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🎬 Clapper Board

🎬- Clapper Board, slate, slate board, slapperboard, clapboard, sound marker, clapper, clacker
Before every first public presentation of a movie had the first Horror Clown to review and to check each part of the 🎬 Clapper Board with his opinion. He censored not only single scenes sometimes he commanded to change the name of a movie that was written on the 🎬 Clapper Board. At that times tried filmmaking Emojis to follow the rules of the Horror Clown. They checked their 🎬 Clapper Board for things that could annoy their ruler.
After the death of Horror Clown could Emojis produce movies with more freedom. They wrote on their 🎬 Clapper Board what they wanted. One day forgot an Emoji his 🎬 Clapper Board in the office of the most hated Emoji. Later read the uppermost tax collector, that that taxable Emoji wrote the title: "100 Emojis demonstrate against the income tax". He overwrote it with: "100 Emojis want to pay higher taxes."
In communication use Emojis this symbol for clapper board.


Clapper Board

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Unicode:  🎬


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Clapper Board on Apple iOS


Clapper Board on Google Android


Clapper Board on Facebook


Clapper Board on Microsoft Windows


Clapper Board on Twitter Twemoji


Clapper Board on JoyPixels


Clapper Board on Samsung

Google GMail


Clapper Board on Google GMail



Clapper Board on Softbank



Clapper Board KDDI



Clapper Board DCM


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