⛺ Tent

⛺- Tent, camping pitch, campsite, camping
Among Emojis is ⛺ Camping very popular between Mai and September.
After the death of the last Horror Clown started six stingy Emojis to build their first ⛺ Tent of plastic. They saw that the quality of it was very good. They decided to produce their own ⛺ Tents for camping. Later the six Emojis started to advertise for their new ⛺ Tent emojiwide. One of the most famous clients was the uppermost tax collector who wanted it for ⛺ Camping.
The most hated Emoji wanted to monitor taxable Emojis during the ⛺ Camping. One day he noticed that a stingy Emoji used his ⛺ Tent to hide several 💰 Money Bags. That Emoji had at least two workers who should monitor his 💰 money.
One day came the uppermost tax collector to the ⛺ Tent of the stingy Emoji. He wanted visit him there.
The both workers did not allow. Later sent the most hated Emoji his workers to the ⛺ Tent. They had to count the hidden coins.
The stingy Emoji lost his motivation to work because of the income tax and all legal thefts.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for tent or camping.



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Unicode:  ⛺


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