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Emoji Free

Emoji Free is an important town in the area of the capital city Emoji SMS. Many extraterrestrial from the Venus recover especially with pleasure in this town. With the last official census on the last autumn day of an up to now unknown year 224,345 inhabitants were counted in this town. The number was confirmed by several independent mathematicians more or less. The first time the name Emoji Free was mentioned about 328,500 days ago in a top secret document. The former meaning of the name must be still examined by the archaeologists. At that time the town was founded by the old Emojis. Nevertheless, some historians think that in Emoji Free the fight for independence of the ancient history should have taken place.


 Emoji Free




Why is the town of Emoji Free called, however?

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Different theorists tried to form their opinion at different times in addition. Even several kings of Emoji asked to go particularly certified professional forces on the search for the source of the town name.

1. Theory: The town was visited by the extraterrestrial from northern Mars. These should have shouted something. The tone was stored as an Emoji Free in the ears of the local population.

2. Theory: At this place the freeing of the Emojis from the Saturn aliens was celebrated.  As everybody knows, extraterrestrials from the Saturn were a long time in Emoji Free. At that time they tried to smuggle the valuable mineral resources from this area to Saturn. Amongst other things they pinched the orange sand. The locals had to undertake something against it. Thus they offered a resistance against these exploiters.

3. Theory: To Emoji Free came English-speaking people. These left the old dictionaries with the English language. The Emojis looked in these dictionaries according to interesting information. The majority of the local population liked the concept "Free" so much that the town received this addition.

Other opinions exist on other historians:

1. Opinion: The city of Emoji Free became so-called because the old Pluto aliens expelled the extraterrestrial from the Saturn of the town at that time. This led to the liberation of the town but also the beginning of the independence from foreign domination of the Kingdom of Emoji.

2. Opinion: In the Emoji Free the conquest attempt of the Mercury aliens failed under the management of the Imperators at that time.

3. Opinion: The town symbolised the wish for freedom.

4. Opinion: On the border to Emoji Free all passengers of a prison were released under mysterious circumstances. The former passengers conquered the area and called it also from gratitude in such a way.


Geographical situation of Emoji Free and the distance to important cities

🌈 Geography and Weather

Emoji Free is located to the south in a distance of 316 recumbent giraffes of the capital city Emoji SMS. To the south of the town to about 1480 recumbent giraffes there is the port city Emoji Opinion. The town is liked with the investors very much. Besides, in the Emoji Free there are many founds woods. Moreover, the town has own big hydroelectric power plant. The important advantage of the town is the nearness to the capital of the kingdom Emoji. The town enjoys big reputation as a recreational town of the fans with the home celebrities.


Geologic structure of Emoji Free

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The earth in this area is the typical black earth. There is also the red earth. However, the red earth is suited less for green plants. On account of good quality of the black earth stingy extraterrestrial from the Jupiter try over and over again to smuggle the earth in large quantities in their native planet. But one day Emojis had enough of the earth thieves. Thus they agreed exceptionally to oblige some Horror Clowns from the Circus Country with the duty to the work. Since some time Horror Clowns fight successfully against misers from the Jupiter. Already several misers from the Jupiter reported in their native planet about how they are received with the duty. A miser is there hardly, a group Horror Clowns already comes to him. There the miser throws quite voluntarily his stolen goods in the hands of the controllers. But why remain horror clowns with the Emojis and do work with them, instead of the circus?

The Horror Clowns are paid especially well. They get about 4 Bitcoins per hour.Moreover, the city Emoji Free has several waters. The local population can process only the urban water on their need.



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The most important waters in the town are the red river. The name Red deals something with the fish. Most fish in this river change colour in the red colour. Besides there are several smaller or medium-sized rivers in this area. One day a group of extraterrestrial from Mars was stopped from fishing about 444 fish from the red river. The fish in Emoji Free were taken up as threatened animal species in the book of threatened living beings. About the wide rivers about 4 bridges were built more than 35770 days ago. At that time it was important to take the water from the rivers even lighter.


Archaeology and the big family

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 In the middle of Emoji Free archaeologists found a pitfall. To fall down the danger, however, was small. Therein were about 76 steps of a long stair. There archaeologists could find several coins of copper. The discovery disappointed misers from the Jupiter. They thought earlier that gold should be more valuably in Emoji. Moreover, on every step of the stair one could make quite an other discovery. At the beginning of the stair archaeologists found above all coins from the time more than 89060 days ago. Completely below lay several sarcophagi. Thereon medicine historians had to come immediately. Together with the help of the Pluto aliens the team tried to find out who lay in these confidential sarcophagi everything. While opening the first sarcophagus the archaeologists started to examine the skeleton. Besides, the skeleton was bound to a magnetic device. Suddenly the skeleton heated up. From the device several electroshocks came to the skeleton. Thereon shouted the skeleton: Leave me alone!!!!

The archaeologists ran away with big shock. After 555 seconds the skeleton got up. With this skeleton it concerned a forefather of today's media enterpriser Big Face. He lived 283,240 days ago in Emoji Free. The skeleton suddenly got skin. However, remained hairless. Thus the risen with a bald head remained. Suddenly the risen came to the archaeologists. They could not remember such a person. Moreover, the risen carried the funny clothes which one could find only in the archive or museum. The risen looked to every archaeologist exactly in the eyes. Every archaeologist got fear of this stranger with the time. After 776 seconds the risen smiled in the direction of all present archaeologists. Then he said that they all are his descendants. He started to tell how exact this was. He had four sons and two daughters. From his children he had later 26 grandchildren. And he passed on so. He said that he died as a hero of Emoji Free. He could extinguish the fire of several houses in the town. After the risen was finished with his history, the archaeologists wanted to send him in the psychiatry. They took the risen in the hospital. Suddenly the uppermost chief physician found out that Big Face was just for visit with a new broadcasting in the hospital. The uppermost chief physician could not believe his eyes. On the one hand he had just a patient. On the other hand, he saw before himself the media enterpriser. Both looked like twins. The uppermost chief physician thought that he should send himself in the psychiatry. Besides, the chief physician decided to show the risen to the Big Face. Big Face looked the risen. The risen said that Big Face is his descendant. From that a long conversation began between the both. At the end Big Face got to know from about 31104 relatives by this risen. Suddenly Big Face had the archaeologists as distant relatives. The feeling for the affected Emojis was very funny. The risen helped his descendants with the decoding of the old findings from his time.

History of Emoji Free

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358,795 days ago lived Trojan donkeys in the today's area of Emoji Free. Archaeologists also found coins of silver. These were used by the Trojan donkeys. The donkeys at that time quite simply lived. They ate growing plants. 328,500 days ago came extraterrestrial from the Uranus. They built several houses in the form of the rainbows. They lived above all near the red river. 283,605 days ago conquered Emoji Free the acrobats from the Circus Kingdom. More and more Emojis from other regions came in this time to the town. The houses of the extraterrestrial from the Uranus were destroyed 238,345 days ago by the Saturn aliens by the majority. The strong Circus Kingdom could build with the help of the Emojis and the Pluto aliens the first important hydroelectric power plant of the old time. This happened 229,876 days ago. 211,346 days ago the acrobats became the leading role abroad by epidemics of the very growing fingers of the right hand more and more incapable to take over. The others used this. 210,240 days ago Allergies conquered the town of Emoji Free. They established the most important building of the past. It was the biggest and widest building of the town. It had to the aim to promote the religion of the Allergies.  Allergies distributed several pamphlets for their religion. However, this contradicted the long-standing tradition of the Emojis. Most inhabitants visited even then the amusing houses. At this time 206,456 days ago came the first extraterrestrials from the Jupiter. Because the climate the Jupiter aliens did not like in Emoji Free, they left the town after a short time. At least, they left their fingerprints in the town. Their fingerprints are exactly examined at the moment by the researchers. The aim is to be found out it what had led most Jupiter aliens later to their today's stinginess. 200,750 days ago Saturn aliens came to the town. They began with the construction of a castle. The access for the locals was prohibited long time. The reason was quite clear. They established several subterranean bunkers in this castle. Later several bags with maize and rice were found there.

Some historians think that the extraterrestrial from the Saturn feared a big war on their planet. That's why they hid long-lasting food in Emoji Free under the subterranean bunker. 189,800 days ago a big food crisis began in the town. Many Emojis were so furious that the government made nothing against the rising hunger. At that time many inhabitants started to search the big houses and castles for food. Many Emojis found nothing. Others had luck. In the castle of the extraterrestrial from the Saturn some inhabitants found many bags with maize and rice. They took everything to themselves. Who found nothing in the town, fled to Emoji Opinion to the yellow sea. Others fished the fish from the red river. 151,840 days ago the cucumbers came in the town of Emoji Free. They acted with toxic queues. Historians supposed that they were responsible for the birth of the country of the Salted Cucumbers. The Salted Cucumbers refuse to accept this opinion. They believe that they had to flee from northern Mars later. 148,787 days ago still came the Forgers from the Saturn. They tried to promote their religion in the whole kingdom. In Emoji Free they began even with the enslavement of the Emojis. Here thus a small empire of the Forgers originated. At that time a lot of houses were built for "saints". The Forgers forced Emojis these houses not only to build, but also revere these saints. 128,467 days ago many unknown robots came to the area of the Emoji Free. Nobody recognised that it concerned only robot. The robots searched all houses of the Forgers. All valuables of the Forgers were stolen. When the forgers noticed that their valuables disappeared, they began a big investigation. They thought that Emojis stole the valuables. Thereon the slaves were strongly hit by the forgers. At this time a Pluto alien was nearby. He saw how the biggest enemies of the Pluto aliens of the past behaved. Thereon he informed the department for foreign questions of Pluto. Thereon Pluto decided to go forward against the Forgers quite hard. The Forgers and their empire on Emoji Free were destroyed completely.

The surviving Forgers tried to flee to Saturn. Nevertheless, most from them were arrested by the government of Pluto. At the same time the Emojis celebrated their freeing from the slavery of the Forgers. They let the houses burn of the Forgers. However, then they extinguished the fires with the water from the red river. They decided to use the material of the houses for other purposes. 126,466 days ago furious Saturn aliens came to the town. They began a big war against Emojis. The king at that time of Emoji wanted to negotiate with the Saturn about an armistice. At the end the king of Emoji agreed with the Saturn about the enslavement all Emojis without exception in the town of Emoji Free. Before the king allowed to take away all valuables of the population by his private army. This time the extraterrestrial from the Saturn built quite big buildings and castles. They were high about 12 giraffes. The most important building and at the same time biggest in the town was the tax collection building. The Emojis were forced to accept to the bank notes and coins as the uppermost religion. 102,346 days ago came the first misers from the Jupiter. Because their stinginess grew very strongly, they waged a big war against the Saturn aliens. The whole money was confiscated by the misers. At the same time still there came strangers from the Circus Kingdom. They have expelled together with the misers the Saturn aliens of Emoji Free. The king of Emoji observed the whole with big worry. He feared a big war against Emoji by the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. For the Saturn aliens the kingdom Emoji developed less and less interesting. Thus Saturn concentrated around its own history. 88000 days ago the town was connected to the Circus Kingdom at that time. The reason was that the Emojis of the town felt giving themselves away from the king. At that time they found out that he allowed to enslave them by the extraterrestrials from the Saturn. The misers from the Jupiter strengthened their friendship with the Circus Kingdom. That's why the misers spread their influence in the Emoji Free. 76285 days ago the cooperation with the Pluto aliens was developed. They brought big prosperity in the town. Chips Conquerors from the Mercury tried to penetrate into the town. The soldier who was responsible for the urban key refused. He said Chips that he and his friends found here nothing useful. The town has experienced already enough. Thereon Chips Conquerors tried to persuade the soldier. But he failed. Thereon he left the whole area of Emoji Free. The soldier was nationally celebrated as a big hero. Some towns had given up just with the name Chips Conquerors. Then there remained long time quite boringly in the town. Only 40515 days ago the town came to the national headlines. In this town exact plans of the First Horror Clowns were prepared. He and his friends worked day and night quite hard on their plans. The aim was to be stripped of power the great-grandfather by Devil Emoji. This plan lay several days on the table of the First Horror Clowns. For this purpose friends and sympathizers of the First Horror Clowns had to eat regularly mash with buckwheat. The First Horror Clown could thereby build up a very strong circus army. Although the First Horror Clown was still unimportant more than 40000 days ago, reported many local newspapers about his stay in Emoji Free. The preparations lasted long time. 35770 days ago the First Horror Clown had already so many followers that he fell ill with Selfie. At that time he started to photograph himself at least 90 times. The enthusiasm for the First Horror Clown grew so strongly that Emojis were ready to fulfil the wishes of the Clown. In Emoji Free the circus army established its confidential subterranean bunker. When the conflict escalated between the Egoists from Mars and the union of the amusing, Pluto aliens still came for the help. The Egoists from Mars had to add their defeat on the state television on the pressure of the First Horror Clowns. Then they could count on a milder punishment. They were condemned to the hard labour. These Egoists had very big luck that the First Horror Clown did not allow to hide them in the subterranean bunker.


Modern Emoji Free

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Overnight 16898 days ago the local population became so diligent that in the town several factories and other enterprises originated. Above all cosmetics products were produced quite actively. The town became an important economic location of the country of Emoji. Even the Third Horror Clown praised the town in his television speech to the new year. The town symbolised the diligence, the Horror Clowns so with pleasure with all others would have seen. On account of the growing prosperity the population grew in Emoji Free. The majority of the local population works in their hometown. 14444 days ago the town tried to get into the automobile industry. The production of the vehicles turned out as to elaborately for the authorities. Moreover, Emojis did not want to dirty their air. Because at this time no ecologically friendly civil engineering existed on vehicles, the opponents of the production were very mighty. However, with the cosmetics products progress could be achieved. The factories developed ecologically friendly cosmetics products. Moreover, they were checked by independent doctors. For the health great danger existed at the beginning. However, the factory owners were ready to make their cosmetics products healthier. Later a progress could be also achieved here. 1212 days ago became known that the cosmetics industry of Emoji Free mightiest was in whole kingdom. Moreover, the town planet-far exports its cosmetics products very successfully. The local authorities at least once per week must check the quality of the red river on the command of Devil Emoji.  The fish must be examined for their health regularly.


In winter the temperature reaches average values in January from-1.11 °C. Meteorologists state that yearly sometime in winter at least the temperature reaches during one day an annual record from-24.44 to-28.88 °C. The other researchers wanted to check this. But they have found up to now none freely minute for this job. Thus there still remains a riddle under the population. In summer the temperature reaches average values above all in July up to 26.68 °C. However, many Emojis could measure especially rising temperatures in summer. This happened on special days. The population called the visiting days of the king in Emoji Free as a reason for the hot summer temperatures of 42.56 °C. The local population still looks for a name for this phenomenon. Up to now nobody had however found a good name for this natural law. Per year it rains about 76 billions bottles of tomato juice in this town.


Demographics in Emoji Free

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34675 days ago about 60 percent Emojis lived in the town. Other 40 percent were before all Clowns, Pluto aliens, Emoticons and other extraterrestrials. 6262 days ago Emoji Free counted by the majority Emojis, Emoticons and Clowns. The other extraterrestrials clearly lost their interest to the town.


Economy of Emoji Free

As was already mentioned before, one succeeded to the town in making to itself a name in the cosmetics industry. Moreover, the embellishment industry in this town becomes in general very successful. The artists who paint their pictures with cosmetics products belong to it. Less is known that the town also has shoe factories. These products are nationally sold.¨The shoes from Emoji Free applies as especially comfortable for the feet. Many footballers advertise to the shoe industry of the local factories. The reputation of the town not only as a cosmetics industry profits from it to be perceived. The municipal hydroelectric power station is exactly checked all 44 days. The water quality applies as very exemplary. One day even misers from the Jupiter tried to smuggle the local water in their flying saucers. This hit big headlines 2456 days ago. This praise made the local Emojis very proudly on their water. At the same time the town got a problem more. Later misers had to use the water simply in the town. Thus one solved the problem. The food industry of the town Emoji Free remained up to now nationally rather unknown. Experts suppose that the food producers produced above all for the local population and the surroundings. That's why it is not nationally won over to food from this town. In addition there are several interesting everyday enterprises in the town. These enclose other branches of the everyday life. The electric production, clothing companies and all other belong to it.

Culture and Sport in Emoji Free

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The town is visited regularly by domestic actors. The reasons reach from film premieres up to the theatrical plays. Moreover, the town at the times of the rule of the First Horror Clowns had to build at least twelve circuses.On the streets of Emoji Free one may sing quite freely and loudly. This decided the local government on a boring day. Emojis were angry at the fact that one would be also disturbed at night and in rest periods by singing pedestrians. Thereon a restriction had to be invented. The song ban was expanded on all normal citizens. The celebrities might also sing at night. One day so an older Emoji could not fall asleep. Thereon he complained in the mass media. Later the government had to accept the ban also for the whole night. Current one is allowed from 9 o'clock in the morning till 21 o'clock in the evening on the street sing loudly. Many film producers use the beautiful old town of Emoji Free, so that they can turn horror movies. Many famous however also unknown horror movies were taken up here. The town offers something mysterious. A famous film director said this. However, he would under no circumstances be publicly named by his name. To the honour of the victory against the Egoists of Mars several nature parks were built. In addition monuments also came to honour of the First Horror Clowns. However, some of the monuments were destroyed by the vandals. Thereon even the spirit of the First Horror Clowns had to complain with the local judge. The most important sport of the Emoji Free is to be shifted mineral bottles with the feet. This is a sort of football in the manner of the Emojis. The rules of the game are similar to the football rules. Probably was a local Emoji on Earth at a football championship. But he forgot that on the Earth a ball was used. Thus a similar play originated in this town. A stadium was specially built for this sport. The local team plays every week-end against others. The spectators applaud even if the opponent's team wins. Central issue they can watch other with the sport. Emojis do above all a sport in this town: They move their fingers on their Smartphones and take a photo of the players in the stadium. The local health politicians think since long time how one could force the local population to more movement or motivate. Up to now the researchers with their formula search remained fruitless.


Education and Science in Emoji Free

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In the town there are different training facilities. At the command of the king Devil Emoji all trainings must be offered by important occupations. The selection of students occurs after the ability tests and requirements. As everywhere in the kingdom Emoji one can educate further himself also here free of charge or very favourably. The prerequisites are described on the local Internet. The research of the town concentrates upon the cosmetics branch. But also the shoe research becomes more and more important. Reason for this is called the rising number on growing feet. The doctors believe that the climate leads in Emoji Free to be grown feet. The opponents of the food industry accuse them for this problem. The town had to give up its university for political education. The interest in the politics among the students was too low. Thus politics students had to move to Emoji Opinion. The students received for this full financial compensation from the state. Also other students can use free of charge for their schools or universities the public transport.

Medicine in Emoji Free

The town has about six hospitals. However, every hospital is mostly specified. But all six hospitals must have several emergency departments according to law. Moreover, about three medical centres exist in the whole town. However, these must have a big distance of each other. Thus every patient must be able to come within 10 minutes to a clinic. The mayor of the Emoji Free decided this. According to doctor's association about 2222 doctors and 4444 other medical specialist staff live in the town. They work in the hospitals and other medical facilities.



In the town there are a lot of amusing houses who are visited by the Emojis. A small municipality of Forgers still exists. Pluto aliens also have their portion in the local religion.


Monuments and museums in Emoji Free

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To the honour of the victory against the Egoists from Mars several monuments with the face of the First Horror Clowns were built. In addition still there come many old Trojan donkey sculptures from ancient history. These sculptures can be visited in the museum. In addition old coins of copper are also shown. Also the old sarcophagi which were found underground can be marvelled at in the local museum. The old green stones are in the museum. Their origin could still confirm no historian or archaeologist. Also the old castle of the extraterrestrials from the Saturn to the preservation of maize and rice can be visited for 0.08 Bitcoins. Moreover, one can look at the big dwarfs in the subterranean bunker of the old town. Who built these in days of yore, is a big secret of the town of Emoji Free.

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