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The city Emoji Symbols is known as a regional centre in the south of the kingdom Emoji. The town has own harbour by the yellow sea. The harbour was estimated by many mathematicians by a size of 89 giraffes. In the city Emoji Symbols 298,765 inhabitants were registered 244 days ago officially by the authorities. The surroundings of the town count other 113,335 inhabitants. To this end came the researchers who were specially invited from the Salted Cucumbers in the name of the spy programme to Emoji Symbols. The distance to the capital city Emoji SMS was measured by several sportsmen with their formula 7 devices. Interestingly there came the sportsmen to too different results. The urban parliament decided to take thereon the average of all figures. Thus the distance to the capital amounts to about 12960 recumbent giraffes on average. This was put down definitively and officially on all geography books thus. The town received the title "The most important economic centre of the middle south". Thereon the urban parliament became so proud that parliamentarians introduced an admission fee to the town. This led to big annoyance under the neighbouring towns. They decided to boycott Emoji Symbols ostentatiously. After this event the uppermost court in Emoji SMS had to deal with this problem. After several discussions the admission fee was granted by corrupt judges. Later an attentive citizen could prove the bribery of the judges in the capital. Thereon not only the judges were dismissed, but the whole parliament had to be chosen in Emoji Symbols immediately anew. All present parliamentarians might not line up any more for the choice. Thus the town got a new parliament. This time the law was thrown for admission fee in the waste bag. Thus the town came once again to the deserving rest.


 Emoji Symbols




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101,470 days ago were built in the city Emoji Symbols a long wall with a castle. As a reason was the menace of the war addict from the Venus. At that time Venus against the Circus Kingdom waged a bloody war. Only 87965 days ago the extraterrestrials from the Venus could be defeated completely. That's why the removal of the castles became more and more important. Thus at least 76 castles were built. All castles were on the area of Emoji Symbols. Moreover, several shipyards were built. Ships and boats should be thereby prepared better for a war against the Venus aliens. 86777 days ago the responsible acrobat signed the suitable command in addition. At this time several extraterrestrials from the Venus tried isolates problems to organise in Emoji Symbols. Together with the Generous Venus aliens came to the area and allowed to burn several castles with petrol. After this event the acrobat got very big annoyance. She commanded to her army together to find all criminals with the Emojis. The town symbolised the most average life of the population. That's why the town applied long time as an average of the country. 86444 days ago the acrobat ordered the construction of several prisons for many criminals in Emoji Symbols. Thus the town also for a lot of prisons became planet-far famous. Finally, the arsonists of the castles were arrested 85686 days ago after long search. At that time the Venus aliens and Generous were placed in the new prisons. However, they were treated royal. At the times of the acrobat prisoners were even more privileged than normal citizens of the Circus Kingdom. There were several locals who offended against the law. They had a better life in the prisons to the aim. Who was arrested, agreed free food with vitamins and very favorable education. Hard labour lasted only 226 minutes per day. In comparison to normal work of the past this was a big privilege. The area of Emoji Symbols was also called as the New Circus Kingdom. The mighty acrobat gave this name in her spare time in a card game evening.

84315 days ago the general of the army of the Circus Kingdom was sent to the city Emoji Symbols. He had to promote the other construction of castles. Moreover, he had to analyse the building material with his magnifying glass. At this time an adventuresome extraterrestrial from the Mercury was on the move in the town. He observed the construction works of the castles with big enthusiasm. Moreover, he spoke with the general and the responsible engineers of the castles. He took down his observations in his notebook. 81760 days ago the construction of the military arrangement began in Emoji Symbols. This happened because of fear of other attacks on the part of the Venus aliens. Moreover, the successful general of the army died. This frightened the ruling acrobat so much that she sent the army to the levy. The means were used for the construction and strengthening of the military in the harbour of the yellow sea. 81667 days ago the first factory was opened in Emoji Symbols to the production by clothes. The owner of the factory was a former refugee from the Mercury. This extraterrestrial from the Mercury had very much great fear of the rise of the food revolutionary's Chips Conquerors. At that time he brought several materials to the production of clothes. At that time in Emoji Symbols 5678 inhabitants lived. The extraterrestrial from the Mercury could engage almost half of the inhabitants in his factory. This time it was in the history of Emoji as a golden time of the economy. In comparison to most other towns the extraterrestrial from the Mercury was a good employer. 75920 days ago Chips Conquerors with his army came to Emoji Symbols. He had known that an extraterrestrial from the Mercury lived here. He commanded his soldiers to the local to find immediately. After 12 days the food revolutionary from the Mercury found out that the clothes factory belonged to the Mercury alien. Thereon he decided to steal all materials from the factory. He wanted to make this, however, at night. 75906 days ago several soldiers came to the clothes factory. They started to look for materials. At that time some inhabitants heard strong noise near the factory. They worked by day in the factory. They thought that they overslept. Thereon they dressed. Some Emojis went to the factory. They wanted to work. They did not notice that it was dark. Hardly they were in the clothes factory they saw the soldiers from the Mercury. They would shout because of fear so loud that all the other neighbours woke up. Here several hundred factory employees were sudden. They were very furious everybody that they were disturbed. After this they ran on the soldiers. All soldiers were hard hit by the factory employees. The soldiers fled without prey from the factory. Chips Conquerors did not know what happened. Suddenly he saw how his soldiers from the factory ran away.

They ran so far away as possible. Some soldiers fell in the yellow sea. After this event shouted Chips Conquerors also loudly. At this time almost all inhabitants were already awake in the city Emoji Symbols. They alarmed the police. Thereon the police also began the search for the criminals. As Chips Conquerors this realised, he fled with few land people to Mercury. Most soldiers could be arrested. Later Chips Conquerors had to renounce other similar adventures in the area of the Circus Kingdom. In addition an agreement with the Acrobats was signed. After several days the soldiers were released. 73730 days ago the first educational establishment was founded in Emoji Symbols. At that time grew the population so far that own school became necessary. Other educational institutions were built during the following days. 62050 days ago the freeman of the city Emoji Symbols died. This was the clothes factory founder from the Mercury. At that time the management of the factory took over his deputy and son. In this memorial service were several former and current employees of the factory. Moreover, other extraterrestrials got to know about the factory. The memorial service announced the factory among misers from the Jupiter. They also came to the memorial service.  They wanted to find out information about the founder and his work in the burial. Two days after the memorial service a takeover fight began by different misers from the Jupiter. Everybody wanted to take over the factory. Besides, a miser knew how he should proceed best of all. He ordered several bank notes of the printers. The bank notes had in each case the minimum value of 1000 planet-Aryan Bitcoins. Moreover, he decided to build up first good contact with the son of the factory founder. Only after several days he invited the new factory owner for a lunch. Exceptionally the miser paid the bill also for the factory owner. Thus he made a good impression with the current factory owner. 58400 days ago the factory owner fell ill with a heavy illness. Because he needed a lot of money for doctor's visits, he was ready that the factory of his father to be sold. Besides, the miser with the good impression could score. Finally, miser bought the clothes factory. The miser ordered most money in the printers of the Jupiter. 54750 days ago the miser raised the working hours up to 12 hours per day. Earlier the working hours amounted 8 hours per day. Besides, he allowed to pay the wage on the one hand higher, on the other hand, deeper. The employees hardly noticed his trick. They worked longer for less wage. 42340 days ago the railway station of the Emoji Symbols was built completely.


The rise of the Horror Clowns

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36135 days ago a communication about rapid rise of the First Horror Clowns came in the surroundings. In the Emoji Symbols the stingy factory owner trembled very strongly. After this event the miser decided to wrap up his money in several suitcases. He took most money from the clothes factory on his trip to Jupiter. Besides, he allowed to inform his deputy him regularly about the situation. In the meantime, the miser from the Jupiter was quite 36365 days old. He wanted to hand over the clothes factory to his children. At this time the circus army approached in the direction of the clothes factory in Emoji Symbols. By this second the deputy alarmed the old miser. The old miser felt unwell that he left in the clothes factory of about 333 local Bitcoins in the cash. After some days the miser fell in the coma. His children tried to come to Emoji. They wanted to take the remaining money and valuables from the clothes factory. At this time the deputy was in the clothes factory. He looked himself for valuables and money. To penetrate at this time tried soldiers of the circus army into the clothes factory. Also the children of the miser came. They saw that several soldiers wanted to penetrate into the clothes factory. Besides, the oldest son of the miser had a lime gun. He shot with the lime gun at the soldiers of the circus army. All soldiers were seriously injured. But these were only soldiers who wanted to penetrate into the clothes factory. At this time the First Horror Clown came personally with other soldiers to the city Emoji Symbols. The children of the miser opened the door of the factory and went in. There the deputy heard that somebody came to the factory. He decided to hide the valuables at a confidential place. He knew about this confidential place only, the miser and confidant of the factory owner. The children of the miser met the deputy. They asked him what was wrong here. The deputy said that the soldiers of the circus army in the factory tried to penetrate. Thereon the children of the miser went quite cheeky to the direction of the deputy and pushed him disrespectfully on the side. They went to the confidential place and looked for valuables. The deputy liked this not at all. Finally, he planned to take the valuables for himself. The children of the miser were hardly in the confidential place, the deputy took a sewing machine and threw on the head of the youngest son. He fell on the ground. At the same time the other children of the miser tried to flee with valuables without comment. The deputy still threw several needles on the children of the miser. They became light, but unpleasantly injured. By this second approached the First Horror Clown and his soldiers to the clothes factory. Before the entrance they saw recumbent soldiers of the circus army. After this the First Horror Clown commanded loud to shoot everybody in the factory pitilessly. The deputy tried to take the valuables from the hands of the children of the miser. He took several new trousers. The deputy left with the fresh trousers and contented face. He heard that several steps come to his direction. Thereon he got great fear and hid under the table. He tried to wake up the impression that he slept. Thus he also took a book about sewing machines. He laid the book on his belly and lay with closed eyes. In the meantime, soldiers of the circus army came to the clothes factory.

They searched everything. They found the recumbent deputy under the table with the book about sewing machines. They woke up the deputy. He reacted slightly awfully. A soldier asked the deputy what he did here. The deputy answered self-confidently that he worked here. He hid his function from the soldiers. He said only that he checked the quality of the made clothes. That's why he read a lot in the books. A soldier deeply looked at it in the eyes of the deputy. He said to him that this lied. After this the soldier wanted to hit the deputy with an USB-Stick. The other soldiers calmed him. Instead, they decided to bring the deputy to the hearing to the First Horror Clown. In the meantime, the children of the miser recovered and heard the discussion with the deputy. They said to themselves that they should cause a fire there below. Only so they could escape from the circus army. Thereon the oldest son of the miser took a match from his pocket. He looked exactly where the speaking were. Thereon he also looked where they could hide. He lighted his match. He threw this in the direction of the soldiers and deputy's. Suddenly a big fire began in the clothes factory. The deputy shouted to the soldiers that they should extinguish the fire. This time the soldier who wanted to hit the deputy hit the deputy with his fist. The other soldiers ran away. The fire increased. The apt soldier became seriously injured from the fire. The First Horror Clown commanded the other soldiers to extinguish the fire. In the meantime, the deputy found an escape route from the factory. After some minutes the deputy from the clothes factory could flee. Nobody noticed him with his escape. The children of the miser fled by the subterranean bunker to a confidential place. In the subterranean bunker they changed their clothes. They did not want to strike. Moreover, they carried phoney moustaches. In addition they fled to their flying saucers. The First Horror Clown could extinguish the fire with the help of his circus army. They found only their dead soldier. Thereon the First Horror Clown decided the conquest of the clothes factory. From this second the clothes factory became a property of the ruler. The factory was repaired after all. The fire prevention was introduced especially for this factory. At this time the children of the miser never again decided to travel to Emoji Symbols. They discussed with each other the situation on the planet Halloween. Only the youngest son wanted to return again to the town. He wanted to take revenge with the deputy. In this time the deputy from Emoji fled to Allergies. From Allergies he fled to South Mars. There passed other days.  35040 days ago the former factory owner died in his coma. Two days later his youngest son wanted to travel to Emoji. Before the takeoff he dreamt of his father.

His father warned his son against not travelling to Emoji. The youngest son ignored this wish of his deceased father. He flew to Emoji. Everywhere there he looked for the former deputy. His search remained fruitless. But a former employee of the clothes factory recognised the youngest son of the former factory owner. He informed after this event the person responsible of the factory that the danger insisted that the former factory owners would come again. Thereon the person responsible alarmed the whole circus army and police. Thereon all military began the search for the son of the late factory owner. Personal controls were introduced. The youngest son noticed that his father was right in the dream. However, it was too late. The biggest enemy of the Emoji Symbols was arrested by the soldiers. The First Horror Clown accused the youngest son of the fire. After all the youngest son was arrested. At this time the rise of the Egoists on Mars began. The former deputy died in South Mars.


Conflict with the Egoists

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Because of the invasion of the Egoists in Emoji Symbols many companies from the town had to be saved to the sure areas. Among the Egoists was also the grandson of the former deputy of the clothes factory. He joined the Egoists of Mars. Moreover, the son of the deputy was a good friend of the uppermost Egoist of Mars. At this time Emojis had to build several walls all around the city of Emoji Symbols. The son of the deputy was that who provided exact plans over the city of Emoji Symbols for the Egoists. At this time the First Horror Clown commanded the exact research of all betrayers of the Circus Union in favour of the Egoists. In this list all people, extraterrestrials and Emojis who fled from the Circus Union were listed. They were automatically stamped as enemies of the regime. Under it also the former deputy of the clothes factory from Emoji Symbols with his family. 27193 days ago the Egoists came under the guidance of the grandson of the former deputy of the clothes factory. On account of professional preparation of the Egoists they could take the city Emoji Symbols after a short time completely. The inhabitants of the town organised in a group against the Egoists. First they reacted quietly to the enemy. At this time they studied the approach of the Egoists very exactly. The Egoists tried to introduce hard labour in their favour in Emoji Symbols. For this they made register every inhabitant to themselves with their name and password. The grandson of the former deputy controlled this personally. An old Emoji recognised the former deputy of the clothes factory in this grandson. He said him that he looked so as his former boss. Thereon the grandson started to be interested in further information of the old Emojis.

They started to speak with each other. The grandson found out that his grandfather worked as a deputy of the clothes factory in this town. Thereon the personal setting of the grandson to the Circus Union changed. He decided to lead the group of the Egoists in such a way that these Egoists could be defeated by Emojis completely. He made friends with a soldier of the circus army. He wanted to organise the defeat in such a way that his selfish soldiers are arrested. Thus he saved the life of his soldiers. At the same time he wanted to contact his father in South Mars. He said his father that all soldiers of the Egoists were arrested. Moreover, he said that only he and another two Egoists were in the freedom. Thereon his father got big shock. In this time the First Horror Clown found out from the help of the uppermost leader of the Egoist's group. Thereon he wanted that the grandson of the former deputy as spy of the circus army worked. The grandson agreed. He flew to South Mars with two Egoists. There he met his father. The uppermost Egoist wanted to know exactly, why the soldiers were so bad under the guidance of the grandson. Thereon he told to the uppermost Egoist a plausible story. The uppermost Egoist anticipated nothing of the change to the enemy. Thereon the grandson with another group was sent to Emoji. This time he took his father on the trip. When they were alone, he told his father what he experienced in the city Emoji Symbols. His father was inspired from that a little. He told his son that his own father had to flee before the First Horror Clown at the old age. He was disappointed of the fact that his son became now the friend of the regime around the Horror Clown. After this conversation the grandson was between disappointment of his father and his own opinion during the conflict. That's why he decided to neutralise the situation. He wanted from this second only rest of whole conflict. Thereon he decided that he would be ready that the whole family would also flee from Mars. His father answered this that they need a good reason. They decided the escape to Pluto. In Emoji Symbols more and more inhabitants found out that among the Egoists an Emoji from their town was. The situation of the grandson became more and more difficult. That's why flew the grandson with his father to South Mars. Besides, they argued the return with the fact that they needed several food for the fight. Thus they flew back with the selfish soldiers to Mars. In Mars the grandson organised the escape of his family professionally. The whole family flew with a rocket of Mars to Emoji. From Emoji they flew to Pluto. At this time the grandson let a flying saucer on Mars explode. Before he wrote in the internal notes for upper leaders that he flew in the saucer of the same name. After the explosion the Egoists thought that the grandson died in this flying saucer. Nobody also noticed that his family was not there. (Except the uppermost Egoist) The uppermost Egoist missed his friend, the father of the grandson. He wanted to send his soldiers on the search for his friend. At the same time he got to know from heavy fights in Circus Union. That's why he had to send his soldiers to Circus Country immediately. In the meantime, lived the grandson of the deputy, his parents and the whole family in Pluto. At this time the Egoists conquered the city Emoji Symbols again under the guidance of another general. This time they could reintroduce their rules. This lasted long time. Only 25917 days ago the city Emoji Symbols was released from the circus army completely. All Egoists were pelted pitilessly with pumpkins and seriously injured. Besides, most Egoists died. The survivors were tormented straight. The First Horror Clown commanded this personally. After the end of the conflict the First Horror Clown wanted to recompense the heroes of Emoji Symbols with honouring. He wanted to find the grandson also for this reason. Oddly enough the grandson of the deputy nowhere was in the Circus Union. Then the Horror Clown renounced his honouring.


After the conflict

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25555 days ago the grandson found out by his friend a Pluto alien that he had deserved an honouring of the First Horror Clown. That's why he wanted to fly to Emoji. His father did not want this. In the meantime, a monument was provided in Emoji Symbols to honour of the grandson of the deputy. Many inhabitants thought that he was quite dead. When the grandson got to know about that, he wanted to travel in spite of opposition of his father to Emoji. His father said that he permitted this only if he himself was quite dead. Because of the respect for his father the grandson renounced the trip to Emoji. 24444 days ago his father died. For the grandson was clear that now the time came to fly to Emoji. He flew together with his mother and his family to Emoji Symbols. There nobody could think that he still lived. That's why there came even the First Horror Clown and awarded the honouring of the hero. The First Horror Clown offered a very good position to the grandson. The grandson became the manager of the Secret Service for whole area of the Circus Union. 23725 days ago the First Horror Clown commanded the construction of an airport in  Emoji Symbols. At this time several factories and other shops were intensely promoted by the regime of the Horror Clowns. 20075 days ago a spy from the Mercury came to Emoji Symbols. There he exactly had to examine for the state command the organisation of the town. Moreover, his job was to be come to the confidential documents of the clothes factory. In Mercury the clothes factory was known by the food revolutionary Chips Conquerors. That's why Mercury wanted to know exact information about the clothes production. The extraterrestrial from the Mercury spoke perfectly the local languages. He was able to do also the Circus Language. Thus he made friends with a parliamentarian of the city Emoji Symbols. Finally, the spy from the Mercury persuaded the parliamentarian of his professionalism. After some time the spy from the Mercury got an employment in the archive of the city Emoji Symbols. There the spy from Mercury tried to find information about the clothes factory. He found only the names of the former owners and other owners. Moreover, he found the name of the extraterrestrial from the Mercury who founded the clothes factory many days ago. The spy from the Mercury invented some excuses, so that he would receive access to the documents of the clothes factory. After several days in the office of the urban archive he had quite big trust under the Emojis in Emoji Symbols. That's why he got the long desired access to confidential documents of the clothes factory. There he also checked that nobody was present. He looked and looked under the old documents. There he also found old documents from the time of the founder from the Mercury. The spy from the Mercury might not strike. That's why he immediately took all documents from the clothes factory. Actually, he needed not all documents. In his office he copied the most important information about the clothes factory. He laid the copied paper sheets, however, normally on the table. He tried to explain all suspicious activities with the biggest care. Thus he left the copies long. When he was asked, why he copied these documents, he said that the old copies in bad state were. This argument sounded plausible. Thus the spy from the Mercury could also take his copies. At this time the grandson of the former deputy of the clothes factory planned a visit in the whole office of the city Emoji Symbols. There he wanted to know as a manager of the Secret Service exact information about every employee. The mayor had to present all biographies of the employees. At that time for the order of the Second Horror Clown were exactly examined all state employee on their past with microscope. Besides, struck the grandson that the employee in the archive of Emoji Symbols had too comic biography. He could nowhere find this person before in the register. Moreover, people with names of the same name and given names had been murdered partly under the rule of the Egoists. When the grandson with the spy from the Mercury wanted to speak about his life, this spy said that he had to flee many days ago from the Egoists from Emoji. By this second the grandson thought of his own history. Thus he let the spy go on working.

Nevertheless, he decided a confidential supervision of the spy. He ordered the installation of hidden video cameras all around the spy from the Mercury. Only 17885 days ago the spy from the Mercury noticed that he should slowly say goodbye to this place. At that time he already had most information with himself. He knew that here even more information was. But he wanted to make in such a way that he had everything. Finally, the life of the spy was more important for himself than his work. Regularly the spy handed over his information to his compatriots at different places. In the job the spy from the Mercury could proceed very professionally. He made his work in such a way that he could also come to the suitable information. He copied the documents in another office. Thus he could protect himself from the video cameras better. 17847 days ago he discontinued his place. The colleagues of the city Emoji Symbols regretted his decision. At this time the mayor of the city Emoji Symbols applied for a supervision of the spy. The mayor felt this as very suspicious that an employee discontinued thus a valuable place. Employees ordinarily remained up to change in a higher position or pension at such places. The spy from the Mercury also planned his return to his home planet carefully. He flew first to Allergies. Then he flew about other countries to the Salted Cucumbers. From the Salted Cucumbers he flew to Mercury. In Mercury he handed over to his principal most information. There he and his boss might found a clothes factory according to this recipe for success in Mercury. In spite of the information they could achieve no success with the clothes factory. Thus the clothes factory had to close in Mercury according to the recipe from Emoji Symbols after only 246 days. Thereon the authorities were angry in Mercury that they wasted a lot of money and time in worthless documents. Thus the time further passed in Emoji Symbols. There remained quietly during the next days. In Emoji Symbols the political elite noticed that the former employee of the archive was suspicious. But they said themselves that they noticed no damages. Nevertheless, the grandson of the former deputy wanted to find this employee. That's why he sent his employees to the search for this spy. However, the search remained fruitless. The grandson left his work as a manager of the Secret Service 16060 days ago. Then the city Emoji Symbols spared of adventures remained.

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