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⚈ Black Circle With White Dot Right

⚈- Black Circle With White Dot Right, evil eye
An Emoji finished his education at the times of the second dictator. Later he tried to get a job. In the job interview was everything perfect until an employee came who wore a hat with ⚈ Black Circle With White Dot Right.
From that second the Emoji started to forget what he wanted to say.
Later he blamed the ⚈ symbol that he was invited anymore to a job interview for the next 8 years. After all he founded a successful enterprise.
He helped others with handling of ⚈ Evil Eye in their life.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for evil eye.


Black Circle With White Dot Right


Unicode:  ⚈


White Shogi

Japanese Chess

White Circle With Dot Right

White Circle With Two Dots

Black Circle With Two White Dots

Monogram For Yang

Monogram For Yin

Digram For Greater Yang

Digram For Lesser Yin

Digram For Lesser Yang

Digram For Greater Yin

Turned White Shogi Piece

Turned Black Shogi Piece

Hot Springs

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