⚽ Soccer Ball

⚽- Soccer Ball, football, ball
The most Emojis who play ⚽ Football live in the town of Emoji Free. Many famous footballers advertise to the local shoe industry.
One day tried the most hated Emoji and Finance Minister to play with the ⚽ Soccer Ball. Later he got pain in his feet. The first elected dictator wanted to make ⚽ Football more popular among Emojis because he wanted to prevent higher taxes for normal Emojis. He knew that on planet Earth earns ⚽ Soccer Ball industry a lot of 💰 Money. That's why this Emoji wanted to try to promote ⚽ Football.
The time was not enough. He had to resign.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for soccer ball or football.


Soccer Ball

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Unicode:  ⚽


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Soccer Ball on Apple iOS


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Soccer Ball on Facebook


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Soccer Ball on Twitter Twemoji


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Google GMail


Soccer Ball on Google GMail



Soccer Ball on Softbank



Soccer Ball KDDI



Soccer Ball DCM


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