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〰 Wavy Dash

〰- Wavy Dash, on planet Halloween: multiplication sign, multiply
Mathematicians use the 〰 Wavy Dash if they want to multiply numbers. For example: 10〰5=50
267 days before the demonstration against the income tax had Emojis a mathematical competition in an university in Emoji List.
Every participant had to use the own calculator to 〰 multiply to the number 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

An Emoji pressed the button with 〰 Wavy Dash and got as a result "ERROR".
Opponents of the income taxes sponsored that event because they wanted that smart Emojis could realize that the country can have digital 💰 Money instead to collect taxes. When the tax collector 👂 about this competition, he 😨.
All students of the mathematical sciences joined in. During the demonstration they had posters with: 〰 Digital 💰 Now
In communication use Emojis this symbol for wavy dash and as multiplication sign.


Wavy Dash

Copy and paste Wavy Dash

Unicode:  〰


For comparison how different 〰 Wavy Dash looks on:

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Wavy Dash on Apple iOS


Wavy Dash on Google Android


Wavy Dash on Facebook


Wavy Dash on Microsoft Windows


Wavy Dash on Twitter Twemoji


Wavy Dash on JoyPixels


Wavy Dash on Samsung

Google GMail


Wavy Dash on Google GMail



Wavy Dash DCM


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