hit the king on his teeth.
Then he hit him also on his belly. Then he hit the king still with a heavy frying pan. After this event the king died. The Saturn alien allowed to burn several castles in the north of Halloween. Then he fled to the direction of Star Emoji. Here he discovered a cave. He went in. There he found a corpse. Because of fear he fled. In the meantime, the death announcement of the king reached the town king SO5. He reacted to that with a massive tax increase in Star Emoji. At this time hid the Saturn alien in a wood. The Jupiter alien noticed that everywhere everything burnt. That's why he also fled from the north of Halloween.
195,275 days ago the Saturn alien met by chance the town king SO5 in the wood. He ran to him and hit him several times on the head. Because of strong headaches SO5 died right away. The Saturn alien took the corpse and brought to the cave. In the meantime, the whole family looked for the missing town king. One day SO6 found a cave in Star Emoji. Together with his subordinated soldiers from the north of Halloween he found two corpses there. A corpse was his father SO5. He was deprived both corpses from the cave. He buried both corpses in the city centre in a garden. 189,070 days ago a big electromagnetic pandemic began in Star Emoji.
The researchers of the town king SO6 recommended him to leave the area with his family. Thereon SO6 collected the whole money and left with his family Star Emoji. On account of a small earthquake SO6 with his brief family lost a lot of golden coins on the way.
188,340 days ago the Jupiter alien from the north of Halloween found the way to Star Emoji. On the way to this area he found many golden coins. This was particularly good for his stinginess. He wanted to settle down in this area. He was active with the cheese dairy. His cheese was particularly liked with the Stars and Emojis. In the meantime, the Saturn alien found his flying saucer in a garden of the former town king SO5. He sat down in his flying object and flew to Saturn.

The birth of Star Emoji

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187,610 days ago a luminous, shining and star-shaped Emoji was born in a family. He was called Star Emoji. At this time there were in Saturn many astronomers. They activated their telescopes in different directions of galaxy. The Saturn alien who returned from Star Emoji told his friends about his adventures in Emoji. Among them were also many astronomers. One day they looked with their telescopes the area of Star Emoji together. Suddenly all astronomers noticed at the same time that there was a luminous, shining and star-shaped Emoji. They thought, that it a midget planet in a town. That's why Saturn's astronomers wanted to fly to the area. This time Saturn aliens wanted to prepare very well for their trip.
This lasted some time. This time, finally, there should be to no breakdowns and disturbances with the trip. The birth of the shining Emojis led to regular visits under the Stars and Emojis with the family. That's why inhabitants named the town after Star Emoji. In the meantime, the father took over the urban monarchy of Star Emoji. He might collect the golden coins of Stars and Emojis.
180,310 days ago Saturn's astronomers came to Star Emoji. They brought several tools. Among them were star detectors. At this time the young Star Emoji was prepared for the takeover of the urban monarchy completely.
While Saturn's astronomers were in search for the shining and star-shaped Emoji, a lot of bats and megabats flew to the Saturn aliens. After this event all astronomers would shout at the same time. At this time Star Emoji was on the way also in the wood. He had to catch a hamster. This was his graduation work. Instead of hamster Star Emoji could catch these bats and megabats. Suddenly Saturn aliens saw their desirable Star before their eyes. They would shout: Incredibly whom we have before ourselves!!!
For Star Emoji the whole theatre looked very strange. He asked the Saturn's astronomers what particularly was here. They said at the same time: You!!!!
I, answered Star Emoji. He did not understand what should be so special in his person. Thereon Saturn aliens got their microscopes and directed upon Star Emoji. Then said a Saturn alien: "You are the Star Emoji whom we discovered from our planet Saturn with a telescope. Here we are because of you!!"
Star Emoji explained that he was quite a normal Emoji. He had natural ones a Star as a mother and an Emoji as a father. Otherwise he was quite normal. After this conversation Star Emoji invited the guests from the Saturn to have lunch. At home his parents asked whether he could catch a hamster.
Star Emoji answered this very proudly that he could catch even several bats and megabats. His parents said that they knew about that Star Emoji was really especially. Thereon Saturn aliens would also shout to the Star Emoji: Do you see, you are special!!!
After this statement the parents of Star Emoji were interested who these guests were. He said that they came because of his shine here from the wide Saturn. The parents of Star Emoji got great fear. They feared that something bad would happen to their son. The Saturn's astronomers explained only that they mistook Star Emoji for a midget planet.
After some time Saturn's astronomers returned to their home planet. 165,710 days ago the father of Star Emoji died because of an overdose cheese. That's why Star Emoji as an urban king commanded the closing of the cheese dairy of the Jupiter alien. The long-standing cheese trader was very furious on the town king. So he wanted to require financial compensation from Star Emoji. The town king refused. At this time the Jupiter alien decided to return to his home planet for the rest of his life. 151,475 days ago several Venus aliens from the east of the planet came to Star Emoji above a star way. They tried to conquer the town. For this purpose they brought several menacing cameras. These devices could influence psychologically the opponent.
Thus Venus aliens used their cameras for this purpose. Then Stars and Emojis became automatically very friendly towards the aliens from the Venus. They could not oppose the conquest of Venus. Venus could thereby conquer completely Star Emoji. That's why the town king fled to the cave which the alien from the Uranus made earlier. There he spent some time with his family. On account of his shine he and his family got an automatic protection in the cave. If somebody approached the cave, that one was unpleasantly electrified. In the cave Star Emoji learnt different technologies. Thus he could recover from his physical body.
For this purpose he put his physical body on power saving mode. That's why Star Emoji saved his life energy and his shine. In the meantime, his recumbent body was like a mobile phone which charged the battery.
In this time Venus aliens used the area of Star Emoji to build their religious houses actively. Moreover, Venus aliens looked for valuable things in the whole town. Many Stars were kidnapped to the hard labour to the east by Venus. Also several Emojis became compulsive-converted to the religion of the east of the Venus'. The Venus Aliens allowed to actively build a big and mighty castle in Star Emoji. Moreover, a stony bridge was built above the castle.

122,275 days ago Star Emoji activated his physical body in the cave. Then he decided to visit his town. He found Emojis and very much few Stars who worked for Venus aliens. That's why he started to shine and shine. After some time Emojis were reprogrammed a little bit. Then they realised that they already served foreign rulers long time. That's why they organised together with Star Emoji a shining opposition. After this event Star Emoji decided to introduce himself to the Venus aliens. After this event Venus aliens were so reprogrammed that they started to leave voluntarily the whole area. Venus aliens still ruled in the town, but their influence was low.
Venus noticed that its time would be over in close future in Star Emoji. That's why Venus tried to steal from building materials and other things. 115,340 days ago the east of Venus did not want to apologise to the Pluto aliens. That's why Pluto sent several threatening letters to the conquered areas of Venus. Among them was also Star Emoji. The Venus aliens became so seriously injured in their psyche by these threatening letters that they had to hide for the rest of their life somewhere. The party of the rulers of the east of Venus ended with it.

The return of the Saturn to Star Emoji

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114,610 days ago the scientific commission of the astronomers of Saturn sat down at a round table. The Saturn aliens got old dusty archive files. They studied their old documents. The new astronomers discovered that in the old notes a midget planet on a planet was. It concerned the mistake of Star Emoji with a planet. Because the final result of this research was not in the archive, astronomers thought that this work was not finished. That's why they decided to fly to Star Emoji for this purpose. This time the Saturn's astronomers did not have to prepare long. They came to this town after a short flight. In Star Emoji they hid behind several thick trees. There they found old notes on the trees of the former astronomers on the same research subject.
After they found out about it, they decided to find the city guide or the uppermost person responsible for this town. Saturn's astronomers questioned every Emoji for this purpose. All Emojis explained exactly where the town king was. In the big castle they found the Star Emoji in his position as a town king. He sat on his chair with moss overcast. They asked him whether he saw the luminous midget planet somewhere. Thereon he asked Saturn aliens about their origin and their occupation. Later he told them that their forefathers with the same order found the way to him. They questioned the town king also about his working methods and his politics. This sounded very strangely for Star Emoji. Nevertheless, he answered self-confidently. Only about his energy saving mode system he told the Saturn aliens nothing. After this conversation the Saturn's astronomers said goodbye to the town king. 100,010 days ago Star Emoji felt the need to the return in the cave. He had to change again in the energy saving mode. That's why he appointed the new town king the young Emoji called F1.
At this time the son of a former astronomer was interested in the planet Halloween. Moreover, he got to know about high profits of the Saturn aliens with the mighty tax authorities in particular in Emoji. This situation led to the fact that this Saturn alien wanted to become no astronomer or so. Instead, he wanted to earn money with own tax authority. He was called Pissog. He was very much enthusiastically about the assistant in Laughing Emoji. The finance boss from the Saturn was very mighty there. Pissog wanted to proceed according to his model. Thus he came to Star Emoji with several Saturn aliens. They occupied the big castle and appointed it the tax authority. At this time the town king sat in his office and drank yellow tea. Suddenly an Emoji came to him and said that unknown aliens occupied the uppermost rooms in the big castle. F1 reacted very much anxiously about these events. That's why he collected several Emojis. Then he tried to go together with them to the unknown aliens.

There Pissog opened personally the door. He began his conviction work for the modernisation of the urban currency in a nice form. Many Emojis liked this idea. They began the exchange of the golden coins for local Bitcoin. After this success Pissog nearly 223,200 seconds celebrated his strategy. Besides, he had a similar approach like his model. Only as opposed to his model he exchanged more valuable golden coins for more worthless currency. Pissog could thereby get rich. The satisfaction by the new currency led to the fact that Pissog became the freeman of Star Emoji.
Many inhabitants thought even about renaming the town as Pissog. He also used this. Thus Pissog started to write everywhere his name with big letters. Later he felt growing stinginess in himself. That's why he had to take away an urge also the more worthless new currency from the Emojis by the taxes. Thus he sent several soldiers to collect the taxes. On account of his talent he could allow to enslave several Poop Emojis. He sent several Saturn aliens for this purpose to different places of the planet. Poop Emojis were original from Poop Emoji.
By the constant tax payment Emojis became clearly poorer in Star Emoji.
They did their work discouraged. The productivity thereby sank massively. Star Emoji experienced heavy economic crisis because of the mighty tax authority. F1 did not know how he could motivate Emojis and remained Stars for the work. Thus some days passed in Star Emoji. The inhabitants became impoverished and also Pissog had to think about new sources of income. 93440 days ago several Pluto aliens came to the town. They had their own places. There they dealt with their identity. 82855 days ago Pissog felt very much threatened by Pluto aliens. That's why he wanted to expel them from Star Emoji. This despite aliens from Pluto were very good taxpayers. Pissog visited the uppermost religious leader in Saturn.
He consulted him what he could make with the Pluto aliens. The religious leader wanted to advertise actively to his religion. But he died on the way to Halloween. Then Pissog collected very diligently money of Pluto aliens in spite of his hatred on them.
By the presence of the Pluto aliens the economy could return in Star Emoji again to former strength. 79205 days ago Star Emoji felt completely charged again. That's why he returned from his cave to the town. By his shine Emojis in spite of the levy became diligent again. In the meantime, more and more Pluto aliens left the town to the direction of their home planet.
The town king F1 fell ill with growing lips. Because of this illness he died. In the meantime, Pissog took over the urban monarchy. He allowed to build several buildings and factories. His factories produced above all glasses and plates. 78475 days ago Mercury surprised Star Emoji with its food revolution. The emperor of Mercury asked Emojis whether they were really contented with their food. They did not know what they should answer. At this time the finance manager and town king Pissog came to the Mercury aliens. He asked them what they searched here. The tone sounded very cheeky. Thereon a Mercury alien got his chocolate eggs and pelted Pissog. Then Pissog was arrested by the Mercury.
In the meantime, Mercury aliens took over Star Emoji under their control. On account of an explosion in the door of the prison in Mercury Pissog could flee from his custody. He fled to Saturn. There he planned his return to Star Emoji. Mercury appointed own emperor to the town king this time. The awoken Star Emoji did not like this at all. So he went to the Mercury aliens. He started to speak with them. After a short time he shone so strongly that all Mercury aliens were reprogrammed. Then they fled voluntarily from this town. Also the emperor of Mercury did not understand, why he lost exceptionally his motivation for conquest.
He thought that he should urgently go to a doctor. After the successful fight against Mercury Star Emoji took over the work of the town king. 77380 days ago Pissog wanted to exercise with other Saturn aliens his power again. On the way to Star Emoji Pissog died in the flying saucer. After the death of Pissog the flying saucer was automatically shifted to Saturn. Then the copassengers of the dead Saturn alien never again tried to fly to Star Emoji. 55480 days ago Star Emoji felt very much used again. That's why he appointed the Star FT2 his successor as a town king.

Star Emoji in the modern history

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44530 days ago FT2 ordered the construction of the first phone cabins of the town. Moreover, a long queue began before every phone cabin. At that time an Emoji wrote that he had to wait nearly 2888 minutes for his first entry into the phone cabin. 41610 days ago Star Emoji was taken by the Easter Eggs and Hungry for some days. That's why Star Emoji awoke in the cave. He got dressed his physical body again. Then he went quick like a flash to the Easter Eggs and Hungry. Both sides could be reprogrammed by the shine. Then Easter Eggs jumped in the nearest frying pans. Hungry ones fled to several food stores.
On account of rising prices of bread and other important food of the everyday need big riots began in Star Emoji. The local population went daily to the demonstration against high inflation. The town king FT2 profited from high prices. That's why he hardly reacted to the demonstrations of the people. 36135 days ago Scary Clown came to the town. Besides, he had a microscope. He looked for microbes in Star Emoji. Besides, he saw how Emojis and Stars protested against high bread prices. So he contacted his friends. After some time a lot of soldiers of the circus army came to the area. They arrested the town king FT2. To his place an Emoji was appointed the town dictator.
The title of a monarch was officially forbidden by the joining to the Circus Union. FT2 was placed in the prison of the enemies of the state. There he died as a result of his power loss. Some followers of FT2 tried to incite riots. Besides, they were shot by the circus army with melons. 35405 days ago Allergies tried to conquer Star Emoji. Scary Clown got to know about it in his office. That's why he pressed the alarm button. Then there came the mighty circus army and pelted allergic soldiers with water melons. Then the word Star Emoji extinguished Allergies from their notebook.
33215 days ago the First Horror Clown commanded the opening of the first radio station in Star Emoji. The Horror Clown thereby wanted to improve his speeches and his fame within Emojis.
The Horror Clown looked at the same time with his confidential devices for possible enemies in Star Emoji. His enemies landed in the black list. 27375 days ago Easter Eggs from south Mars occupied the whole area with their tanks. They went all the time from left to the right side of the town. Moreover, they looked for certain inhabitants in this town. At this time Star Emoji felt that he should urgently return as never before to his physical body. He got dressed his meaty body. Then he appeared intuitively before the Easter Eggs. He shone and shone so strongly that Easter Eggs broke here. The uppermost Egoist wanted to know what happened in Star Emoji with the Easter Eggs. So he sent more personal army. The Egoists came with their weapons to this town. But the shine of Star Emoji was so strong that also Egoists lost their ego. Thereby they were able of no hostile activities. Then the circus army could arrest the remained Egoists. After the end of the conflict with the Egoists the First Horror Clown commanded to give a special honouring to the Star Emoji. Besides, Emojis and Stars noticed that Star Emoji disappeared again from their eyes. He had to charge his energy again.

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