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👕 T-Shirt

👕- T-Shirt, t shirt, tee
An Emoji wanted to buy a new 👕 T-Shirt because he wanted to participate in the celebrations of the victory against the income tax. For this purpose that Emoji searched in his 💻 Personal Computer online for different 👕 T-Shirts. The Emoji started to watch all pictures that he got. The photo with the number 667 liked Emoji.
There was a 👕 T-Shirt with the face of the former uppermost tax collector who was the most hated Emoji for long time. He remembered the 💯 Emojis who demonstrated against the taxes. That Emoji decided to order the 👕 T-Shirt with the face of the tax collector. After 27 hours he got his 👕 T-Shirt. On the 15th of July this Emoji went to celebrate the victory against the income tax. On that day Emojis celebrated the 3287 days without direct taxes.
During the celebration fell the face of the tax collector from 👕 T-Shirt. The owner was very 😩.
He took the face and tried to place it back on his 👕 T-Shirt. At that time came the former real uppermost tax collector and asked this Emoji who sold him that 👕 T-Shirt. The Emoji told him where he purchased it. The former most hated Emoji found out that stingy Emojis and misers from Jupiter misused his name for profit purposes. He sued the misers and won.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for T-shirt.




Unicode:  👕


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