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☖ White Shogi

☖- White Shogi, Japanese chess
The ☖ White Shogi Piece was very popular among high-ranking politicians after the death of the last Horror Clown. Several Emojis suggested to their politicians to play ☖ Japanese chess. In a bad mood Emojis take the ☖ White Shogi Piece and play with them.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for white shogi piece every first Friday in September because they want some variety in their communication.


White Shogi

Copy and paste White Shogi


Unicode:  ☖


Japanese Chess


White Circle With Dot Right


White Circle With Two Dots


Black Circle With White Dot Right


Black Circle With Two White Dots


Monogram For Yang


Monogram For Yin


Digram For Greater Yang


Digram For Lesser Yin


Digram For Lesser Yang


Digram For Greater Yin


Turned White Shogi Piece


Turned Black Shogi Piece


Hot Springs

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