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Emoji Symbols

The city Emoji Symbols is known as a regional centre in the south of the kingdom Emoji. The town has own harbour by the yellow sea. The harbour was estimated by many mathematicians by a size of 89 giraffes. In the city Emoji Symbols 298,765 inhabitants were registered 244 days ago officially by the authorities. The surroundings of the town count other 113,335 inhabitants. To this end came the researchers who were specially invited from the Salted Cucumbers in the name of the spy programme to Emoji Symbols. The distance to the capital city Emoji SMS was measured by several sportsmen with their formula 7 devices. Interestingly there came the sportsmen to too different results. The urban parliament decided to take thereon the average of all figures. Thus the distance to the capital amounts to about 12960 recumbent giraffes on average. This was put down definitively and officially on all geography books thus. The town received the title "The most important economic centre of the middle south". Thereon the urban parliament became so proud that parliamentarians introduced an admission fee to the town. This led to big annoyance under the neighbouring towns. They decided to boycott Emoji Symbols ostentatiously. After this event the uppermost court in Emoji SMS had to deal with this problem. After several discussions the admission fee was granted by corrupt judges. Later an attentive citizen could prove the bribery of the judges in the capital. Thereon not only the judges were dismissed, but the whole parliament had to be chosen in Emoji Symbols immediately anew. All present parliamentarians might not line up any more for the choice. Thus the town got a new parliament. This time the law was thrown for admission fee in the waste bag. Thus the town came once again to the deserving rest.


 Emoji Symbols




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101,470 days ago were built in the city Emoji Symbols a long wall with a castle. As a reason was the menace of the war addict from the Venus. At that time Venus against the Circus Kingdom waged a bloody war. 🤬🗣️💭😳🇺🇸👥📺️➕🇺🇸😷👥. 🇺🇸🤠👥📞☿🤡📞🥇👽📛. ⏳️🇺🇸👾☿👥🏫💭🎥🇺🇸☿👥4️⃣ 1️⃣ 📺️⏱️. This extraterrestrial from the Mercury had very much great fear of the rise of the food revolutionary's Chips Conquerors. At that time he brought several materials to the production of clothes. At that time in Emoji Symbols 5678 inhabitants lived. 🇺🇸👻👥☿🚘️🎃📺️🤗🤩. ⬆️🌊📺️🪨🎯↗️🚚🆕🏙️, 😀❌️🥶🚴.
👤👺👨⬅️🌄5️⃣3️⃣0️⃣ ⏳️🏭4️⃣5️⃣ 🚆🏙️. The employees hardly noticed his trick. They worked longer for less wage. 42340 days ago the railway station of the Emoji Symbols was built completely.


The rise of the Horror Clowns

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36135 days ago a communication about rapid rise of the First Horror Clowns came in the surroundings. In the Emoji Symbols the stingy factory owner trembled very strongly. After this event the miser decided to wrap up his money in several suitcases. He took most money from the clothes factory on his trip to Jupiter. 👤🔂👨🤑🏭👤💩👤🌵👨⬅️🍌➕🔚🖕⬆️💨❄️👤⬅️😀👨. 👤🌆👨🗣️🆕👤🖕🏽👨💬➡️🤡👤⬅️👇👨👎️☁️. 👥🖕🏼⬅️👥👇🏻⬅️🚴💬. 🤡✌🚴4️⃣ ×🌄🚚🧑‍🏭️, 👥🚴⬅️👥🗣️🤡⬅️🔥❄️. The First Horror Clown accused the youngest son of the fire. After all the youngest son was arrested. At this time the rise of the Egoists on Mars began. The former deputy died in South Mars.


Conflict with the Egoists

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Because of the invasion of the Egoists in Emoji Symbols many companies from the town had to be saved to the sure areas. Among the Egoists was also the grandson of the former deputy of the clothes factory. He joined the Egoists of Mars. 🤞👨🚚🧑‍🏭️😀💰️➡️🔥. 🚴➕🤡🥫🏃‍♂️💲4️⃣0️⃣ 💲7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣❄️🏤🧐🚚×👥➕📦️➡️💭➡️🤡😈👤. 👤😉👨🥲💬👤🤡👨. 👤🫀👨🚚🧑‍🏭️➕🤡🛡🥚. 🚚🧑‍🏭️➕🤶3️⃣ 🌄👤🏹👩🆕👤❤️🔥👩⬅️👤🤡⚓👩💬❌️❄️🌡️. 🚴⏱️🐌⏱️⬇️👎️🐀➕👤🚧👩🆕🗣️. At this time the grandson let a flying saucer on Mars explode. Before he wrote in the internal notes for upper leaders that he flew in the saucer of the same name. After the explosion the Egoists thought that the grandson died in this flying saucer. Nobody also noticed that his family was not there. (Except the uppermost Egoist) The uppermost Egoist missed his friend, the father of the grandson. He wanted to send his soldiers on the search for his friend. 🤡⛽⏱️🔅➕🛶🔚🚤👤⬆️👩⬅️📨. Oddly enough the grandson of the deputy nowhere was in the Circus Union. Then the Horror Clown renounced his honouring.


After the conflict

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25555 days ago the grandson found out by his friend a Pluto alien that he had deserved an honoring of the First Horror Clown. That's why he wanted to fly to Emoji. His father did not want this. In the meantime, a monument was provided in Emoji Symbols to honor of the grandson of the deputy. Many inhabitants thought that he was quite dead. When the grandson got to know about that, he wanted to travel in spite of opposition of his father to Emoji. His father said that he permitted this only if he himself was quite dead. Because of the respect for his father the grandson renounced the trip to Emoji. 🤡👤🚢👩⬅️👽➕⚙️🚚🔋➕🍁🚴👤👹👩💬. 😀❌️⚡️➕⚰👤🛢👩👀🤡🚚🧑‍🏭️⚕️💵. 👥⏱️⬅️👀🗣️➕🦵👤🛣👩💬.
😁➕❄️1️⃣ ☁️🐕️‍🦺⏺️7️⃣ 🏞️.🗣️🆕🔅👤🤣👨💬👥🐌⬅️⏱️⬇️😄➕👀🚘️. ☎️☠️❄️👥🌡️⬅️🥫. 👤👨✈️🧂🥒. ➡️🧂🥒👤👨✈️😎. 👤👨🚲✋👤🚏👨⬅️ℹ️. 👤🤬👨➕👤🚧👨⬅️🔍️🏭️ℹ️🪂🏭️.Thus the clothes factory had to close in Mercury according to the recipe from Emoji Symbols after only 246 days. Thereon the authorities were angry in Mercury that they wasted a lot of money and time in worthless documents. Thus the time further passed in Emoji Symbols. There remained quietly during the next days. In Emoji Symbols the political elite noticed that the former employee of the archive was suspicious. But they said themselves that they noticed no damages. Nevertheless, the grandson of the former deputy wanted to find this employee. That's why he sent his employees to the search for this spy. However, the search remained fruitless. The grandson left his work as a manager of the Secret Service 16060 days ago. Then the city Emoji Symbols spared of adventures remained.

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