☍ Opposition

☍- Opposition, Politics: opponents, on Earth: astronomical opposition
The first Horror Clown used the ☍ Opposition sign to mark his internal enemies in his papers on 📋 Clipboard.
Historians claim that Bronze Stone Clown and Scary Clown used the ☍ Opposition sign in their plans before they started to take the power in the city of Heart Emoji.
During the conflict with Egoists from Mars used well organized Emojis the ☍ Opposition symbol in their 📝.
After the end of Circus Union and the new tax duty for all Emojis used the opponents of the income taxes the
☍ Opposition sign as symbol of resistance.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for political opposition.



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Unicode:  ☍


Ascending Node


Descending Node




Permanent Paper Sign


Atom Symbol


Three Lines Converging Right


Three Lines Converging Left


Double Curly Loop

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