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🏑 Field Hockey

🏑- Field Hockey, stick and ball
In contrast to planet Earth play at least 12 Emojis instead of 11 players 🏑 Field Hockey. According to the command of a high-ranking Emoji who worked for the first Horror Clown decided the ruler at that time that 🏑 Field Hockey should have at least 12 players because of the number of an average year with 12 months. Each player must use the name of a month. This tradition still exists among Emojis in 🏑 Field Hockey. The uppermost tax collector feared that his opponents could beat the building of the tax authority with 🏑 Field Hockey Stick and Ball. Therefore he commanded a ban of it near the most important building.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for field hockey.


Field Hockey

Copy and paste Field Hockey


Unicode:  🏑


For comparison how different 🏑 Field Hockey looks on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung


Field Hockey on Apple iOS


Field Hockey on Google Android


Field Hockey on Facebook


Field Hockey on Microsoft Windows


Field Hockey on Twitter Twemoji


Field Hockey on JoyPixels


Field Hockey on Samsung


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