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🎽 Running Shirt

🎽- Running Shirt
An athletic Emoji searched in a shop centre a 🎽 Running Shirt. His problem was that the offered colors he disliked. At that time asked an Alien in Pluto his teacher what he should do with this athletic Emoji and his wish of other colors for 🎽 Running Shirt. The teacher said: "You have different possibilities: 1. You can reprogram a 🎽 Running Shirt (change the color). 2. You can reprogram the athletic Emoji (the buyer chooses a 🎽 Running Shirt with an available color) 3. You can lead the athletic Emoji to other shops and show him other 🎽 Running Shirts.
The Alien told his teacher: "I want to bring the uppermost tax collector than the athletic Emoji will forget what he wanted 😏." While the two discussed, came other Emojis and chose the yellow 🎽 Running Shirt.
The athletic Emoji decided to buy the same shirt. Suddenly another programmer came to both Aliens. He said that he changed the code of the athletic Emoji and forced him to buy the yellow 🎽 Running Shirt.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for running shirt.


Running Shirt


Unicode:  🎽


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🎓 Graduation Cap

🎽 Running Shirt

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👒 Woman’s Hat

👓 Glasses

👔 Necktie

👕 T-Shirt

👖 Jeans

👗 Dress

👘 Kimono

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