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👣 Footprints

👣- Footprints, feet, Secret Service: The path leads to the destination 

When the uppermost tax collector was 😕 with the results of collected tax revenue, he commanded to follow the 👣 Footprints of taxable Emojis. For this purpose, they needed a 🔍 Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass and a trained 🐕 Dog. One day the 👣 Footprints led to a place where an Emoji had a big 🔦 Flashlight. There, an employee of the tax authority found several valuables of gold.
Of course, he had to keep some coins for himself 😏. Other 👣 Footprints led to the monument that was built in honor of first Horror Clown in the city of Emoji Meanings. A miser from Jupiter tried to hide there a valuable 🎺 Trumpet because he wanted to pay less taxes for his assets. Opponents of the income taxes decided to study the 👣 Footprints of the uppermost tax collector. They used the 🔎 Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for footprints.



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Unicode:  👣


For comparison how different 👣 Footprints look on:

Apple iOS, Google Android, Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Twitter, JoyPixels, Samsung, Google GMail, Softbank, KDDI, DCM


Footprints on Apple iOS


Footprints on Google Android


Footprints on Facebook


Footprints on Microsoft Windows


Footprints on Twitter Twemoji


Footprints on JoyPixels


Footprints on Samsung

Google GMail


Footprints on Google GMail



Footprints on Softbank



Footprints KDDI



Footprints DCM


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